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Pack up for an adventurous vacation with Aeromexico to or from JFK Airport in New York, where the flying experience elevates to another level. Nevertheless, getting around a giant airport such as John F Kennedy International Airport needs a hand. Therefore, we are here to guide you through the terminal where your flight will land and take off. 

The following information will help you to decide which way you should head for check-in tasks after completing your screening and who to reach out to if you miss any valuable time inside the airport premises. SkyTeam member carrier lets its passengers access the lavishly comfortable lounges in the midst of their journey. Check out the article for more about the Aeromexico JFK Terminal.

What terminal is Aeromexico in JFK? 

There are a total of five active terminals inside the busiest airport in Aviation in the New York metropolitan area. Each of these is connected via shuttle buses and the AirTrain JFK, which allows travelers easy transit. So, the main question is which is the concerned terminal where you must head for your flight.

  • Airlines: Aeromexico (AM)
  • Airport: John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Aeromexico Terminal JFK Arrivals: Terminal 4
  • Aeromexico Terminal JFK Departures: Terminal 4
  • Address: Terminal 4, John F Kennedy International Airport, Jamaica, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.
  • Destination Covered: Mexico City

Here’s how you can reach out to the officials of Aero Mexico and JFK before your flight to ensure the authorities know your requests and requirements. The best way to stay updated on the latest news and ongoing deals is to contact them via social media. The link to all contact sources is in the table below.

PHONE NUMBER(800) 237-6639(718) 244 4444 

Facilities at Aeromexico Terminal JFK Airport

Landing or catching a flight from JFK International can be an overwhelming experience because of the huge rush and enormous area. People often get perplexed and face issues locating their check-in counter and the directions to the gates, but there is always a way out. Here’s what services you can expect from the Aeromexico staff, along with available additional amenities.

Check-In and Boarding Passes

Check-In and Boarding Passes

The most essential task before flying is checking in, which allows you to make seat selection and let the airline know that you are ready for your journey. With Aeromexico, you get several check-in options. You can also do so at the airport inside terminal 4 in the presence of airline experts and proceed to the gates after getting your boarding passes. 

Get Tickets & Manage Your Reservation

In case you haven’t yet purchased the tickets or want to make changes to the booking, such as adding an extra seat or pre-booking a meal, reach out to the airline counter and ask them for management queries. They will help you with whatever you need. Moreover, upgrade, flight changes, and cancellation requests are also handled at the desk. 

Baggage Registration

Bags with special items such as sports equipment, medicines, and musical instruments may need extra permissions, precautions, and charges. Consult the carrier before bringing such items. Baggage wrapping station, carts, and allowances are available right inside the Aeromexico Terminal JFK.

In and Out of the Airport

Use the interactive maps to find directions to a desired location inside the airport. Passengers can access AirTrain to get from one part of the airport to the other and use taxis, cars, and vans to reach the airport from the city and vice versa. Moreover, the airport has plenty of parking space and a separate pick-up and drop-off area. 

Services and Accessibility

Facilities such as TSA Cares and ADA/Restricted Mobility spaces allow passengers with limited mobility and other disabilities to travel safely and comfortably. One can access wheelchairs, AIRA, and special accommodations quite at ease. Apart from these, there is an option of meet & greet and chauffeur service for all those in need. 

Wi-fi & Lounges

Once inside the Aeromexico Terminal JFK Airport, there is so much more a traveler can ask for other than travel-associated services. These include the following amenities:

Worship SpacesRestroomsAnimal & Pet ReliefInteractive Maps
HotelsAirport InformationATMCharging Station
LoungesCurrency ExchangeNursing SuitesBaggage Storage
Airport BusAirTrainTSA PreCheckFlight Tracker
WiFiCosmetics & Skin CareMassageNail Care

Shops and Restaurants

Shops and Restaurants

Retail therapy is one of the quite popular coping mechanisms and time-pass for many. Below is a list of shops you can browse during the waiting time, along with the bars and restaurants to grab a snack before, after, or between your flights.

5th & Sunset (Gate 29)Bento Sushi (Gate B26)
Brooks Brothers (Retail Hall – West)Blue Point Brewery (Near Gate 34)
Cell Phone Purchase (AT&T) (Temporarily Closed) (Arrivals Hall)Buffalo Wild Wings (Gate B26)
Coach (Retail Hall – Central)Camden Foods Co. (Retail Hall – West) (Gate B41)
Corsa Collections (Retail Hall – West)Vino Kitchen & Bar (Retail Hall)
DFS Duty Free (Gate A4) (Gate B23)Chocolates & More (Retail Hall – Central)
DFS Duty Free – Beauty (Retail Hall – Main Store)Dunkin Donuts (Gate B33) (Arrivals Hall – East) (Gate A2)
DFS Duty Free – Spirits (Retail Hall CentralFive Borough Food Hall (Retail Hall – West)
Duty-Free – Fashion (Retail Hall Central)Flatiron Coffee Roasters (Retail Hall-East)
Hotel Reservations/Baggage Storage/Lost & Found (Arrivals Hall)La Brea Bakery (Gate B34)
Hudson (Arrivals, Gate B25, Gate B33, Gate B39, Retail Hall – East, Gate A4, Retail Hall – West, Retail Hall – Central)Le Grand Comptoir (Retail Hall – West)
Michael Kors (Retail Hall – Central)McDonald’s (Retail Hall – East)
Pack N Go (Retail Hall – East)Mi Casa (Gate B23)
Pandora (Retail Hall – West)Peets Coffee & Tea (Gate A3) (Gate B26)
Swarowski (Retail Hall – West)Pizza Vino (Gate B29)
Victoria’s Secret (Retail Hall – Central)Shake Shack (Gate B22) (Gate B37)

People Also Ask!

What terminal is Aeromexico at JFK?

Terminal 4 is where travelers can discover Aeromexico at John F. Kennedy Airport.

How soon should I reach JFK for international flights?

All passengers must find themselves at their terminal at least three hours pro to their flight departure in JFK Airport.

Is Terminal 4 JFK domestic or international?

International flights land and take off from Terminal 4 at JFK.

Which terminal does Aeromexico fly from?

Aeromexico flies from Terminal 4 at JFK, New York.

How long does it take to get from Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 at JFK?

You can walk and take a shuttle bus or catch an AirTrain JFK to get from one terminal to another at JFK. 

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