JFK International Airport Parking

JFK International Airport Parking

JFK International Airport parking provides a safe and secure place for all the passengers parking their vehicles. Whether you want long-term, short-term, or lot for people with disabilities, it offers various types of parking. The parking charges are applicable based on the duration of the stay and any specific parking options. So, passengers should check the availability, fees, and exact vacant space to make bookings convenient and efficient.

Parking at Terminal 1 of JFK 

At JFK Airport, parking is currently only available on a temporary basis. Passengers flying at this terminal should park their cars at other buildings. You can reach the nearest red lot present at JFK Terminal 1. Use the AirTrain facility to move from T1 to this lot. 

Terminal 2

JFK Terminal 4 parking is available at the blue garage. Travelers can park their vehicles at Blue Garage for one hour to 24 hours. 

DurationCharges (USD)
Half an Hour                      6
Each extra half hour before 3 hours                      6
Each extra half hour after 3 hours                      12
24 hours                       80

Terminal 5

At this airport, Terminal 5 provides a yellow garage to park vehicles.

DurationCharges (USD)
1/2 hour                     6
Additional 1/2 hour                   6
An extra half hour after 3 hours                  12
24 hours (maximum)                   80

Terminal 7

The orange garage is available for travelers at JFK Airport Terminal 7. This lot is not accessible for on-the-spot bookings. 

  • Pre-booking their spot is mandatory for Orange Garage.
  • The charge applied for pre-booking their spot is USD 60.

Terminal 8

Red Garage is offered for Terminal 8 at JFK. You can check out the various options for parking and make advance parking reservations.

Time     Fees (USD)
Up to 30 minutes               4
Every extra 30 minutes,        4
Every additional ½ hour (Staying longer than 3 hours)             8
1 day (Maximum)        70

Additional Parking Options at John F Kennedy Airport 

Apart from the above mentioned options, passengers can also access the further garages to park their vehicles.

Long-Term Parking

JFK Airport Long-Term Parking

The airport offers a long-term parking facility for travelers who want to leave their car for more than 24 hours. You can visit the following locations to get JFK Airport long-term parking:

  • Adjacent to Terminal 4
  • Close to Terminal 5
  • Near Terminal 8
  • Parking Lot 9 at Level 2, Lefferts Blvd. Station

Travelers will pay USD 35 for the first 24 hours of parking.

After the first 24 hours, the charges for the first 12 hours will be $17.50. 

Passengers can leave their vehicles only for a maximum of 30 days.

Short-Term Parking

JFK Airport provides short-term parking through all terminals, including the blue, yellow, orange, and red garages.

  • You can park your vehicle for at least half an hour for short-term parking.
  • It can take up to 3 hours or a maximum of 24 hours.
  • The fee will be applicable for every half an hour.

How to Book Parking Space at JFK Airport? 

Customers can contact its agents and fill out all the requirements to avail themselves of the JFK Airport services. You can also book your space by driving up to the necessary garage. Also, you can book your spot online by visiting the John F. Kennedy Airport website. Read the following steps to confirm your bookings;

  • Open the homepage of JFK Airport’s website.
  • Tap on the “Book Parking and Parking Availability.”
  • The “Book Parking” option will be visible on your screen. Remember to fill in the following details:
  1. “Entry Date”
  2. “Select Time”
  3. “Exit Date”
  4. “Select Time” for the exit date
  5. “Terminal”
  6. After filling in the suitable details, click the “Book Now” button to confirm your reservation
  7. The available parking spot will be reflected on the screen
  8. After following the on-screen directions, you will get your booking lot
  9. Make your required payment and check the confirmation mail

Can I Choose a Spot by Pre-Booking a Parking Space?  

Pre-booking will always help you navigate easily from or to the airport. To ignore the bustle of the parking lot, make yourself comfortable with advance bookings. The cost for pre-booking varies on the parking garages:

Yellow Garage 48
Blue Garage48
Orange Garage 60
Red Garage 36
Long-Term Parking USD 30

Remember: A pre-booking service might not always be available.

What are the Methods to Make Your Payment for Parking? 

The airport offers multiple options to pay the parking fees except for cash. The various payment modes acceptable include. Credit and Debit Cards Like:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa 
  • Discover 
  • American Express 

Contactless Payment Modes involves:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay 
  • Samsung Pay 

You can use the E-Z Pass Plus Tag to make payments:

  • E-Z Pass members can only avail of this option.
  • This mode of payment is mostly made at port airports.
  • The charges are automatically deducted from the pass.

Are there Electric Vehicle Parking Stations at JFK Airport? 

Are there Electric Vehicle Parking Stations at JFK Airport

No need to worry about the charging point if you are taking your vehicle to the airport. JFK Airport provides free services to people with electric vehicles, and you can conveniently charge your vehicles at terminals.

  • You will get five EV charging stations on the 2nd level of JFK Yellow garage.
  • 10 EV charging stations are available in the West Cell Phone Lot.
  • You can access the station with an RFID-enabled credit card or a ChargePoint access card.
  • No additional fee is applicable for supplying electricity.
  • You have to pay the parking lot fee while exiting the lot.
  • The chargers can fully charge the vehicle in 12-24 hours at Level 1 and 4-6 hours at Level 2. 
  • Sign up for access at www.chargepoint.com

Is Parking for People with Restricted Mobility available? 

At the entrance of JFK Airport, you will find a separate space for disabled passengers, known as the Restricted Mobility Airport Parking at JFK. You should bring your officially displayed license plates or other official permits before parking in the reserved spaces. You can avail of the discount by entering the lot through the “Ticket” lane, pulling a ticket, and pressing the help button to request the courtesy discount. You can also call or text the attendant present at the exit. Passengers can access the restricted mobility parking lots at JFK at: 

Every half an hour after the first four hours                      $4
24 hours (Maximum)                    $35

Are Off-Site Parking Options Available at JFK? 

Few companies are officially permitted to provide travelers With airport parking. You can contact the company for further details. 

CompaniesContact Number
Bolt Parking718-525-0099
Smart Park JFK877-535-7275
Air Park JFK/JFK Long-Term Parking Inc.718-898-8400

Contact Concerned Authorities for Parking Queries

The airport provides the following helpline numbers to solve any issues regarding parking at JFK Airport. 

QueriesContact Details
Emergency Automobile Service/General Parking/Parking Garage Operator/Information about Long-Term Parking/Vehicular Assistance718-244-4168 
For reporting accidents/crime718-244-4335 
Impound Lot Information718-244-4345

Access Parking by Getting an E-Z Pass Plus Membership 

Membership to E-Z Pass Plus allows you to leave the parking lot more conveniently and quickly. This parking system will enable customers to use their E-ZPass tag to pay or park at the Port Authority’s airport. 

How Does it Work?

  • Just wait until the gate arms go up when you enter the lot. It will take approximately 20 seconds for the system to read your E-ZPass. Remember to pull the ticket only once instructed.
  • While exiting the parking lot, follow the lanes marked with the purple E-ZPass signs.
  • Charges less than $20 will be automatically deducted from your E-ZPass account balance.
  • If the amount exceeds $20, the deduction will automatically occur from the credit card you use to recharge your E-ZPass account.
Note: You cannot request a courtesy discount with E-ZPass Plus Payment. 

Hotels at JFK Airport with Parking

Being the biggest airport in New York, JFK provides convenient accommodation to passengers. If you arrive late at night or have early morning departures, you can utilize these services as they offer comfortable parking options. Here we have the various hotels with advantageous parking options:

  • Courtyard New York JFK Airport
  • Fairfield Inn by Marriott JFK Airport 
  • Le Meridien New York Hotel 
  • Moxy NYC Times Square 
  • Arlo Soho 
  • Motto-Hilton New York City Chelsea 
  • The Plaza New York 
  • The Bryant Park Hotel
  • Hyatt Grand Central New York 
  • The Warwick New York Hotel 
  • Little Charlie Hotel 
  • POD 51
  • Hotel 32 32

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I park at JFK Airport?

Passengers can park their vehicles at JFK Terminals 1,4,5,7 and 8. But at terminal 1, the parking is temporarily available. 

Does the airport have hotels offering free parking and a shuttle?

Yes, there are JFK airport hotels with free parking, for which you should check the availability by connecting with the hotel agents.

How much does it cost to park at JFK Airport?

Parking rates at JFK Airport depend on the type of garage and duration. The charges start at $4 or $6 for the first half an hour and daily ranges from $70 to $80.

Can passengers avail of JFK airport parking discount coupons?

New passengers can get discounts or promotion cards for their parking. The special offers are accessible through travel agencies and third parties.

How much is short-term parking at JFK Airport?

The minimum time limit for short-term parking is half an hour, and the fee will be applicable for every 30 minutes.

Where is the JFK Airport parking service available?

You will find the JFK parking adjacent to Terminal 4, Near Terminal 5, close to Terminal 8, and parking lot nine at level 2, Lefferts Blvd. station.

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