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The national carrier of Ireland operates its flights to and from Dublin at the San Francisco International Airport. The station where the arrivals and departures take place is none other than the Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal of the primary major airport of San Mateo Country. There are A and G boarding gates inside, which can get confusing to navigate, considering the size of the airport. Hence, here we are for your rescue. 

Check out the complete guide here to enlighten yourself on where and how to get in and out of the Aer Lingus SFO Terminal before and after your air travels. 

What Terminal Is Aer Lingus At SFO?

What Terminal Is Aer Lingus At SFO

Figuring out which out of the four main terminals of the San Francisco International Airport manages Aer Lingus flights? Here’s what we know!

Arrival : The flights from Ireland’s Dublin aircraft land at the Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal, where the passengers can find customs and duties desks for their document verification, etc. Baggage carousels at the Terminal’s arrival levels are where one is supposed to claim their belongings before heading out of the airport. 

Departure : Boarding Gates A at the Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal is from where you can catch your Aer Lingus flights at SFO Airport. Near the aisles 3 and 4 is where you can find the airline counter to check-in and ticket purchase. You may also discover other amenities to begin your journey with.

Basic Information of Aer Lingus SFO Terminal

NameSan Francisco International Airport (SFO)Aer Lingus 
AddressSan Francisco, CA 94128Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal, SFO
CountryUnited StatesIreland
Contact Number650 821 82111 516 622 4222
Terminal International Terminal, Boarding Area A.

If you need a better way to learn about the latest airline and SFO airport updates, below is the link to their social media pages. 

Contact ViaSFO AIRPORTAer Lingus
Official Website 
Twitter Handle 
Instagram Handle 
Facebook Page 
LinkedIn Page 

Tasks to Complete at the SFO Aer Lingus Terminal

Once you get to the airport, there are plenty of procedures you need to follow, especially during international travel. So, if you are not a frequent flyer or are unfamiliar with the location, there are airline representatives who can assist you. 

Purchase Tickets and Manage Reservation

At the ticket counter, you can check the schedule of flights for your destination and book them after comparing their prices and route lengths. If you need to make changes to your reservation, such as a name change, or want to include additional in-flight services, the staff at the desk can help you with it. Whether group travel or a last-minute seat check, all facilities are available at SFO.

Check-In and Baggage Drop

Check-In and Baggage Drop

All passengers who already have tickets should reach the airport at least 3 hours before their departure time to complete the screening and check-in on time. Check-in desks close 75 minutes before departure for Aer Lingus international flights, so be on time. Make sure to drop your baggage promptly and that it is within the set limit. Purchase an extra allowance if you have overweight luggage. 

Request Upgrade and Flight Change

Are you unsatisfied with your seat and demand extra comfort? Connect with the airline representatives at the reservation desk and confirm whether there is a seat in the premium cabins. Based on the availability, the officials can find you an upgrade for which you can pay then and there. If you do not want to fly for the booked itinerary, the staff can cancel your initial flight and rebook another one at the SFO Aer Lingus Terminal. 

Cancellation and Refund Queries

Whether your flight was canceled by the airline due to technical reasons or you canceled it voluntarily, the staff can comprehend the policy for you. You can gather what rights you have and get compensation for airline-initiated cancelation. Before canceling tickets from your end, you can learn the refundability status of your tickets so you lose no money. 

Other Services

The customer service representatives at the Aer Lingus desk can help you purchase In-flight WiFi Access, Meal Preferences, In-Flight Entertainment, and an additional baggage allowance. They can also provide you with information on how to apply for onboard Wheelchair Assistance, charges, and guidelines for the transport of Sports Equipment, Baggage, and Young Traveler reservations. Furthermore, they are the first to know about delays and schedule changes. 

Getting in, out, and around SFO

Passengers have plenty of options for getting to and out of the SFO Airport, from public transport to private cabs and personal vehicles. Ample parking space makes it easy to park vehicles safely at the nearest location. Other than that, for inter-terminal transport, use AirTrain. 

The station is near the A and G gates at the International Terminal Main Hall, which the passengers can access using the elevator or escalator to Level 4. If you are coming from the international A and G garage, take the elevator to level 7. 

Driving LyftPublic TransitBikingWaiting Lot
Uber RidesHotel ShuttlesCell PhoneCharters
Personal VehiclePassenger Pick Up & Drop OffRental CarsAirTrain
Ride SharingLong-Term ParkingGo SFO ShuttleBay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Shop, Eat, and Drink While you Wait

  • DFS Duty-Free 
  • APM Monaco & Swarovski
  • DFS Sunglasses and Watches
  • Burberry
  • Gucci
  • Saint Laurent Boutique
  • Coach
  • Hermes
  • Boudin Bakery
  • Ingenuity
  • Valencia Street Station
  • New Stand
  • Manufactory Food Hall
  • Black Point Cafe
  • DFS Watches, Jewelry & Accessories (WJA)
  • Gott’s Roadside
  • In Motion

More About Aer Lingus Terminal SFO

Lost & FoundBaggage ServicesATMVideo Relay Service (VRS)
Expedited TravelShowers/Freshen UpVending MachineAirport mailer
Pets & Service AnimalsGrand Hyatt at SFOCLEARNursery
Information DesksMedical ClinicTraveler workstationWater Filling Station
Concierge ServicesWAG BrigadeTSA Pre CheckCompanion Care Restroom Facilities
Airport ButlerFree Wi-FiWheelchair AccessibilityAutomatic External Defibrillator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which terminal at SFO does Aer Lingus use?

Aer Lingus operates its departure and arrivals at Boarding Area A in the International Terminal of the SFO Airport. 

Is Aer Lingus terminal 1 or 2 at SFO?

Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal is where Aer Lingus operates. 

What Terminal Is Aer Lingus At SFO?

SFO International Terminal A is where you will find Aer Lingus.

Which terminal in SFO is for international flights?

Boarding gates A and G of the Senator Dianne Feinstein International Terminal are for the International flights at SFO.

How early should I get to SFO for an international flight?

You should arrive at least three hours before your international flight departure to ensure all tasks are done promptly. 

When can I check in for Aer Lingus at SFO?

Aer Lingus check-in ends 75 mins before departure. 

Can you walk between terminals at SFO after security?

AirTrain is the best option for navigating between the terminals inside the SFO Airport. 

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