LAS Airport Terminal 3

LAS Airport Terminal 3

Are you planning to fly from LAS Airport Terminal 3? If yes, this can be a memorable moment for you, not because of the renowned name in the airport industry. But, because of the blend of luxury, efficiency, and comfort you will experience after reaching the terminal. 

Terminal 3 at McCarran International Airport is used for Domestic and International Flights. Passengers will be happy to know that the airport is open 24/7 for all travelers. However, the shops and outlets available at the airport are open only during their work hours. 

LAS Terminal 3 Overview

Passengers traveling anywhere in the world can reach the Terminal 3 of the airport without any hassle. You can connect any device to free wifi available at T3, whether your mobile phone, laptop, or a table, to the “McCarran Wi-Fi.” Start using it by following the on-screen prompts. 

You can also access the Harry Reid Airport’s terminal through ground transportation or internal transit systems available. After reaching the terminal, you can explore the facilities and rest for refreshments and quick-serve food at the lounges available if you’re feeling exhausted. The ambiance will be relaxing and noiseless; you can even take a business meeting there.

LAS (T3) Arrival and Departures 

Passengers on arriving flights will reach the Lower Level of Terminal 3 to get to the baggage claim facility, airport tram station transportation services, etc. 

Terminal 3 departures happen on the Upper Level, where ticketing counters and security checkpoints are available. For all departure flights at Terminal 3, passengers must reach Gate E of the Upper Level or Level 2. 

There are 14 Departure Gates from E1 to E12, and E14 and E15 are on the upper level. Almost every international departure happens at Gate E, and passengers can also explore the range of shops, restaurants, and Lounges. In addition, passengers who want to reach E gates to D can use the tram service to connect the gates. 

Service Counters

Wondering what all you can get after reaching Terminal 3. Here’s a list of services you may get at the airport:

  • Lost and Found: Losing luggage is a rare issue. However, many passengers often lose their belongings at the airport. In that case, Lost and Found counter staff is available to help travelers in all the possible ways. Once you reach the terminal and find that you lost your bag somewhere at the airport, you can head directly to the counter and report the issue as quickly as possible. 
  • Booking Counter: Planning to book a flight at the airport? Visit the Booking Counter located at Terminal 3 to book your flight quickly. The staff will ask you for your personal information and make the reservation on your behalf.  
  • Baggage Claim: Passengers traveling to or from anywhere in the world can use the baggage claim facility at Terminal 3 of LAS Airport. If you cannot find the baggage claim counter, you can get help from the staff available at the terminal. 
  • Cancellation Counter: Want to cancel a flight after making a reservation due to any possible issue? A cancellation counter is available to help passengers cancel their flight if they cannot make it. Request the staff to cancel the flight and provide information about the refund.
  • Check-in Service: Check-in counters are available at the airport to complete the check-in process easily. You can reach the airport and find a check-in counter for your desired flight. Staff available at the check-in counter will ask for all the relevant details and finish the process in no time.

Security Checkpoints at LAS

Making security a priority, McCarran Airport has multiple TSA pre-checkpoints at the terminal. The airport’s operational hours may vary. However, Terminal 3 has only 1 TSA Pre-check lane, checkpoint E, and the operating hours are from 03:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

The operational hours for the security and innovation security checkpoints are from 3:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m. and 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., respectively. 

Operational Airlines

As Terminal 3 is a complete international terminal, many airlines operate their services for global destinations. The airline provides passengers with all of their service from the terminal, making the experience truly amazing without compromising the quality. Here is a list of Airlines operating at Terminal 3:

Frontier Airlines
D or E Gates
Air Canada
Copa AirlinesE Gates
Virgin Atlantic
Viva Aerobus
Alaska Airlines
British Airways
Edelweiss Air
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Korean Air
Sun Country AirlinesD Gates
Hawaiian Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines
WestJet Airlines
Breeze Airways
JetBlue Airways
Flair Airlines
WestJet Airlines
United Airlines

(T3) Transportation Options 

Terminal 3 at LAS Airport provides many transportation options to travelers. Passengers can easily book a Taxi, Bus, Rideshare, or even a Rental Car at the airport for their desired destination. If they are budget-conscious, passengers can choose the Bus or Taxi. Otherwise, they can opt for Rideshare or Car Rentals.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

Harry Reid International Airport offers a high-speed tram service that transports travelers from Terminal 1 to 3 and vice versa. However, it can only be used inside the airport’s secure area. Currently, 3 colored lines of the tram are operational, indicating routes to different terminal gates. Green Line transfers between Terminal 1 and C Gates, the Blue Line is for D Gates and Terminal 1, and the Red Line is used for Terminal 3 and D Gates. 

Airport Shuttle Bus Service

Airport Shuttle Bus Service

The Airport shuttle bus service operates outside the secure area. It transfers passengers between the terminal and runs every 20 to 30 minutes. As the service is available outside of the secure area, passengers must clear the security area once they arrive at the terminal. 

The shuttle bus service is available on Level Zero of Terminal 3. Domestic passengers can use the west end, and international passengers can use the East end of the Level at the terminal.

Parking Facility

Many passengers wonder whether they will find a parking space at the airport. Parking is not an issue with LAS Airport Terminal 3, as it has a dedicated parking area for all passengers looking for a space. Terminal 3 offers short-term, long-term, or valet parking. 

Terminal 3 Level 1 parking facility costs money for short-term parking. If you want long-term parking, you can head to Levels 3, 4, 5, and 6. A valet parking service is available at Level V.

Levels & Gates of (T3)

Terminal 3 has all the service counters and facilities on four levels: Level 0, Level V, Level 1, and Level 2. Check the table below for more information:

Level 0Level Zero is the terminal’s lower level, with a baggage claim area for arrivals.
Level VThe terminal’s parking level allows passengers to park or find their parked vehicles.
Level 1The terminal’s mezzanine level has covered parking, which is located outside of Terminal 3 and is only for passengers who plan to park for no more than 3 hours.
Level 2It is the check-in and departure area of the terminal. Passengers will have to go through a security check to get access to Gate E. Level 2 Concourse is divided into East Wing and West Wing, where the East Wing has Domestic Gates from E8 to E12, E14, and E15 and the West Wing has International Gates from E1 to E7.


Whether you are thinking of having some snacks, planning a full meal, or even searching for famous outlets nearby, Terminal 3 has got you covered. You can visit restaurants and cafes to order coffee with some delicious food. 

If you are exhausted and want to take a nap, head to the available lounges. These places will take your breath away with their extremely mesmerizing ambiance: 

Luxury Lounges

Planning to visit the airport hours before your scheduled flight departure? No worries! The Airport provides extremely luxurious lounge facilities to relax and sip your favorite drink. The lounges at Terminal 3 are designed to provide an amazing pre-flight experience to all travelers just before their flight. The Luxury Lounges to offer a serene escape to everyone at Terminal 3 are: 

  • United Airlines United Club Lounge
  • The Club Lounge


If you miss the taste of Las Vegas food, you can get the same in the restaurants at Terminal 3. The restaurants at the terminal offer a range of cuisines to all the passengers. Whether you want to have your favorite food or can try the special dishes of the restaurants. Here is a list of restaurants available at LAS Airport Terminal 3:

  • Chophouse
  • Wolfgang Puck Express
  • Village Pub
  • Chili’s
  • The Great American Bagel Bakery
  • Auntie Anne’s
  • Red Mango
  • Metro Pizza
  • Jamba
  • California Pizza Kitchen

Shops and Outlets

Shops and Outlets

Once you reach Terminal 3, you’ll be amazed to see the hub of retail stores and outlets. You’ll feel like a complete world of shopping right before you. Whether you are looking for some fashionable stuff or putting on some luxury jewelry, Terminal 3 has got you covered. 

Just before the flight departure, stroll through the shopping avenue of the terminal; you will experience the top-quality stuff, the uniqueness of the places, and the elegant environment. You will get everything you want, from a toy shop to a boutique and quaint shop. Here is a list of all the stores and outlets available at Terminal 3 of LAS Vegas: 

Shops and OutletsStore Type
Welcome to Las VegasSouvenirs and Gifts
Vegas Special TeesApparel
PGA Tour ShopGolf Apparel and Accessories
TumiLuggage, Bags, Briefcases and Accessories
The BlvdApparel, Handbags, Totes, Housewares, and Plush
Sugar FactoryEatery Store
PandoraJewelry Store
Michael KorsApparel, Bags, etc.
MAC CosmeticsBeauty, Skincare and Cosmetics
InterluxeCigars and Tobacco
Hudson NewsAll Products Store
3FLOZ – VendingBeauty, Grooming, and Wellness
Glow on the GoSkin Care Products
Ethel M ChocolatesConfectionary
Brooks BrothersUnisex Clothing
Best Buy Express – VendingElectronic Products
Apricot Lane BoutiqueDesigner Fashion Products and Jewelry
Benefit Cosmetics – VendingCosmetics and Skin Care
24 Hour FlowersFresh Flower Store


LAS Airport is one of the largest U.S. airports, providing convenient and comfortable services to passengers. LAS Airport Terminal 3 gives you access to several service counters, a premium lounge, and easy transportation for a memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What airlines are in Terminal 3 at LAS?

All International and some domestic airline flights depart from Terminal 3. These include AeroMexico, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Breeze Airways, British Airways, Condor, Copa Airlines, Edelweiss Air, and many more. 

What gates are in Terminal 3 in Las Vegas?

Terminal 3 has gates D and E in Las Vegas International Airport. 

Is Terminal 3 at LAS domestic or international?

LAS Terminal 3 serves many airlines that operate international and domestic flights at the different levels of the terminal. 

Does LAS Airport provide a parking facility at Terminal 3?

Yes, LAS Airport offers several passenger parking facilities, including short-term, long-term, valet, etc.

Are there lounges available at Terminal 3 of McCarran International Airport?

The Club Lounge at LAS is the only lounge available at Terminal 3.

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