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Are you traveling with Lufthansa Airlines departing from JFK International Airport? Then, having prior information about the terminal can save you a lot of time, and you can explore the terminal without any problem. JFK International Airport has 9 passenger terminals with multiple gates and is operated by many airlines. 

Lufthansa Airlines manages all its international and domestic flights from Terminal 1 at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). Passengers can expect premium and top-notch services, including dining areas, meeting rooms, shopping places, duty-free outlets, restaurants, and lounges. 

Essential Information About Lufthansa Airlines

John F. Kennedy International Airport serves more than 15 airlines from Terminal 1, which has Gates 1 to 11, including Lufthansa Airlines, which operates all its services and counters from the same terminal. Passengers can visit the airport and head to T1 at JFK for services like flight booking, management, baggage claim, currency exchange counters, meeting rooms, etc. 

In addition, the airline also offers check-in counters at the same terminal from where passengers can directly get their seats confirmed and collect the boarding pass needed to board the flight. Here is a table that includes all the related information that you must carry while traveling to avoid any hassle:

AirlinesLufthansa Airlines
Official website 
Departures Terminal 1
Arrivals Terminal 1
FoundedDecember 1917
HeadquarteredCologne, Germany

Service Desks

Service Desks JFK

Passengers looking to book a flight, want to change something on their flight ticket, want to complete the check-in process at the counter, etc., will get all the service counters of Lufthansa Airlines on Terminal 1. In addition, one can get money exchange counters, cancellation desks, flight status, and information desks. Here is a list of services travelers can get after reaching the terminal: 

Book a Flight

Looking to book a flight at the airport? No problem! Lufthansa Airlines has a number of booking counters in Terminal 1 at JFK International Airport. Once you reach the terminal, look for the airline booking desk and request the counter staff to reserve a flight ticket on your behalf. In addition, provide all the required information and pay the applicable charges, after which the staff will share the ticket and other details with you.

Manage Booking

If you want to change your flight booking and are already at the airport, it will be no hassle. You can head directly to the Booking Management Desk and inform the executive to change your already booked flight ticket. The staff will try to make all the possible changes; however, this process may vary depending on the airline.

Check-in & Boarding

You can reach the airport a few hours before to complete check-in by visiting the check-in counter at JFK Terminal 1. The desk staff will follow the procedure and provide the boarding pass once you have completed it. You can directly head to the pre-boarding area and wait to board the flight.

Cancellation Processing

Are you facing an unexpected issue or emergency just before your booked flight? No worries! Lufthansa Airlines offers a flexible flight cancellation policy to passengers facing any kind of emergency issue and want to cancel their flight. You can head to the cancellation counter and inform the agent so that they can take the necessary steps. 

Additional Services

Any patient or passenger with severe health issues will be eligible to take advantage of special services offered by John F. Kennedy International Airport Airlines. However, you must inform the airline about the assistance needed in advance so that they can arrange all the requested things on time. In addition, the airline may offer these services to the passengers free of cost and without any hidden charges.

Lufthansa Lounge Access

Lufthansa Lounge Access

Looking for a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of the airport? Lufthansa Lounges welcomes you to a serene place where you’ll find comfort and luxury in a single place. At Terminal 1, Business Class Ticket or Star Alliance Gold Membership, passengers can easily access the Lufthansa Business Lounge. Whether you want to relax from hunger or work in a noiseless environment, this place covers you. In addition, the premium space in the lounge is reserved for the VVIPs, such as senators, their companions, etc. 

Essential Details About JFK Airport

Whether you are a frequent traveler or traveling for the first time, it’s better to carry all the essential details about the airlines and the airport to tackle any difficult situation without hassle. Here’s a table that includes all the important information:

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
Official Website
AddressQueens, NY 11430
Airlines StatusActive
CountryUnited States
Contact Number(718) 244-4444

Arrival & Departure

Whether arriving at the airport or going on a new adventure, Terminal 1 is the only place for all Lufthansa Airlines passengers. The airport’s terminals are designed to give an effortless travel experience and a stress-free journey. Lufthansa Airlines uses Terminal 1 for all its departure and arrival flights at the Airport.

Additional Details

Terminal 1 is a complete hub of shopping places and services specially designed to fulfill all the needs of Lufthansa Airlines passengers. Travelers can easily find currency exchange counters, ATMs, luxury shops, fashion outlets, duty-free shops, etc. If you reach the airport hours before your scheduled flight departure, you can explore the terminal and grab some good stuff.

Cafes & Restaurants

Feeling Hungry just before the flight? Don’t worry! Terminal 1 has a variety of cafes and restaurants for all Lufthansa travelers. You can order your favorite dish or try some special cuisines and have something to drink, as these places offer exceptionally delicious food and beverages. You can also have a coffee at any cafe and do your work before your flight departs.

Parking Facility

Passengers traveling with their own vehicle will not have to worry about the parking space. This is because the airport offers a dedicated parking facility to all travelers. Terminal 1 at JFK offers a number of parking options, such as short-term parking, long-term parking, etc. You can use the short-term parking, including the Green Lot, if you plan to travel for a shorter duration. Similarly, Lot A, B, and C at Terminal 1 offer long-term parking facilities to the passengers connecting the parking with the terminals through Air Train.

Transportation Network

John F. Kennedy International Airport provides an efficient and extensive transportation network for travelers to or from the airport terminal. This network connects terminals with various parts of the airport and the city. Passengers can travel between the terminal and the parking lots 24/7 through the Air Train option. 

Many taxi companies operate from Terminal 1, so you can easily find a Taxi without hassle. A Shared Shuttle service is operational at the airport, offering services to passengers and taking them to or from New York City. Alternatively, travelers can use Uber and Lyft rideshare services for convenience. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop duty-free near Lufthansa’s gates at JFK?

Yes, you can easily find some good duty-free shops at Terminal 1 near Lufthansa Airlines gates, where you can shop for luxury, electronics, etc. 

What is the arrival terminal for Lufthansa Airlines at JFK Airport?

Lufthansa Airlines uses Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport for all its arriving flights. 

Which terminal does Lufthansa fly out of JFK Airport?

All the Lufthansa Airlines departure flights are operational at Terminal 1 of John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Can I get any currency exchange facility at Terminal 1?

You can easily get access to the currency exchange counters at JFK’s Terminal 1.

Is there any Lufthansa Airlines Lounge available at Terminal 1?

Lufthansa Airlines operates a Business Lounge at JFK International Airport Terminal 1. 

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