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Millions of passengers travel through LAS International Airport, and each has to pass the security screening. We all have seen that; if you have ever flown out of the airport, you know the security lines can be a little hectic. As per our research, the security wait time at Las Vegas Airport is between 10 and 15 minutes, which is longer than the usual hold time. 

But don’t lose hope yet; this page will discuss how you can seamlessly breeze through the crucial part of departing. Additionally, sharing tips on how to avoid long queues and waiting times at the airport. 

Harry Reid Airport TSA Security Waiting Lines

It is not called the “peak times” for nothing. Arriving at the LAS Airport TSA security during those super busy morning and evening rush hours is like putting an axe on your own feet when it comes to long lines. The tsa wait times las vegas is around 15 minutes. As the saying goes – early birds get the worms. Similarly, arriving at least two hours early before domestic flights and three hours prior to the international flight can turn up in your support.

Dropping off at those security gates early in the morning and after the evening rush can be beneficial. However, many factors influence the TSA wait time at the security. Things like immigration and discretional factors like airport shopping, passenger inflow, and travel season can result in dense crowds. 

Security Checkpoint At LAS

Let’s talk facts. Las Vegas International Airport has two main checkpoints: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The largest one is located in the T1, which has more gates and, of course, large incoming travelers. If you have a choice, try flying out of T3, as it is a tad quieter. 

Moreover, this platform provides passengers with a TSA innovation checkpoint, which is a self-service screening with the use of enhanced machines. Here’s a walk-through of some top technologies available at the airport. 

Digital Message Boards

Instead of traditional printed signs, the airport uses digital signage to visually display useful details to ensure passengers are ready for the screening process. Additionally, the authorities can update messages or signs in real time with the help of an on-site tablet. It provides information about the screening process, wait times, and TSA PreCheck availability.

Credential Authentication Technology (CAT)

You will have to insert your IDs into the Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) at the counter where your travel documents go through the verification process. You are no longer required to hand over such documents to the TSA office. The unit will process your IDs promptly and will be able to detect possible fraud. 

Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs)

The TSA uses Automated Screening Lanes (ASLs) with Computed Tomography (CT) scanners, which enables smooth movement of luggage through the screening process without interruption. This combination of these facilities is available at every lane and is the first checkpoint ever to do that. 

LAS TSA PreCheck

LAS TSA PreCheck

As per the 2024 report, passengers waited less than 10 minutes for security screening at TSA PreCheck. Enrolling in the Trusted Traveler Program can offer several benefits to frequent travelers. Why mark a time when you can easily breeze through security with PreCheck? This membership is worth every penny. You will have to go through a meeting screening only once while applying for it. After that, the authority will deem you as a “low-risk passenger.”

Shell out around 100 USD for a 5-year membership and enjoy VIP status in the security lane. The airport provides members with dedicated lanes at the checkpoint. Such travelers do not have to take off belts, shoes, or jackets for the procedure. However, delay may occur if the authority pulls the passenger aside for special scrutiny. 

Tips of Las Vegas TSA Security 

Even if you check in and print the boarding pass on time, you may still have to wait at the airport security line. Fortunately, we have put together some useful tips to help you quickly get through TSA checkpoints with sensible advice. 

Enroll For Trusted Traveler Programs

As mentioned above, enrolling for TSA PreCheck can help you skip long security lines at the airport. Similarly, travelers can sign up forCLEAR Membership, allowing passengers to skip security lines and use kiosk machines instead. With biometric technology, you can quickly pass the verification process. Pay a reasonable amount for the membership and eliminate unnecessary hassle up to the validity. 

Download Mobile Apps

Take advantage of our digital era and fight against those endless lines with your fingertips. Both the Las Vegas McCarran Airport and MyTSA apps give you a minute-to-minute flight status and security wait times. So, make sure to use these apps and plan a schedule before leaving for the airport. 

Wear easy-to-take-off Shoes

Generally, passengers have to take off their shoes before passing through the screening machine (If you are not a member of TSA PreCheck). Choose to wear shoes that you can easily slide off and back on. This might not look like a big deal, but you will save time. Complex footwear, such as lace-up boots, takes time to put on and take off. 

Liquid Items Guidelines

Liquid Items Guidelines

Passengers carrying liquid or gel-based items must pack according to the restrictions. TSA permits liquids, gels, and aerosols stored in carry-on baggage in 100 ml (max.) containers. If you require more than one container, pack them all in a quart-sized transparent plastic bag. Every passenger can carry only one such bag to the airport. As long as you are following these rules, you can swiftly pass the screening process. 

Empty Filled Water Bottles

Oftentimes, TSA stops passengers during screening for filled bottles packed in their bags. As mentioned above, passengers can take up only limited liquid items on board the flight. So, to completely eradicate this condition, you can carry an empty reusable water bottle. There are multiple water-filling stations at the LAS Airport terminal. You can refill the bottle once you complete the checkpoint formality. 

Avoid Wearing Clothes Containing Metal

However, the TSA does not have specific restrictions on clothing you wear unless the passenger can use it as a potential weapon. However, showing up on appropriate tops and bottoms can help speed up the screening process. How? First and foremost, take off metal from your clothing, such as belts, jewelry, keys, bobby pins, etc. Such items can easily set off metal detectors. Secondly, if you wear baggy clothes, which is not at all prohibited, it can extend the scrutiny process. 

DO NOT Pack Prohibited Items

Most importantly, do not pack forbidden items in your checked and carry-on bags. If found, the staff will confiscate them, leading to close inspection and overall extending the TSA screening process. Even if the item is permitted, it may require special inspection if it triggers the alarm. Check out the table below for the list of items not allowed in checked and cabin bags. 

Alcoholic Drinks (over 70% content)Bang SnapsBear BangersBear Spray
Blasting CapsButanePool and Spas ChlorineCO2 Cartridge
Cooking SprayFlammable ItemsCorrosivesToxic Gases
Sharp and Pointy ToolsWeapons and FirearmsLiquids over 100 mlInsecticides 


At the end of the day, slogging through security is just one of those crucial stages we put up with for the sheer bliss of aviation. However, not following the crucial details and regulations can turn into your worst nightmare. Therefore, a little pre-planning and creative time-killing tips can make those las vegas airport security wait times about as painful as spilled salt on your margarita glass. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How long does it take to get through Las Vegas airport security?

The average time it takes to pass through security at LAS Airport is 15 to 17 minutes. On the other hand, Members of TSA PreCheck can clear security in less than 10 minutes by skipping time-consuming formalities. 

How early should you arrive at the Las Vegas airport?

Passengers flying on domestic flights must arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure. On the other hand, arrive three hours earlier prior to the international flight departure.

Is Las Vegas Airport security busy?

Yes, The airport is primarily busy, especially during peak times. During holidays and festival seasons, passengers are most likely to encounter long lines at the security screenings.

Does Las Vegas have a TSA PreCheck?

Yes. TSA PreCheck facilities are in both terminals at the Harry Reid International Airport. In addition, there is an Innovation Checkpoint in Terminal 3, which uses advanced technology to facilitate self-service screening. 

How busy is the Las Vegas Airport in the morning?

LAS has plenty of flights taking off in the morning, so it is going to be very busy during that time of the day, especially during the travel season. 

What are the Las Vegas Airport Terminal 1 security wait times?

LAS Terminal 1 is the largest among the two platforms, managing a vast audience and long security lines. The regular screening wait time can reach 10 to 15 minutes on average. 

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