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Stay in control of the situation using the following manual of the JFK airport and JAL’s operations there. All travelers whose flight is in the near future can learn about the terminal where it serves its landing and departures. From the ways of setting foot inside the busiest New York airport to learning about the security and pre/post-flight processes that you may have to undergo, this article is your pro tip.

Japan Airlines JFK Terminal grants you a portal that elevates your experience in the air transport history. Dining options, retail stores, Wi-Fi, nursing pods, and whatnot! Let’s delve deeper into this virtual journey on the trot. 

What Terminal Is Japan Airlines at JFK?

What Terminal Is Japan Airlines at JFK

JAL flights come and leave the John F Kennedy International Airport alike. Nevertheless, you must know about the pre and post-flight duties you gotta perform when passing through the place. As far as Japan Airlines is concerned, it operates international itineraries in this NY airport, so you may need to follow a little more procedures than the regular domestic ones. 


Japan Airlines flights land at Terminal 8 in JFK. After landing, passengers can claim their bags and head straight to the customs and immigration at Level 1. In the case of connecting flights, lounges and restrooms are accessible in the terminal itself. 


Terminal 8 has been the operation point of Japan’s national carrier since 2023. It is a station where the passenger can check in and get their bag tags after screening. The terminal holds amenities and assistance of all kinds for the passengers reaching the airport. 

Quick Glace at the Airport & Airline

Now that you have come this far, it is quite evident that you are flying with the national carrier of Japan and are heading to or from NYC’s major airport, that is, JFK. Therefore, below is a quick review and must-needed information. 

  • Airline Name: Japan Airlines
  • Airline Code: JL
  • Airport Name: John F Kennedy International Airport 
  • Airport Code: JFK
  • Concerned Terminal: Terminal 8
  • Destination: Tokyo–Haneda
  • Address:  Jamaica, Queens, New York City, New York, U.S.- 11430.

Would you like to get in touch with the carrier and the airport? Why don’t you connect with them via call or through their social media handles? Below is the direct link to their website, too. 

PHONE NUMBER(800) 525 3663(718) 244 4444 
OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://www.jal.co.jp/ar/en/ https://www.jfkairport.com/ 
FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/JapanAirlinesWorldwide/?m=footer https://www.facebook.com/JFKairport.Official 
TWITTERhttps://x.com/JALFlightInfo_e?m=footer https://x.com/JFKairport 
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/japanairlines/?m=footer https://www.instagram.com/jfkairport/?hl=en 
YOUTUBEhttps://www.youtube.com/c/japanairlinesworld https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5g8AXCXo7l7HOhQOjO9Vnw 
LINKEDINhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/japan-airlines/ https://www.linkedin.com/company/jfkiat/ 

Features of the Japan Airlines Terminal JFK

As soon as you enter the premises of Terminal 8, you find yourself embraced by a welcoming atmosphere. After the security checks, the check-in counter awaits your presence. Select the seat of your choice, get the boarding passes, and before proceeding to the gates, make sure not to miss out on the shopping complex and dining area.

Get Tickets & Manage Your Reservation

The airline counter is where you can buy tickets for your flight and get the opportunity to make last-minute changes to your reservation. Upgrade-related requests and changes in flight schedules are a few of the many issues resolved at the ticketing counter. From comparing prices to checking flight schedules, the place has it all. 

Check-In ASAP

Check-in ASAP

Japan Airlines JFK Terminal is a location where you can complete your check-ins speedily and select the seat of your choice. In case you want to avoid the queue at the check-in desk use the online check-in option. The check-in gates close an hour before the take-off, so try to be at the airport a few hours before that to avoid mess. 

Baggage Carousels and Claim after Landing

Register your bags and buy allowances for additional and overweight luggage. Learn about the sports equipment allowance from the airline representatives. Baggage wrap stations and trolleys are accessible at the terminal, promoting comfort. Besides, those wanting to collect their bags can proceed to Level 1 after landing. 

Getting in, out, and around JFK

There are several ground transport options available in and outside the airport. You have interactive maps for directions and a 24*7 AirTrain to get from one part of the airport to the other. Public transportation, including taxis, rental cars, and van services, are available right outside the gates in the curbside area. Plenty of parking space supports pickup and drop-off.

Special Needs

All passengers can access meet & greet, chauffeur service, and disability assistance upon request when visiting Japan Airline JFK Terminal. From wheelchairs to Pet/Service Animal Relief Area (SARA) are dedicated to the convenience of those in need of extra help during their travels. 

Miscellaneous Amenities

Travelers may need cash-related centers for money exchange and withdrawals, which are accessible at the airport. Then, there is a nursing room for mothers to feed and care for their infants peacefully. Other services include the following: 

Airport InformationATMCharging Station
Currency ExchangeNursing SuitesBaggage Storage
RestroomsAnimal & Pet ReliefWorship Spaces
Cosmetics & Skin CareWiFiHotels
MassageNail CareLounges
Interactive MapsFlight TrackerAirport Bus

Dining and Shopping Options

The worst way to journey is an empty stomach! Stop the gurgling sound of your stomach at the Food court in Japan Airlines Terminal JFK. There are several retail, duty-free shops as well for the customer’s nicety.

Bvlgari(Main Terminal)Fashion & AccessoriesAngelina’s Metro Market(Arrivals)(Grab & Go, $2 Water, Food & Beverage)
(Arrivals, Concourse B across from Gate 6, Concourse B near Gate 12, Concourse B near Gate 3, Concourse C across from Gate 35, Concourse C across from Gate 42)
(Gifts & Souvenirs, Books & Magazines, $2 Water)
Hudson(Arrivals, Concourse B across from Gate 6, Concourse B near Gate 12, Concourse C across from Gate 42, Concourse C across from Gate 35, Concourse B near Gate 3)(Gifts & Souvenirs, Books & Magazines, $2 Water)
Hugo Boss(Main Terminal)(Fashion & Accessories)Cascata(Concourse C near Gate 34)(Restaurants, Bar, $2 Water, Food & Beverage)
InMotion(Concourse B across from Gate 10, Concourse C near Gate 44)(Electronics)Cibo Market(Concourse B across from Gate 6)($2 Water, Food & Beverage)
International Shoppes(Concourse B near Gate 2, Concourse C near Gate 40, and Main Terminal)(Fashion & Accessories)Drink Martini Bar(Concourse B near Gate 6)(Restaurants, Bar, Food & Beverage)
Kylie CosmeticsConcourse C (across from C2 Currency Exchange)(Gifts & Souvenirs)Dunkin Donuts(Arrivals)(Grab & Go, Coffee & Tea, Children’s Menu, $2 Water)
Licorice & Pretzels(Concourse B near Gate 14)(Gifts & Souvenirs, Shop, Food & Beverage)Mezze Café & Bar(Main Terminal, Concourse B near Gate 12, Check-In)Grab & Go, $2 Water
MezzeCheck-In(Gifts & Souvenirs, $2 Water)Bobby Van’s Steakhouse(Main Terminal)(Restaurants, Bar, Food & Beverage)
Michael Kors(Main Terminal)(Fashion & Accessories)New York Deli(Concourse C – Near Gate 41)($2 Water, Food & Beverage)
Salvatore Ferragamo(Main Terminal)(Fashion & Accessories)New York Sports Bar(Concourse B – Near Gate 10)(Restaurants, Bar, Food & Beverage)
Sims on the Go(Arrivals)(Electronics)O’Neals(Concourse B – Near Gate 6)(Restaurants, Bar, Food & Beverage)
Solstice(Concourse B – Near Gate 10)(Fashion & Accessories)SoHo Bistro(Concourse C – Near Gate 43)(Restaurants, Bar, $2 Water, Food & Beverage)
Tag Heuer(Main Terminal)(Fashion & Accessories)Starbucks(Main Terminal)(Grab & Go, Coffee & Tea, $2 Water, Food & Beverage)
Victoria’s Secret(Concourse B – Near Gate 8)(Fashion & Accessories)Villa Pizza(Concourse C near Gate 38 and Main Terminal)($2 Water, Food & Beverage)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which terminal is Japan Airlines in JFK?

Japan Airlines departure and arrival take place at Terminal 8 at John F Kennedy International Airport.

What time does the JAL check-in open?

JAL check-in begins 24 hours to 60 minutes before the departure.

Do I have to go through security again to connect international flights at JFK?

Yes. Every time you take a new flight, you have to re-enter the building and go through the screening procedure all over again.

How early should I arrive at JFK Terminal 8?

Get to the airport at least 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure to ensure that you complete all the pre-flight procedures on time. 

How long does it take to go from Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 at JFK?

It takes 4 minutes to get from  Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 on the JFK Airtrain.

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