Oakland Airport Parking

OAK intl Airport Parking

Getting on an air journey requires not just booking and backpacking but also planning your travel through the airport. If you plan on traveling from and to your destinations with your vehicle via Oak Airport, you must know about Oakland Airport parking services. Oakland offers various parking options designed for different traveling situations. It even has charging stations for electric vehicles, so you need not worry about your car’s battery getting down. Through this comprehensive guide, you will learn all the essential details about Oak Parking that will help you plan your air journey with ease. So let’s get started.

Oakland Airport (OAK) Parking Guidelines!

Whether flying for business or pleasure, this article will help you navigate the perfect Oak Airport parking spot. You can choose the option that suits your needs and budget, whether short-term, long-term, economy, or premium. Let’s explore what each parking option has to offer.

Premier Parking

Oakland Airport Premier Parking

If you are running short on time and can’t waste a second on parking, Oakland Airport Premier Parking is the spot to go for. It is the most easily accessible and convenient area in front of the terminals. Here, you can also charge your E-vehicles for free at the charging stations in front of terminal 2 near the G2, J2, and K2 sections. 

The parking costs around $4 for 30 minutes and $40 if you park your vehicle for the whole day.

Hourly Parking

If you have a roundtrip and you will be back within minutes to a few hours, you should park your vehicle at the hourly parking area. It is suitable for short-term parking at Oakland Airport and charges all vehicles $2.50 for 30 minutes. Twenty-four hours of parking costs a maximum of $36. You can find the hourly parking area through Google Maps.

Daily Parking

If you will be away on a trip for several days and want long-term parking at Oakland Airport, the Daily Parking area is a suitable option. It will take you around 5-8 minutes of walk to reach the terminals from this parking area. At the L6 section, you can charge your EVs for free. Oakland Airport Parking rates for this area are $26/day. You can book your daily parking spots in advance to avail of discounts and special offers.

Economy Parking

Economy Parking is the most affordable Oakland Airport overnight parking. Economy parking would be the best option if you are away for longer trips and need parking that doesn’t loosen your pockets. It also allows you to access shuttles for free. Additionally, you can charge your EV for free in section M1. This Oakland Airport Parking costs $18/day, but you can enjoy discounted rates if you book in advance.

Park And Call Service 

Oakland Airport Park And Call Service 

Are you waiting at the airport to pick someone up? You can do so at the park and call area, which allows you to wait for 30 minutes for free. This saves you fuel and the frustration of rounding the airport. However, once your 30 minutes are over, you must shift to the Hourly Parking lot. You can pick up the passenger from the curbside of the terminals.

Oakland Airport Parking Reservations

You can conveniently book your preferred parking spot through Oakland Airport’s official website or at OAK’s parking office. When you pre-book parking lots at Oakland Airport, you can access special offers and get great discounts on Oakland Airport parking fees. With this, you don’t even have to worry about the unavailability of parking.


From long air journeys to quick pickups, whether arriving with EVs or special assistance, Oakland Airport has a parking service for every passenger. OAK International Airport parking has unique features that provide convenient and hassle-free travel. Each parking lot has free EV charging stations located near the terminals. The airport also provides special needs spaces and call boxes for assistance and support during parking. You can find your spot for any type of parking on the Oakland Airport Parking map. If you need any other information about parking at Oakland Airport, you can directly contact their customer support or head to their information desks.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where can we access Oakland Airport long-term parking?

You can find spots at the Economy or Daily Parking if you need to park your vehicle at Oakland Airport for the long term.

What is the duration of Oakland Airport extended parking?

The daily parking lot allows you to park your vehicle for the long term at around $24/day.

How much is parking at Oakland Airport?

Oakland Airport’s Hourly, Economic, and Daily parking for 30 minutes will cost you $2.50. Charges for extended-duration parking vary depending on the type of parking.

What are the fares for Premier parking at Oakland Airport?

Premier parking fares at Oakland Airport are $4 for 30 minutes and a maximum of $40/day.

How much is daily parking at Oakland Airport?

Parking your vehicle for 30 minutes at the Oakland Airport daily parking costs you $2.60.

How much is long term parking at Oakland Airport?

OAK’s Economy parking is an affordable long-term parking option that charges a maximum of $18 for a single day.

Do you need a reservation to park at Oakland Airport?

You must make your parking reservations at Oakland Airport at least 2-4 hours before departure to prevent delays and trouble from the unavailability of parking slots.

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