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Passengers traveling with Frontier Airlines will get all the facilities at Terminal 2 of Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport. The terminal provides booking counters, money exchange counters, ATMs, cafes, and restaurants. Passengers traveling without personal vehicles can quickly get transportation to the airline’s terminal. 

At Frontier Airlines Orlando International Airport—MCO Terminal, passengers can purchase a ticket, visit the pet relief area, rest at the restroom, enjoy their favorite food and beverages in the restaurants, and more. 

MSP Terminal Overview

Several airlines, including Frontier Airlines, operate from Terminal 2 at MSP International Airport. Passengers can easily reach the terminal and find the desired services. Whether you are looking for transportation, parking, booking, dining, or shopping, you will get everything you want at MSP Terminal 2. Here’s a table showing all the major information about the airport:

Airport NameMinneapolis-St Paul International Airport
Official Website
Address4300 Glumack Dr, St Paul, MN 55111
Airlines StatusActive
CountryUnited States
Contact Number(612) 726-5555

Frontier Airlines Contact Information

Operating flights to more than 100 destinations within the US and 31 destinations around the globe, Frontier Airlines is one of the major ultra-low-cost airlines in Denver. Here are all the essential details about Frontier Airlines at MSP:

AirlinesFrontier Airlines
Official website
Departures Terminal 2
Arrivals Terminal 2
HeadquarteredDenver, CO

Frontier Airlines Services at MSP

Whether traveling for the first time or being a frequent traveler, you will be amazed at the quality of service Frontier Airlines offers its passengers. To enjoy all Frontier Airlines services at MSP, visit the airport and head to terminal 2:

Flight Reservation 

Flight Reservation

Have you booked your Frontier Airlines ticket yet? That’s no problem, as Frontier Airlines has a ticket reservation counter available at Terminal 2.Passengers can visit the airline’s Flight Booking counter and request the staff book a flight. 

After filling in all the required personal details, the agent will take appropriate action and complete the booking process. You can also ask for the applicable fees to book the flight. After paying the fees, you’ll receive a booking confirmation email regarding all the details. 

Check-in Process

Passengers can quickly board the flight after receiving their boarding pass from the check-in counter. Once they reach the terminal, head to the check-in counter to confirm a seat, and the counter executive will do the same for you. Inform the staff to complete the check-in and provide your booking details. 

Once you are done, you can take the boarding pass and wait for the flight departure. If there are long queues at the check-in counter, you can find a self-serve kiosk on the same terminal where you can follow the check-in process to get it done.

Manage Booking

Already booked a flight but want to make changes? Don’t lose hope because Frontier Airlines offers a flexible flight booking change option to all the passengers. Whether you want to change the name on the ticket or upgrade the class, Frontier Airlines has got you covered. You can visit the Booking counter and request the agent to manage your booking and make the desired changes to the booked flight. 

Special Assistance

Special Assistance

Special passengers, such as those physically disabled or having severe medical issues, can get additional assistance at the airport. You can inform the airline that you are traveling with a patient or need special assistance such as a wheelchair, priority boarding, etc. You can also inform that airline about when you will be reaching the airport so they can make the required arrangements. 

MSP Transportation 

Passengers looking for a transportation option will get the best services at the airport. You can easily find a vehicle to transfer between terminals or look for a destination drop. The terminal has a dedicated pick-and-drop area for vehicles, where visitors can wait to pick up the passengers. If you are already waiting at the pickup area, you can call the driver and provide directions to where they will pick you up.

T2 Parking Facility

Are you traveling with your vehicle and wondering whether you’ll get a parking space? There is no need to worry, as the passengers can easily find enough parking space. MSP Airport parking facility includes daily parking, value parking, terminal 2 hourly parking, valet parking, etc. You can simply pay the applicable charges for your parking reservation and book your vehicle. These charges may vary depending on the hourly parking rates, vehicle, and parking duration. 

Wrap Up!

Frontier Airlines is one of the most pocket-friendly and low-cost airlines in the United States. Passengers traveling with Frontier can reach Terminal 2 at MSP Airport for the departure flights. In addition, all the arrival flights operate from the same terminal. Terminal 2 has no lounges, but passengers can enjoy the amenities in Escape Lounges at Terminal 1 as it’s easy to transfer between the terminals. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Frontier Airlines Terminal 1 or 2 at MSP?

Frontier Airlines uses Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport (MSP)

When  Frontier moves to Terminal 2 MSP?

Frontier Airlines moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 in April 2020.

Are Terminals 1 and 2 connected at MSP?

Terminals 1 and 2 are not internally connected, so passengers must go through security every time they transfer.

Can you walk from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 at MSP?

No, you cannot walk between Terminals 1 and 2. You must use the Light Rail Transit (LRT), which is free and operates 24 hours a day. 

How early should I arrive at MSP Terminal 2?

The airline recommends that passengers reach the MSP international airport 2 hours before their Domestic flight and 3 hours before their International Flight. 

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