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You’re on the right page if you’re traveling with Viva Aerobus LAX Terminal and looking for all the related information. We will take you through everything you need to know, making your time at LAX smooth and easy. From telling you about which terminal Viva uses to all the other things like the facilities they provide, we have covered everything for you. Information about the pre-flight procedures is also offered. And that’s not all. So, read the full article to avoid missing any information provided here.

Viva Aerobus Terminal at LAX

Viva Aerobus Terminal at LAX

VivaAerobus uses Terminal 1 at LAX for check-in, but after getting done there, you’ll board your flight from Terminal B. You can reach there easily by.

  • After checking in and dropping off any checked baggage at Terminal 1, Viva Aerobus will provide transportation to your departure gate at Terminal B.
  • Look for signs for “Viva Aerobus Shuttle” or “Gate Buses.”
  • These buses will take you to the boarding area for your flight in Terminal B.
  • If you need help finding your way, feel free to ask LAX staff for directions.
  • You can also approach airline staff at the Viva Aerobus check-in counter for guidance.

More About Viva Aerobus And LAX Airport

Knowing key details about LAX and Viva Aerobus can improve your trip. We’ve got you covered with all the essentials listed below, including contact information, website links, and social media handles.

Los Angeles International Airport

You must know all the essential details like contacts, address, etc before entering this airport:

Contact Number+1 855-463-5252
AddressLAX, 1 World Way, LA, California 90045, US.
Official Website 
LAX Total Runways 4
Opened OnOctober 1, 1928
OwnerLos Angeles World Airports
Social Media 
LinkedIn No Official Account

About Viva Aerobus

Get to know all the information below:

Head OfficeCiudad Apodaca, Mexico
Calling Number+52 (81) 8215 0150
Link Of Website 
Founded On2006 in Mexico
Covered Destinations60
Viva’s Fleet Size104
Frequent-flyer programViva Fan
Social Media Handles
TikTok Page 
Instagram Account 
Facebook Page 
Youtube Channel 
Twitter Account 

Transportation Options To Reach LAX Airport

Counting on LAX’s transport options, there are many. The airport offers a variety of transportation options to get you to and from the airport. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for the most convenient option, there’s a mode of transport to get you there. Get to know about all the options below:

Ride-Sharing Services

  1. It’s comfortable and available through smartphone apps.
  2. Their prices can be higher in peak time or maybe during bad weather and as per the distance.
  3. Go to the LAX-it lot to be picked up by your driver. You can take a free LAX-it shuttle from outside the baggage claim area.


  1. You can find the taxi zones outside each terminal.
  2. The ticket process gets metered, and it’s more expensive than ride-sharing services.
  3. It’s a good option if you don’t have a smartphone or prefer to use something other than ride-sharing apps.

Public Buses

  1. This option is known as the most affordable option.
  2. The multiple bus lines serve LAX, including LA Metro, Culver CityBus, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, Torrance Transit, and Beach Cities Transit.
  3. Find the routes and schedules on the websites of the respective providers.
  4. But remember that if you’re in a hurry, this option can’t be good for you. It’s slower than other options due to multiple stops.

FlyAway Buses

  1. A convenient and affordable option for travelers heading to specific areas of Los Angeles.
  2. It provides non-stop service to many destinations in the city.
  3. You can purchase the tickets online or at the FlyAway bus stop.

Rental Cars

  1. Renting a car gives you the most flexibility when getting around Los Angeles.
  2. Rental car companies are located off-site and require a shuttle to reach.
  3. Remember that this option can be expensive, but arriving on time and having more luggage is best.
  4. Rental cars are a good option if you plan on exploring beyond LAX or have a lot of luggage.


  1. Shared-ride vans can be a budget-friendly option, especially for larger groups.
  2. Several shuttle companies operate at LAX, offering service to various destinations in Los Angeles.
  3. You must book it in advance to avoid any hassle.

To Think About Before Selecting Transport

You can’t just choose the right way for your transport option. Many factors decide for you. From cost to convenience, you to think about it all stated below:

  • Cost– Ride-sharing and shuttles are budget-friendly, taxis are pricier, and rentals add gas and parking. Private cars are the overspend.
  • Time– Online cabs and taxis are quick if there is less traffic. 
  1. Shuttles have stopped, and public transport takes the longest. 
  2. Rentals and private cars depend on traffic, but rentals require parking navigation.
  • Comfort– You can quickly get the requested cabs and taxis; shuttles require planning.
  1. Public transport needs navigating. 
  2. Rental cars offer freedom but require driving and parking. 
  3. With a private car, you have complete flexibility.
  • Luggage– Taxis might be tight for big groups. 
  1. Shuttles and public transport can be problematic. 
  2. Rentals offer space & private cars even more.

Pre-Departure Procedures for Viva Aerobus Terminal LAX

pre-Departure Procedures for Viva Aerobus Terminal LAX

Once you’ve arrived at LAX, whether by taxi, rideshare, or friend drop-off, it’s time to board your Viva Aerobus flight. Follow our step-by-step guide to navigating the pre-departure procedures at LAX so you can quickly go through check-in, security, and boarding.


  1. Online—Viva Aerobus lets you check in online 72 hours before your flight. You must choose this option to save time at the LAX airport. You select your seat and get your digital boarding pass in advance. 
  2. Self-Service Kiosk—If you cannot check-in online, you can still use the self-service kiosk at the airport check-in. All you have to do is follow on-screen instructions and then get your printed boarding pass.
  3. Airport check-in– If you prefer the usual airport counter check-in with staff assistance, go to the Viva Aerobus counters in Terminal 1 at LAX.
  4. Arrive early—Make sure to reach the airport early. Allow 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights—Check-in counters close 45 minutes before domestic departures, and one handout 10 minutes before international ones.

Security Check

  1. Once you have your boarding pass, move toward the security checkpoint. 
  2. In the security c, you’ll separate your carry-on belongings from checked luggage and walk through a metal detector. 
  3. They might also ask you to step aside for additional checks. 
  4. Follow the security staff’s instructions to keep things moving smoothly.


  1. Focus on the information screen. The gate number for your flight is displayed there. Once boarding starts, go to your assigned gate.
  2. Keep your boarding pass handy. The gate agent will scan it to check you in for the flight.

What to Do After Landing at LAX with Viva Aerobus?

  • Get Off The Plane- Once your flight has landed properly, don’t just get up and rush towards the exit door. 
  1. Wait for the flight crew to announce that you must unlock your seat and get off the plane row by rope, as instructed.
  • Grab your bags– If you checked any bags, go straight to the baggage claim area.
  1. You can find the baggage claim point with your flight number to find the right belt.
  • Immigration- If you fly in from outside, you must go through passport control. 
  1. Show your passport and completed arrival form to the officer.
  • Customs- Go through customs if you land on an international flight. 
  1. This is where you declare any items you brought in from another country.
  2. Follow the signs and answer the officer’s questions honestly.
  • Exit the LAX Airport– Once you’ve completed customs or baggage claim, follow the signs for “Ground Transportation” or “Exit.” This will lead you out of the secure area of the airport. Some of the transportation options provided to exit are:
  1. Ride-sharing cabs
  2. Local Taxi
  3. Shuttle
  4. Public transportation

What If There Is A Connecting Flight After Landing?

If you have a connecting flight right after landing at LAX, that changes things a bit. You have to follow a few procedures after landing at LAX with Viva Aerobus for a connecting flight:

  • Don’t collect your—gs—Viva Aerobus usually checks your bag at your final destination for international connections, so you won’t need to pick it up at LAX.
  • Look for connection signs– Check the directional signs or announcements mentioning “Connecting Flights.”
  • Follow the signs—If you see signs, follow them. They will usually lead you to a designated area for connecting passengers, such as a waiting area or a transfer desk.
  • Get help from Viva Aerobus staff—Find a Viva Aerobus staff member at the information desk. They’ll help you confirm your gate for your next flight and answer any questions.
  • Security check Again—You must undergo another security check before boarding your connecting flight. 
  • Find your gate– After clearing the security check, follow the signs to the gate of your next Viva Aerobus flight.

All the Facilities You Need At LAX Airport

LAX Airport has many facilities to make your time enjoyable. Don’t wait around if you’ve finished checking in, cleared security, and have time to kill before your flight. LAX offers a variety of amenities to keep you entertained, relaxed, and comfortable.  Check out these options below:

Passenger Facilities

  1. Arrival Services
  2. Departure Services
  3. Ground Transportation
  4. Public Transportation
  5. Terminals & Lounges
  6. Passenger Assistance

Travel & Connection

  1. Airlines & Destinations
  2. Car Rentals
  3. On-airport Parking
  4. Lost and Found

Shopping & Dining

  1. Restaurants & Bars
  2. Retail Stores
  3. Duty-Free Shopping

Business Services

  1. Business Centers
  2. Conference Facilities
  3. Meeting Rooms

Other Facilities

  1. ATMs & Currency Exchange
  2. Banking Services
  3. Internet Access
  4. Lost & Found
  5. Luggage Lockers
  6. Postal Services
  7. Restrooms & Baby Care Facilities
  8. Showers & Sleep Pods 
  9. Currency Exchange Kiosks
  10. Relaxation Areas
  11. Vending Machines

Amenities on Your Viva Aerobus Flight

Viva Aerobus flights offer many amenities. They focus on keeping you comfortable throughout your trip and provide many features for a budget airline. Check out what Viva Aerobus provides to improve your flight from necessities to entertainment options.

Assigned SeatingPriority BoardingOnline Check-In
Entertainment Checked BagsCarry-on Bags
Meals and DrinksSeat SelectionStreaming Service Access 
Headphones Airplane Wi-Fi Restrooms
Overhead CompartmentsClimate ControlCall Buttons
Service LightsReading LightsOxygen Masks
Emergency ExitsWaste BinsSeat Pockets
Safety Briefing CardBilingual Crew Lavatory Amenities 
Disability Assistance Lost and Found Service First Aid Kit on Board
Boarding Pass ScannersExit Row Legroom In-flight Magazine 

What Can Viva Aerobus Help You With?

You can always get the answers to your flight-related queries from Viva Aerobus customer service without hesitation. To make it easier for you to address your issues, we have created a list for you below:

Booking a FlightChecking In for a Flight
Selecting & Paying for BaggageUnderstanding Carry-On Policies
Special Baggage Considerations Contacting Viva Aerobus Customer Service
Understanding Viva Aerobus’ Fare TypesFinding Information About Specific Routes
Exploring In-Flight Entertainment Options Unaccompanied Minors policy
Accommodations for DisabledBooking Group Travel on Viva Aerobus
Using Viva Aerobus Travel VouchersChecking Viva Aerobus Flight Status
Refund Policies for Canceled FlightsKnowing Food and Beverage Options onboard 
Learning About Online Check-In OptionsLearning Security Procedures at the Airport

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is Viva Aerobus at LAX?

Viva Aerobus occurs lace at Terminal 1 at LAX, and the flights depart and arrive from Terminal B.

How do I get from Terminal 1 to the gate for my Viva Aerobus flight?

Once you check in at Terminal 1, Viva Aerobus will arrange for you to reach Terminal B, where your flight will depart/arrive.

What happens if my connecting flight is at a different terminal at LAX?

If that happens, LAX has a complimentary shuttle in the terminal that can take you between terminals. 

What amenities will I get at terminal 1, B in LAX?

You can use many facilities at these terminals, such as food stops, shopping spots, lounges, quiet spaces, and more.

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