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Are you planning to visit your dream destination by flying with Frontier Airlines? No worries, as Frontier offers exceptional services to all its passengers. You can reach the airport and head towards Terminal A at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) for your flight. 

In addition, Passengers can explore numerous services such as shops, duty-free stores, restaurants, etc. Whether traveling domestically or internationally, you must have all the required details to save yourself in any difficult situation. 

Know more About Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is one of the ultra-low-cost airlines in the United States which operates its flights in almost 31 International destinations around the globe. Whether you are traveling solo or with someone, the airline doesn’t disappoint you. This is because of the quality of service they maintain for all their passengers. 

The airline ensures that every passenger experiences the best, and there will be no compromise with the quality. Any passenger reaching the airport with the correct information can connect with the airline anytime. Here’s the table that includes all the exact and relevant information: 

AirlinesFrontier Airlines
Official website
Frontier Airlines Departures Terminal At IAHTerminal A
Frontier Airlines Arrivals Terminal At IAHTerminal A
HeadquarteredDenver, CO

Apart from this, passengers can also carry the airport’s contact information so that they can use the information in case of any issue:

Airport Name: Houston George Bush International Airport (IAH)

Address: 2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032

Contact Number: (281) 230-3100


Frontier Airlines manages all its departing flights from Level 2 of Terminal A at IAH. Passengers traveling from IAH with Frontier Airlines to anywhere in the world can enjoy the services at the terminal. Whether you are looking for some rest before onboarding the flight or want to enjoy tasty food, Frontier Airlines has got you covered. 



All Frontier Airlines flights land at Terminal A, where passengers can claim their luggage and head to their desired destinations from Level 1. In addition, passengers arriving at the airport can either book a shuttle or taxi, get a bus to leave for their place, or head directly to the parking area to pick up their vehicle. 

Services Offered

Frontier passengers can access everything in Terminal A at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Once you reach the Terminal, you can explore the service counters, currency exchange counters, ATMs, etc., and explore the airport on your own.

Flight Reservation and Cancellation

Whether you are planning to book a flight or want to cancel the flight at the airport,  Frontier Airlines Booking and cancellation counter is the place for all your issues. You can head to the counter and request the desk staff to book a flight on your behalf, providing all the relevant and personal information to the agent so that they can make a reservation without any delay.  

Similarly, if you have already booked a flight and want to cancel it, you can inform the agent about your problem and ask for a cancellation. The desk executive will then take action to cancel the flight and provide you with all the information, such as a refund, if applicable. 

Check-in and Boarding

Booking a flight doesn’t guarantee that your seat is confirmed until you check-in. The check-in process will help the airline know that the passenger’s ticket is available and that the passenger is boarding the correct flight. Once you reach the terminal, you can easily find the check-in counter at Level 2 or the departure level, where you can get the boarding pass after completing the check-in process. 

Lost & Found Counter

You can easily find the Lost and Found Counter at every airport. Lost bag issues don’t occur all the time. Whenever a passenger faces an issue, one can directly visit the counter and inform the staff about the problem. The counter executive will try to take the possible actions, such as checking the CCTVs, asking other counter staff, etc., as quickly as possible. This will help them, and passengers find the baggage without any delay. You can also raise a complaint through the mobile app.

Traveling with Pet

Many airlines don’t allow any single pet on the aircraft. However, Frontier Airlines doesn’t have that issue, and travelers can bring only their service pet inside the cabin. Before carrying your pet, make sure to connect with the airline and inform them about the pet in advance at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure. 

This will help them manage everything properly without any hassle, and the airline will ensure the utmost safety for all the passengers. Additionally, passengers must carry all the valid documents and certificates of the pet, such as vaccination certificate, age certificate, fitness document, etc. 

Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance at IAH Terminal

Are you planning a long vacation? Are you confused about packing? Don’t worry! Frontier Airlines knows how important your stuff is. That is why the airline crafted the most flexible baggage allowance policy for all the passengers traveling with them. You can check the exact baggage allowance for your carry-on and checked baggage depending on the cabin class booked. If you cannot pack your favorite stuff inside the cabin luggage, try to keep it in your checked luggage or carry only the essential things with you. 

Airline-operated Lounge

Frontier Airlines doesn’t have a dedicated lounge at the IAH Airport. However, the airline offers General Waiting rooms where travelers can rest and wait for their departure flight. Alternatively, some other lounges are available, and you can head towards them if you want. These lounges offer good-quality and tasty food, refreshments, and places to rest. 

Special Assistance

Special or additional assistance is required when traveling with a patient, a person with a disability, or someone with a poor medical condition. You can inform the airline about this and request special assistance. 

The airline will try to provide you with the requested instruments, such as a wheelchair, medical help, and a priority boarding facility with a dedicated staff member to help you until you board the aircraft. However, make sure to inform the airline at least 48 hours before the flight departure. 

Internet Connectivity

One of the major issues while traveling is the stable internet connection. However, passengers at IAH Airport will not face such a problem because the airport offers a high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection so all passengers can get their work done, even at the airport. Passengers can directly ask the airport staff about the connectivity process and start using the internet.

IAH Airport Lounges 

Admirals Club and United Club are two lounges operating at Terminal A of IAH Airport. Once passengers reach the terminal, they can easily find these Lounges, where they can enjoy all the amenities offered, such as snacks and drinks, business rooms, wi-fi, and personal travel assistance.

Pet Relief Area

Passengers traveling with their pets can head to the pet relief area at the terminal and release them. The pets can play and relax before the flight departs. The service animal or pet relief areas are available at the different gates of the terminal. At Terminal A, passengers can easily find the facility inside the terminal near Gate A12. If you find it difficult to reach there, you can ask the executive, who will help you reach the area in no time. 


Wondering if you’ll get some space to park your vehicle or not? No need to worry, as the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal A has a dedicated parking facility for all the passengers traveling with Frontier Airlines. Whether you are looking for Valet Parking, terminal parking, or eco parking for your electronic vehicle, IAH Airport has you covered. You can either book the parking space online or directly head to Level 2 of Terminal A for the parking area. You can simply pay the charges and book your spot in real-time. 

Whether planning a trip or already booked one, you can expect exceptional services from Frontier Airlines. You can visit the IAH Intercontinental Airport and reach terminal A to get to all the airline facilities and service counters. The information on this page will help you tackle any unexpected problematic situation during your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What terminal is Frontier Airlines at IAH?

Frontier Airlines uses Terminal A at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

Where does Frontier Airlines fly out of Houston?

Frontier Airlines departs from Terminal A at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 

Can you walk between terminals at Houston Airport?

Four out of five terminals are connected with each other through skyways, walkways, and subway trains. However, Terminal A is not connected with other terminals through any walkway.

How many terminals does IAH have?

IAH has five terminals: Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. 

Do Frontier Airlines passengers get a parking facility at IAH?

Yes, Level 2 of Terminal A at IAH Airport has enough parking space for every passenger, and you can book a parking spot in advance for stress-free travel. 

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