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If you fly frequently with United Airlines and have earned significant points to enter its Mileage Plus program arena, you must know about its different tiers. The more you spend to fly with the airlines, the higher you go on the tier, and the more value you gain as a loyal passenger of the airlines. However, there is one tier you might not be aware of. Let’s uncover what it is and what benefits it hides within.

The Tiers Of United Airlines Mileage Plus Program

Becoming an elite member of an airline is in itself an achievement that welcomes a plethora of advantages. When you enter this elite status tier of United Airlines, this is how your journey goes as you continue to travel with this airline.

  1. Premier Silver Status: unlocks from 12 Premier Qualifying Flights (PQF) and 4,000-5,000 Premier Qualifying Points (PQP).
  2. Premier Gold: unlocks from 24 PQF and 8,000-10,000 PQP.
  3. Premier Platinum: unlocks from 36 PQF and 12,000-15,000 PQP.
  4. Premier 1K: unlocks from 54 PQF and 18,000-24,000 PQP.

You may think reaching the Premier 1K marks the end of the tier. However, there is a 5th tier, too, that comes just above the Premier 1K. It is the Global Service Program. Want to unravel its mysteries? Then, follow along.

What is United Global Services Program?

The United Global Service program is an exquisite membership that you can only access with an invitation. It doesn’t unlock from collecting points or booking flights, which is why it is ruled out from the tier and stands as an elite status of its own. If you are successful in reaching this tier, you are deemed to get the best of services.

Perks Of Being A United Global Service Member

The harder it is to get to this highest elite status with United Airlines, the sweeter its fruits are. You will get overwhelmed as you read about the deluxe United Global Services benefits you can receive from being a member of this program.

  • Enjoy The Priority Treatment

First on the list of neverending benefits of being a Global service member is getting priority in about everything. You can skip the line to check in privately. You will get precedence on the security screening. When it is time for boarding, you will be the first to get on your air carrier. 

  • Avail Of Best Of The Best Services

Being at the top tier of the Mileage Plus program allows you to get a first hand at all the premium benefits and upgrades on your flight, be it accessing the most comfortable seat or more storage cabin space.

  • Be The Guest Of United Lounges

As a member of the United Airlines global services program, you can have complimentary access to the United lounges. Isn’t it exciting? Now, you can enter the lounge whenever you wish to relax.

  • Have A Fancy Ride To Your Flight

Ever imagined getting a lift to your air carrier in a Mercedes or Jaguar? You heard it right. When you qualify as a global service member, you get the opportunity to ride a fancy vehicle that transfers you to your flight. Isn’t it cool? But it depends on what airport you are traveling from. You can only enjoy this service as long as it is available at the airport.

Unlocking The Global Service Tier

The question that arises is how you can reach all the way up to become a global service member. As you have read so far, you have known that you can unlock this elite status through an invitation. However, it is unknown how you can get one.

There is still another way you can reach this topmost tier, but it is a difficult route. It is when you collect 4 million miles through United’s Million Miler Program that you achieve the Global Service Program for a lifetime.

Quite a lot of miles, right? The United Global Service members fly with the airline frequently and spend more than $50,000 on United flights every year. Turns out, if you want something big you need to invest big as well.

Wrap-up of United Global Services

The mystery behind the United Global Services program is now uncovered. This guide tries to underline this complex topic in a comprehensive manner. From the observations about the Global Service program, you find about its exclusive benefits and the secrets of unlocking this tier. 

Although it looks like a distant dream to become an elite member, you can enjoy flying with United Airlines. Maybe one day, you will reach the 4 million mark and unlock the perks of United Global Services. Till then, take pleasure in your air tours.


What is the highest status on United?

The highest elite status of the United Airlines Mileage Plus Program is the Premier 1K tier. However, there is another bonus level above it that is called Global Services.

How to get invited to United Global Services?

It is unknown how to receive an invitation, but you can unlock the Global Services by collecting 1 million miles or spending more than $50,000 on United flights within a year.

What are the benefits of Global Services United?

As a member of United’s Global Service program, you can enjoy benefits such as priority boarding, expedited security screening, access to United lounges, luxurious car transfers, highest quality upgrades, and more.

Is United Global Services a Lifetime?

Once you earn 4 million miles with the United Airlines Million Miler program, you get eligible to become a member of its Global Service program for a lifetime.

How to get Global Services United Airlines?

You can get access to United Airlines Global Services in three ways: by getting an invitation, by being a loyal passenger with the airline flying consistently and spending more than $50,000 on your flights every year, or by attaining 4 million miles.

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