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If you’re planning your trip on Alaska Airlines to or from Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport (MSP), knowing about the airline & airport terminal used by Alaska Airlines along with the services offered will not only save you time but will keep you away from any trouble leading to a smooth trip. 

This article discusses everything about flying with Alaska Airlines at MSP Airport. We’ll cover the check-in process, security check, de-boarding process, and more. By reading this article, you’ll be ready to easily navigate the airport and ensure a great time at the terminal and a relaxed trip ahead.

What Terminal Is Alaska Airlines At MSP?

Alaska Airlines takes off from Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP). You can choose from two methods to reach this terminal mentioned below:

  • Directional Signs—After reaching the MSP Airport, search for signs “Terminal 1” or “Alaska Airlines.” Follow the signs that lead you to this terminal. These signs are all over the airport, including near baggage claim and ground transportation areas.
  • Ask Staff– If you need help finding any signs, ask any airport staff member for directions to Terminal 1 or Alaska Airlines. Instead of getting confused and wasting time, ask the staff instead. They’ll take you to your terminal easily and quickly. 

Reaching Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Reaching Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

It’s very easy to reach Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). You can choose from many ways to get to the airport on time. Know about the transportation options, from budget-friendly public rides to private car services, mentioned below:

By Car:

If you prefer a car as a transport option, check out the options below:

  • Online Cabs- Many popular apps like Uber and similar services provide easy pick-up from selected locations.
  • Taxi—Taxis are readily available outside each terminal at the Ground Transportation Center. Pre-booking a taxi might get you a cheaper fare.
  • Car rental– All major car rental companies have counters at the airport.

Public Transportation:

If you want to use public transportation, they have options too:

  • Metro Blue Line is the most affordable option and will easily take you to your destination. Stations are at both terminals.
  • Bus Service– The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA) operates Route 495, which runs every two hours and stops at Terminal 1.

Other Options:

Check out the other options available below:

  • Hotel shuttles– You get to witness complimentary shuttle services some Hotels offer. Make sure to confirm this from your hotel. 
  • Van and shuttle services– Private companies offer shared van and shuttle services to the airport. 
  • Personal car—The airport has multiple parking options if you’re driving yourself. It is crucial to make sure that you have a pad for parking.

Factors Influencing Transportation to MSP Airport

Reaching the MSP Airport is easy, but the best option for you usually depends on your many very influential factors. Some of the factors include:


  1. You can consider the Metro Blue Line or MVTA bus if you need something on your budget. 
  2. After that, the cheapest option comes from shared cabs orvans/shuttles. 
  3. If you can quickly go for expensive rides, go for taxis and pre-booked car services.


  1. Those for whom time is precious are in a hurry and can like shared ride apps and taxis.
  2. You can choose the Metro Blue Line if you need to save time.
  3. Those taking slower rides and having much time can reach the airport in Shared vans/shuttles or public buses.


  1. Some passengers prioritise convenience. The easiest option is shared rides, also available online, or hotel shuttles if the hotel offers them.
  2. Taxis & Metro Blue Line are more challenging than an online cab, but they can do the job.
  3. If you want to choose shared vans/shuttles, booking and planning will be required, along with public buses, so it is convenient.


  1. All options can handle luggage, but shared cabs and taxis might require you to inform them about the amount of luggage you have in advConsidernsider car rentals, pre-booked car services with ample space, or shuttles designed for the airport if you have heavy luggage travel.

What to Do Before You Board an Alaska Airlines Flight?

Before getting onto your Alaska Airlines flight, you must follow some essential procedures to become eligible to board a flight. Check out the process below:

  • Check-in- You can do this online from 1 to 24 hours before your flight, at a self-service kiosk at the airport, or with an agent at the ticket counter.
  • Baggage Drop—Once you have finished checking in or have already checked in online at home, go straight to the baggage drop procedure. If you have checked bags, use the kiosk or counter to pay any fees and get them tagged. Then, take them to the baggage drop area.
  • Security check– After dropping your bags, go to the security area and put your carry-on luggage, belongings, and yourself through the scanners.
  • Proceed to your gate– After security, find your gate using the airport information screens or the Alaska Airlines app. Be at your gate at least 40 minutes before your flight boards.

Things To Do After Landing at MSP

If you have an arrival flight at the MSP Airport with Alaska Airlines, you might be thinking about what to do after landing. You must follow some essential procedures to complete everything smoothly and exit the airport. Look at the procedures below:

  • Wait to leave your seat until the staff has announced the deboarding.
  • Flight attendants will provide instructions on deplaning. Getting off the plane happens row by row, starting from the front of the airplane. Grab your things and wait for your row to get a call.
  • Once you have stepped off the plane, follow the signs for baggage claim for your Alaska Airlines flight.
  • The information screens will show you the baggage carousel number for your flight. You’ll then wait for your checked luggage to appear on the conveyor belt. Cross-check the bag tag to make sure that it’s yours.
  • If you arrive on an international flight, you must go through customs after collecting your luggage. Follow the signs for customs and have your passport and customs declaration form ready to show to the officer.
  • After collecting your luggage and clearing customs, you can exit the airport or visit the ground transportation area for options.
  • If you have a connecting flight, don’t exit the MSP airport. Look for signs directing you to the connecting flight area or ask the staff for help. 

What Queries Does Alaska Help With?

You can always rely on Alaska Airlines when it comes to asking them any questions regarding flights or other services offered by the airline. Look at the queries you can ask them below:


  1. Booking flights
  2. Checking flight status 
  3. Making changes to reservations
  4. Online check-in and boarding passes
  5. Baggage 
  6. Selecting seats 

Before Departure

  1. Knowing baggage allowances and fees
  2. TSA security checks
  3. Travel documents and visa 
  4. In-flight amenities 
  5. Special assistance 

During or After Boarding The Plane

  1. Flight updates and gate information
  2. In-flight food and beverage options
  3. Mileage Plan and benefits
  4. Lost and found 

Help At The Destination

  1. Finding hotels and car rentals
  2. Activities and attractions
  3. Weather information 
  4. Currency exchange 

Flight Options 

  1. Different cabin classes
  2. Traveling with standby options and waitlists
  3. Upgrading seats 
  4. Codeshare flights

Traveling with Others

  1. Booking flights for groups and families
  2. Traveling with children and infants
  3. Pet travel policies 
  4. Accommodations for passengers with disabilities
  5. Traveling with unaccompanied minors

Policies and Account Management

  1. Card change fees
  2. Alaska Airlines credit card benefits
  3. Managing Mileage Plan account
  4. Online travel vouchers 

Benefits Offered By MSP At Terminal 1

You can count on many benefits regarding MSP Airport’s Terminal 1. It offers many amenities and services to make your time at the terminal more convenient and comfortable. Not only standard amenities, but you also get to witness some unique facilities, including quiet rooms, movie theatres, and mobile phone repair services. Check out the list below:

Restaurants Shops ATMs & Currency Exchange
Children’s Play AreasBusiness Center and Conference RoomsArmed Forces Service Center
Luggage Lockers Lost and FoundInformation Booths
Baby Changing FacilitiesMedical Services Facials and Massages 
Pet Relief Areas Shoe Shine Stands Vending Machines
Charging StationsFree WifiFlight Information Displays
Baggage ClaimSecurity CheckpointsGround Transportation 
Public PhonesMailboxesCurrency Exchange
MSP Hotel Information Desk Art Exhibits Recycling and Trash Bins
Relaxation AreasBoarding Pass KiosksMobile Phone Repair

In-flight Services Offered

You can encounter many in-flight services offered by Alaska Airlines mentioned below:

  • Alaska Airlines has most of its cabins with comfy leather seats. Many cabins also have standard and USB power outlets to charge your devices.
  • You can find free movies and TV shows from more than 700 choices. Just connect to their Wi-Fi and browse their collection on your device.
  • Passengers can stay connected with their loved ones through their wifi services.
  • Enjoy delicious meals and snacks inspired by the West Coast on Alaska Airlines flights. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, including vegetarian choices.
  • Basic beverages are complimentary on these flights, so you can at least quench your thirst while on the flight.
  • If you like a cocktail, beer, wine, or a specific snack, they offer a more comprehensive selection of drinks and treats, which are available but on purchase.
  • Alaska Airlines allows you to pre-order meals you like before your flight.
  • When purchasing onboard refreshments or measurements, your credit card information is there for a hassle-free experience.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Which terminal is used by Alaska Airlines at MSP?

Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport (MSP). Get there with the help of signs or simply ask the staff.

How do I get to Terminal 1 at MSP Airport?

Directional signs are quick and can easily reach terminal 1. If you need clarification, ask the staff for assistance. They will take you to the terminal.

What are the hours of operation for the Alaska Airlines check-in counter at MSP?

The hours of operation for the Alaska Airlines check-in counter start 3 hours before the scheduled departure time and close 40 minutes before the departure time.

How early must I arrive for my Alaska Airlines flight at MSP?

You must arrive at least one hour before your flight take-off time. Arriving early at the MSP airport will make your procedures smoother and quicker, ensuring a stress-free trip.

Are there any Alaska Airlines lounges at MSP Airport?

There is no Alaska Airlines lounge at MSP. But you can enjoy other airline lounges with a higher cabin class, like first class. 

What happens if my Alaska Airlines flight gets cancelled at MSP?

If your Alaska Airlines flight gets cancelled, the airline will rebook or refund you on the next available flight.

How do I find out about parking options at MSP Airport?

Many parking options are available at MSP Airport, including short-term, long-term, and valet parking. 

Are there any amenities offered at Terminal 1 at MSP Airport?

Yes, Terminal 1 offers various amenities, including restaurants, shops, cafes, free Wi-Fi, etc. 

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