Atlanta (ATL) Airport Domestic Terminal

Every passenger carries a lot of queries and doubts along with stuff to the airport. Sometimes, the traveler tries to find an answer to his or her problem at the airport, for which a spot equipped with every necessity is required. If you are going to have a domestic flight from Atlanta Airport, the domestic terminal at Atlanta Airport is the ultimate place to get answers.

Various resources are present at the terminal that you can use to benefit from the experience and make it easier. Go through all the details below to understand the Atlanta airport domestic terminal arrivals and departures spots and other relevant information. 

For more information you can check the full information about Atlanta Airport.

Correct Location Of ATL Domestic Terminal 

To be at the ground of the domestic terminal of ATL, look at the mentioned Atlanta airport domestic terminal address. This is the correct address of the terminal that you can look at before heading ahead. It is located at 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320.

A Catalog Of Atlanta Airport Domestic Terminal Concourses

The domestic terminal is divided into north and south terminals, subdivided into six concourses. All the terminals are separated by an atrium, making it easy for passengers to cover routes. So, look at all the concourses carefully to understand the directions to Atlanta Airport’s domestic terminal. 

Concourse (A)

Concourse (A)

This concourse comprises 34 doors, which are directly associated with Delta Airlines. If you are looking for a Delta self-service center, you can easily find it near gate A27. The Delta ticket service center can go through gate A18 for passengers to find a route. 

You can find Delta Sky Club Lounge near A17 if you are looking for a lounge. There are various food and drink options and a comfy seating arrangement to get charged again. 

Concourse B

Passengers looking for the Delta ticket service center and self-service center can find it near gate B9. If you want to recharge your tablet or are looking for a spot to smoke, you can find it at B16 and B24, respectively. You can also find various shopping and dining options at Concourse B. 

Concourse C

There are 1-57 doors, plane train connections throughout halls A, D, E, and F, and links to the international terminal. The concourse also connects the north and south terminals and provides various food and drink options. Retail shops are also available at Concourse C. 

Concourse D

If you are at Concourse D, you can easily find currency exchange at the center of the concourse. It also connects to the plane train to provide access to lobbies A, B, C, E, F, and T. You can also find United Club (near gate D12) and Delta Sky Club ( near gate D27)

Concourse E

This is one of the smallest concourses of all. It has gates E1 through E6 and connects to the ATL domestic terminal plane train. Concourse E gives access to F, D, C, B, A, and T halls throughout the main terminal. 

Concourse T

It is the only terminal directly connected to the main domestic terminal. It has separate security checkpoints from gates T19-15 and T8 – T1. A train moves through halls A-F and the international terminal between the gates. You can also find food and retail here. 

Airlines Operating From The ATL Domestic Terminal

Various airlines operate from the north and south terminals of the domestic terminal, which are mentioned below. You can review all the details below to find the correct place to catch your flight. 

Terminal North: If you are going to fly with United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Boutique Air, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines, you can be at this terminal for a hassle-free air journey. 

Terminal South: If you have your flight ticket with Delta Airlines, you can be at the ground of the terminal south. All the terminal gates directly connect to all the delta flights operating from the terminal south. 

Shuttle System And Transportation At ATL Domestic Terminal

Shuttle System And Transportation At ATL Domestic Terminal

There are various transportation options available at the ATL domestic terminal. You can have any type of transport based on your budget and requirements. Go through all the options below and choose your preference.

Airport taxis: If your budget is low but you want a comfortable ride within it, you can take a taxi. It is the best-personalized option. You can go wherever you want the taxi ride without compromising your budget.  

Airport limo service: If you are okay with spending money on your comfort, you can choose an airport limo as your vehicle. With limo service, you can travel with peace and comfort. You also get chauffeurs, pleasant lighting, sound systems, minibars, and a perfect seating arrangement. You can enjoy all these by preferring airport limo service.

Marta: Marta, which stands for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, helps passengers by providing transportation services through all the rail lines, including the Red Line and Gold Line. Along these lines, you can go around the city. 

Amtrak: All passengers looking for extra transportation at the domestic terminal Atlanta Airport can use Amartak. It brings comfort in your journey by providing you with transportation service at any place. By this, you can have a comfortable journey ahead.

Services To Look For At Domestic Terminals 

There are various services available at the domestic terminal’s ground to keep you busy and entertained. We have explained some of the terminal’s services below. 

Go through the domestic terminal Atlanta airport map before availing of all these services. Look at the mentioned ones and figure out which service supports your preference. 

Phones, TTY

If you cannot connect with your loved ones through your mobile phone or are having problems using it, you can use the phones with TDD and wheelchairs present there. This will surely help you in tough times with easy solutions.

Concierge Desks

If you are unaware of the entertainment option, nearby hotels, restaurants, shops, etc., you can contact concierge desks. These desks are located at the north terminal, in front of baggage carousel three. So, if you have any doubts regarding the reasons mentioned before, get in touch with the staff at concierge desks.

Conventioneers Bureau 

If you are visiting the ATL airport for a convention and you are standing at the domestic terminal, this desk is located in the atrium ( clock tour). The convention helps inform you about entertainment, local attractions, lodging, and restaurants. You can easily connect with these conventioneers’ bureaus. 

The General Guidance For Travelers

These help desks are present at the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau booth. Their motive is to help families and their children, solo travelers, senior citizens, and passengers with special needs find ground transport and flight connections. 

Customer Service Desks

If you are looking for a customer service desk at the domestic terminal, you can arrive at the main hall of it. Here, you can get information regarding flight departure and arrival, the correct airport navigation routes, and ticket information. 

Desks For Storing Luggage 

There are two wrap-a-bag outlets at ATL’s domestic terminal. If you are on the northern side of the terminal, you can visit the desk between 6am and 7pm and on the southern part from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. The availability and prices can be changed. 

Wheelchair Assistance 

If you need a wheelchair, you can contact the airline representatives at the terminal. They will tell you how to reserve one early. 

Food Here!!

All the passengers who are hungry and looking for some spots to find food at the ATL domestic terminal can look at the options mentioned below:- 

Sit Down Restaurants

You can easily find many restaurants at the ATL domestic terminal where you can peacefully have a bite and relax. Some of these sit-down restaurants are Harvest + Grounds (concourse D), Papi’s Caribbean Cafe, Asian Chao (concourse A, B, and D), Link Grill (concourse C), and One Flew South (concourse E).

Favorites Of Locals

If you love to try local food, then you can pay attention to Atlanta Hawks and Grill (concourse A), ATL Market (concourse ), Atlanta Chophouse (domestic terminal), Atlanta Bread and Bear (concourse A) Atlanta Bread Company kiosk (concourse B) and stillhouse (concourse T). 

Fast food

Hungry but have less time? Worry not. Try these fast food options present at different parts of the domestic terminal: Subway(concourse T), Burger King (Domestic Terminal), Auntie Annie’s (concourse D), Chick-fil-A (concourse A), Five Guys Burgers and Fries (concourse C), Popeyes (concourse B) and Arby’s (concourse E).

Special Entertainments To Maintain Joy 

If you are with your children at the domestic terminal of ATL and looking for some amazing entertainment options, you are at the right place. There are plenty of entertainment options that will surely make your child happy. Look at the options below and find out what your child will love the most. 

  • A 33-foot dinosaur in the atrium 
  • Art installations 
  • Multiple shopping stores for teens
  • Recharging units are present in all lobbies
  • Forest walk between concourses A and B.

Delta terminal At Atlanta Airport

To know the details regarding where Delta airlines operates from the domestic terminal, you can look at the Domestic Delta Terminal Delta Atlanta Airport map below. It is the south terminal map from where Delta Airlines operates all its flight rituals. Look at the map below and find the directions to Atlanta Airport domestic terminal south.


To head towards the domestic terminal of the ATL, go through all the details carefully. Following such steps can avoid the mess in your path, and you can travel hassle-free. 

From food, seating arrangement, and services to correct navigation routes of the terminal, you will find everything here. So Do not miss out on any information as it can provide you benefits in various ways. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How many terminals are there at Atlanta airport?

There are a total of 2 terminals at the Atlanta airport: the domestic terminal and the international terminal. 

What is the Atlanta airport domestic terminal address?

The correct address of the ATL domestic terminal is 6000 N Terminal Pkwy, Atlanta, GA 30320. 

How many airlines operate from the domestic terminal of ATL?

Nine airlines operate from the domestic terminal of ATL: United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Boutique Air, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines.

How many concourses are there at the domestic terminal of ATL?

The domestic terminal has six concourses: concourses A, B, C, D, E, and T.




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