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Grab a fantastic deal, take advantage of your chance on Cyber Monday flight deals. This article will give you an even easier chance to score this deal. With this deal, you can catch a dream vacation or a budget-friendly visit to see loved ones without breaking your budget. 

Here, you’ll get insights on Cyber Monday deals. We’ll tell you about the unique destinations airlines will be putting on sale, which airlines are usually known for offering the best deals, and then finally, we’ll provide you with some top tips to get the best flights before they disappear. So read and treat yourself and your loved ones with a dream holiday trip.

What & When Is Cyber Monday In 2024?

Cyber Monday Flight Deals

Cyber Monday is a giant online sale day in the United States after Thanksgiving. It’s similar to Black Friday’s sale, but you score deals from the comfort of your home instead of fighting crowds in stores. You can grab this chance to earn amazing discounts on electronics, clothes, home goods, and almost anything else. 

During Cyber Monday sales, Airlines often partner with online retailers. Many airlines team up with online stores to offer discounts on travel accessories and even flight vouchers, etc. This year, Cyber Monday flight sales fell on the first Monday of December, 2nd December 2024. Make sure to keep the reminder that you do not miss this deal.

Popular Destinations To Visit On Cyber Monday Deals

You can grab deals on your dream destinations and Cyber Monday flight offers.  Instead of just discounts on TVs and clothes, travel websites offer fantastic flight deals. Check the destinations below:

OrlandoLas VegasCancunPunta Cana
BarcelonaAthensNew York CityLos Angeles
Cinque TerreBudapestPragueMarrakech
ChefchaouenTasmaniaGreat Barrier ReefNew Zealand 
New Zealand PatagoniaGalapagos IslandsScottish Highlands
The Greek IslandsThe Amalfi CoastThe Loire ValleyNamibia

Top Airlines With Cyber Monday Deals on Flight Tickets

Cyber Monday is known to offer a lot covering travel deals. To help you learn about which airlines participate in this deal hub, we have mentioned some top airlines known for their Cyber Monday flight discounts:

United Airlines 

  1. It’s famous for its extensive domestic network and strong existence in Asia.
  2. Expect Cyber Monday discounts on domestic flights and selected international routes, particularly to Asia.
  3. United’s MileagePlus loyalty program members can unlock additional savings and special offers during Cyber Monday.

Delta Air Lines 

  1. It has a network across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
  2. Delta offers a wide range of destinations on sale during Cyber Monday, including domestic and international routes. You might get competitive fares, especially on popular business travel routes.
  3. Download the app for entire mobile deals and last-minute Cyber Monday offers.

Southwest Airlines 

  1. This low-cost carrier within the US is known for its regular sales and transparent pricing with no hidden fees.
  2. They offer aggressive Cyber Monday sales on domestic flights. Expect lower ticket prices, especially for short-haul trips.
  3. Book early to get a good boarding position and access to the best overhead bin space.

JetBlue Airways 

  1. JetBlue is known for Cyber Monday deals on short-haul flights within the US, especially to popular vacation destinations in the Caribbean & Florida.
  2. If you want rewards, sign up for JetBlue’s TrueBlue loyalty program to earn points on your Cyber Monday purchase and unlock future travel rewards.

Air Canada 

  1. This airline is Canada’s flag carrier,  with a strong network in North America and beyond.
  2. Air Canada offers Cyber Monday discounts on domestic flights within Canada and select international routes, mainly to Europe and Asia.
  3. Look for special wrapped deals, including flights and hotel stays at popular destinations.

Avianca Airlines 

  1. This airline can be your passage to South America on Cyber Monday. Look for deals on flights from the US to Colombia, Peru, and other countries in the region.
  2. Consider combining your Cyber Monday flight deal with Avianca’s LifeMiles loyalty program for additional savings and benefits.

Emirates Airlines 

  1. It’s known for its luxurious cabins mainly found in the Middle East and Asia.
  2. Emirates occasionally participates in Cyber Monday with deals on various destinations.
  3. The sale often focuses on premium cabins, so look for luxurious experiences at discounted prices.

Etihad Airways 

  1. This national airline of the UAE offers premium cabins and a large route network.
  2. Like Emirates, Etihad might offer Cyber Monday deals, especially on flights to the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
  3. The airline’s loyalty program can offer additional benefits and deluxe offers on Cyber Monday.

Best Time To Book Cyber Monday Deals 2024

Cyber Monday might sound like the perfect time to grab a perfect flight deal, but there’s a trick to catch that one. 

  • Airlines let out their Cyber Monday discounts in advance, so you’ll want to be ready to book even earlier. 
  • Aim for 30-45 days before Cyber Monday to find the cheapest ticket prices. 
  • You must go for September as it’s an excellent spot to book Cyber Monday flights. 

How to Achieve Great Cyber Monday Deals This Year?

Cyber Monday has fantastic deals, but with many people waiting for the deals to show up, you have to be one step ahead to grab the best flight deals on Cyber Monday for you. We have listed top tips that will ensure you get a good deal. 

  • Don’t wait for Cyber Monday. Airlines often offer deals in advance, so check prices a few weeks before.
  • Many flight search engines offer price alerts. Set the alerts to get notified when the price drops.
  • If you’re flexible with different travel dates and times, you can have more chances to get a great deal. Weekdays and red-eye flights can be much cheaper.
  • Look for smaller airports near your destination. They might have a lower price for flight tickets.
  • Find one-way flights on different airlines for departing and return trips. 
  • Combine Cyber Monday flight deals with travel rewards cards, coupons, or airline mileage programs to increase savings. 
  • Airlines and travel websites usually advertise deals via email. Get on their newsletter lists to stay updated.
  • Follow airlines and travel companies on social media. They might announce surprise deals or flash sales.
  • Use websites like Google Flights to compare airline prices and dates.
  • Cyber Monday deals can disappear quickly. If you see a great price, grab it before it’s gone.

Why Does Cyber Monday Change Date Each Year?

Cyber Monday doesn’t change dates itself. It always occurs on the Monday following Thanksgiving. However, Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of November, which can fall between November 26th and December 2nd. This shift in Thanksgiving’s date causes Cyber Monday to change each year.

Most Popular Routes For Cyber Monday Flights

You must check out the routes served by the flights that come under the Cyber Monday flight deals mentioned below:

Popular Domestic RoutesPopular International Routes:
New York CityLondon
Los AngelesDubai
Las VegasDelhi
Washington D.C.Punta Cana
San FranciscoMexico City
OrlandoSan Juan

Commonly Asked Questions

When is Cyber Monday 2024?

This year 2024, Cyber Monday will fall on 2nd December 2024. 

Are there cyber Monday deals on flights?

Yes, there are cyber Monday deals on flights to numerous locations. 

What are some tips for finding the best Cyber Monday flight?

To get eBay deals, be flexible, sign up for airline email alerts, compare prices, and book quickly.

What are the alternative ways to save money on flights besides Cyber Monday deals?

You can go for alternates too, including flying on budget airlines or during off-peak time,
& being flexible with your travel dates and destinations, etc.

What are some things to remember before booking a Cyber Monday flight?

Understand the deal’s terms and conditions, including baggage fees, cancellation policies, and blackout dates. Also, check for any hidden fees that might add to the cost.

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