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Arriving at one of the busiest airports in the U.S, Harry Reid International Airport (LAS)? You will be amazed to see the services, premium amenities, ambiance, shops and outlets, etc. LAS Airport connects you directly with the Las Vegas Strip, Death Valley, and various other national parks. However, there are several things that you can enjoy or explore if you are planning to fly to Las Vegas anytime. But, before starting your journey, it’s better to have all the relevant information with you so that you don’t have to face problems when traveling. 

Arrival Terminals at LAS Airport

Passengers traveling to or from LAS will be able to use any of the 2 Terminals, 1 and 3, depending on the airline they booked a flight with. In addition, passengers can use the A, B, C, and D gates of Terminal 1 and D and E gates of Terminal 3. Also, Terminal 1 is used as the primary terminal by the airlines operating domestically from all four gates, and Terminal 3 is for both domestic and international flights from Gates D and E. 

However, passengers must know that these two terminals are not interconnected, and they will have to use the shuttle service to travel between them. Passengers can take the shuttle bus from Level 0 of both terminals. So, it’s better to reach the correct terminal in a single go to avoid any unwanted hassle or delay. 

Terminal 1

The lower level (L0) of Terminal 1 handles all the LAS Vegas Airport arrivals for domestic flights, and passengers arriving at the airport can use the baggage claim facility on Level 1 of the terminal. As the terminal only serves domestic flights, it doesn’t require additional customs and immigration checks for the arriving passengers. In addition to this, travelers can seek different ground transportation options from level 1. 

Being the largest concourse at Harry Reid International Airport,  the D gate is accessible from Terminal 1. There are a total number of 44 gates from D1, D3 to D12, D14, D16 to D22, D24 to D26, D32 to D43, and D50 to D59. In addition, the Concourse has multiple shops and restaurants, including the United Club Lounge. 

Terminal 3

Terminal 3

LAS Airport offers services to many airlines operating domestic and international flights around the globe. All arrivals occur at Level 0 or Lower Level of Terminal 3. Passengers can also find the baggage claim facility, airport tram station, ground transportation services, and TSA checkpoints. Terminal 3 has two Gates, D and E, and passengers can use the Red Line tram service to ride between the terminals. 

Immigration and Customs 

International travelers will have to go through an additional immigration process. After arrival, an agent present at the immigration checkpoint of Terminal 3 will check all the traveler’s important documents, such as passports, proof of identity, and other essential certificates. 

Global Entry Program

Good news for passengers who are already approved and marked as low-risk travelers! LAS operates a Global Entry Program for such passengers to avoid any kind of issue while moving forward with the application process. Curious to become a member of this program? Worry not! Pass the interview process happening at the enrollment center of T3 and enjoy it throughout your tour. But before that, please note that the center works from Monday to Friday (8 am to 4 pm). Once you proceed with the payment, you are good to go.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

Once you reach any of the arrival levels of the terminals, you can use the quickest ways of transportation. Depending on your convenience, you can use the following ways: 

Tram Service

Instead of struggling to travel between the terminals, you can use the airport tram service by reaching the Tram Station inside the secure area. Travelers will find three colored lines of tram service running on different routes.  

  • The Green Line tram runs between the Terminal 1 and C gates. 
  • Blue Line tram service provides connectivity between the D gates and Terminal 1.
  • The Red Line can be used to transport passengers from Terminal 3 to D gates and vice versa.

Walking Inside The Secure Area

Want to use the walkways to transfer between the connected levels of the terminal? No problem! Passengers can use the pedestrian walkways to travel between Gates A, B, and C. The A and B gates are located near each other and don’t take much time to reach from A to B or vice versa; however, the C gates are a little bit far.  

Shuttle Bus Service

Shuttle bus service is the other most convenient way of traveling between the terminals. In addition, these shuttles run every 20 to 30 minutes but operate outside the secure area. Passengers will have to reach Level 0 of both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 from where the Bus departs and will re-clear the security at every connecting terminal.

Lounges At LAS

Passengers arriving at Harry Reid Airport can visit any of the airport’s lounges. The lounges display an elegant ambiance and offer a noiseless environment and premium amenities to travelers. Don’t worry about your ticket type; once you purchase a day pass by paying a nominal amount, you can access these lounges. However, if you have a priority pass in your pocket, it’s a win-win for stepping inside the lounge and grabbing your corner easily. 

What Else You Can Get at LAS?

Looking for a good place to relax and eat good food, a free space for your pet, or a safe parking lot for your car? No worries! Harry Reid International Airport has got you covered. Here are some additional facilities a passenger can get at the airport. 

Cafes & Restaurants

Cafes & Restaurants

LAS International Airport has more than 60 bars, cafes, restaurants, and takeaway kiosks where travelers can visit, take some rest, have something to eat, or order their favorite regional cuisine anytime. Sounds great, right? So, why are you still waiting? Just roam around and explore different spots to enjoy after you arrive. If you are tired enough, take a short nap in the restroom.

Pet Relief Area

If you are traveling with your pet and looking for a safe place for it to walk and play freely, you can head to the airport’s pet relief area. The ground staff can help you reach there and unleash your pet.

Official Parking Facility

Finding a perfect and safe parking space for your vehicle is no longer a hassle. After you reach the airport, you can park your vehicle in the terminal’s parking area. Consider booking a spot according to your needs and travel duration.

If your travel plan includes a same-day return, you can opt for short-term parking. Otherwise, the airport offers various other options. All you have to do is pay the charges, get your spot, park your car, and travel stress-free.

Wind Up!

Passengers reaching the LAS Airport will have to make sure that they arrive at the right terminal and plan everything in advance to avoid any chaos. Hopefully, all the information mentioned in this guidebook will help you ease your post-flight procedures. Stop scrolling further; this is all you should check on after a trouble-free arrival. Visit again for your next trip!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is international arrivals in Las Vegas?

Terminal 3 is the International Arrivals Terminal at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS). 

Are Terminal 1 and 3 connected in Las Vegas Airport?

No, these 2 terminals are not directly interconnected, and passengers will have to use the tram service to move between gates at each terminal.

What is the difference between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 in Las Vegas?

Terminal 1 is used only for the domestic flights operating from Gates A, B, C, and D. Terminal 3 is the International Terminal serving various airlines to operate both domestic and international flights of the airlines operational. 

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