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China has three major airlines in the country and China Eastern is one of the main airlines, headquartered in City in Shanghai. The airline has two main hubs, Shanghai Pudong and Hongqiao Airport, and is operating as the 2nd largest airline in the country in terms of passenger traffic.

If you are making a plan for future travel, you must carry all the information about China Eastern Airlines Los Angeles International Airport – LAX Terminal to avoid any unwanted surprises when you reach the airport. 

Airlines Operational Terminal at LAX

LAX International Airport is offering services to almost every renowned airline in the aviation industry. The airport serves millions of passengers each year, which keeps it among the top ten busiest airports in the world now. 

LAX Airport has different terminals for domestic and international flights. China Eastern Airlines uses Terminal B or Tom Bradley International Airport to manage all its operations at the airport. 

AirlinesChina Eastern Airlines
Official website 
Departures Tom Bradley International Airport (Terminal B)
Arrivals Tom Bradley International Airport (Terminal B)
FoundedJune 25, 1988
HeadquarteredDoha, Qatar

Arrivals & Departures

If you are traveling to or from Los Angeles Airport with China Eastern Airlines, you can expect a peaceful arrival and departure. The airline uses TBIT or Terminal B for all its arrival and departing flights and passengers can easily find plenty of options at the terminal to explore. It includes shopping places, duty-free shops, premium outlets, cafes, etc. In addition, all the required counters and inquiry desks are also available on the same terminal.

Services Offered

Once you reach the desired terminal, look for the required services that you want. All the service desks such as the check-in and boarding counter, booking and cancellation desk, baggage claim facility, etc. can be easily accessible. Below is a table that includes almost all the services that you may get at Tom Bradley International Airport:

Lost & Found ServicesBaggage Claims & Trolleys
Damage Baggage ServicesCurrency Exchange
Animal Relief AreaMeet & Greet Service at the Airport
Currency ExchangeBaggage Allowance
Ticket BookingDuty Free Shops
Flight Status & InformationLounges
Dressing RoomsCheck-in Services
RestaurantsExhibition Services
Hotels and Medical ServicesATMs
Cafes & Tea ShopsPost office
Delayed BaggageBooking Cancellation & Refund

Reservations Desk

Booking and reservation for a flight can be a real hassle for many travelers. To resolve this issue, China Eastern Airlines offers an airport flight reservation facility so that travelers can directly reach the airport counter for flight reservations. After reaching the desk, one can request the agent to make a reservation on their behalf by providing all the relevant information. 

Baggage Claim Area

Baggage Claim Area LAX

All the luggage and bags can be collected from the Baggage Claim Area at the airport. When your flight arrives at LAX International Airport, you can head towards the baggage claim section to get all your stuff and move to your desired destination. If you are not aware of the exact location of the baggage claim area, ground staff will be always there to help you. 

Lost Baggage Counter

Wondering what will you do if you lose your important stuff at the airport? The Lost & Found Baggage counter is the only place that can help you find your luggage in no time. If this is the case with you, immediately visit the counter and inform the staff to do the same. The Lost & Found baggage desk executive will collect all the information from various sources to help you get the luggage as quickly as possible. 

Cancellation Desks

China Eastern offers easy and quick cancellation options for all travelers. An emergency may occur at any time and the airline understands this completely. That is why it offers one of the most reliable and flexible cancellation policies to all the passengers traveling with them and facing any kind of issue. 

The cancellation can be done through the Airport Ticket Cancellation counter in a few easy steps. Visit the desks, request for the cancellation, provide a relevant and genuine reason and other detailed information, ask for a refund if applicable, and proceed with the cancellation.

Collect Boarding Pass

Only booking a flight ticket doesn’t guarantee you a confirmed seat on the flight. To make it happen, you have to complete the check-in process and collect your boarding pass from the airline’s check-in counter. You can do the same at the China Eastern Airlines airport check-in counter where the staff will be available to help you complete the process in no time. Once the check-in is done, you can get your boarding pass and wait till the scheduled flight departure time. 

Special Assistance for Passengers with Disability

Traveling with a passenger with any disability? No need to worry as China Eastern Airlines provides a special assistance facility to all travelers. If any of the passengers requires a wheelchair, priority onboarding, or personal assistance, the airline will assign a professional executive to help them get everything they require at the airport. However, passengers must inform the airline in advance so that there will be no issue in arranging the equipment or help when needed. 


Parking at LAX

Are you looking for a parking space for your vehicle to be safely parked? No problem! LAX International Airport offers a parking facility to all passengers, whether traveling domestically or internationally. It allows travelers to book economy parking, budget parking, EV parking, and many other options. All you have to do is reach the parking area of the terminal and book your parking slot. The charges will be applicable depending on the vehicle type, duration, and type of parking.

Ground Transportation

Whether you are traveling to or from the LAX International Airport, the location provides you with some of the best and stress-free facilities for transportation. You can use LAX Flyaway Shuttles, public transportation, rental cars, taxi and cabs, scheduled buses, etc. 

These options are one of the best ways to visit the airport or any of your desired places from the airport quickly. You can easily get all the services at the airport only and in case of any confusion, you can reach out to the airport staff to get all your queries resolved. 

LAX Flyaway Bus Service

Whether you are finding an easy and affordable option for inter-terminal transfer or travel to or from any other place in Van Nuys and LA Union Station. The Flyaway buses are operational all day 24 hours 7 days a week making it the most convenient option for all travelers. 

Passengers will get several ticketing options and they can choose any of them depending on their convenience. However, this facility doesn’t have any reservation option available and that is why passengers can get the service according to the availability. 

Winding Up!

Traveling sometimes can feel like a hassle if you are not carrying enough information with you or don’t plan for the trip. You have to put unnecessary effort and time into reaching your destination. However, if you are already on this page, you don’t have to face such issues. You can get all the helpful information that will make your entire journey smooth and memorable without any unwanted stressful surprises!

People Also Asked

What terminal is China Eastern Airlines at LAX?

China Eastern Airlines uses Terminal B or Tom Bradley International Terminal for all its flight arrivals and departures. 

What terminal in LAX is for international flights?

TBIT or Terminal B is the International Terminal at LAX serving almost all the major airlines in the world. 

Is LAX terminal 3 connected to Tom Bradley?

Yes, Terminal 3 and TBIT are connected and passengers can easily transfer between the terminals.

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