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Southwest Airlines is located at Terminal 1 in the Los Angeles International Airport. The airline uses this platform to operate domestic flight arrival and departure as well as international flight check-in. Passengers checking in for foreign routes are then used to Terminal B, where scheduled flights take off. 

The pre-boarding or after-landing formalities are segregated into different Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal sections. Passengers must be well-informed about the location of these facilities so they can board the flight on time. Thus, check out our blog to fill all the blank spaces. 

Southwest Terminal At LAX Airport Whereabouts

Flights arrive and depart from different terminals based on the selected route. Passengers have to navigate their way around the terminal building to find the right spot and get things done promptly. The table below provides basic information about the terminal and the airline. Use the contact details to inquire about specific concerns. 

Name of the AirportLos Angeles International Airport
Concerned AirlineSouthwest Airlines
Operating TerminalTerminal 1
Address1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Contact NumberAirport – (855) 463-5252  Airline-1-800-435-9792 (Reservation)
and 1-800-533-1305 (TTY Number)
Online PlatformsAirport – 
Airline – 

LAX Airport Inter-Terminal Connections

At LAX Airport, commuting is possible through several available options. Passengers can use shuttle services, pedestrian access, and Star Alliance connecting services per their preference and eligibility. 

The shuttle service is provided between every terminal to guide passengers moving from one platform to another for a smooth connection. It is accessible to passengers free of charge and takes only a couple of minutes to reach the final stop. In addition, the airport offers airside shuttle buses between Terminal 4 and 5 to passengers flying on specific airlines. 

Aside from that, passengers can use the unimpeded pedestrian access at the airport to connect with other terminals. The total path from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8 is equal to 2 miles, approx. 

Utilize Facilities Inside LAX Terminal

Passengers flying with Southwest Airlines Los Angeles International Airport are eligible to access a wide range of services. The terminal has many things to offer to its visitors. Passengers can use these amenities to enrich their overall experience at the airport. So, while waiting for the boarding announcement, check out the following cool places or use basic amenities. 

Shop And Dine

Shop And Dine

Having tasty food options and amazing shopping stores can help improve the passenger experience. If you are spending more time at the airport, try exploring their delicious menu and luxury brand outlets with duty-free shops. Some of our favorite picks (Fast food chains) are – chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and The Coffee Bean. 

Unlimited Internet Connection

Internet connectivity is accessible in all public areas and at every terminal. Passengers can stay connected to their social media platforms and meeting calls while traveling through the airport. Every passenger is eligible to get a 45-minute complimentary session on their first login. There is no restriction on the usage limit; you can just connect to the terminal server and enjoy surfing online. 

Lost and Found Services

Misplaced your belongings at the airport? Tension not; the lost and found department will put every effort into reuniting you with your lost item. Passenger belongings were last seen at the ticketing area, baggage claim, gate area, restaurants, or airport premises; the passenger must reach out to the airport authority. However, passengers must contact the concerned airline for things left on the plane. 

Airport Lounges

Currently, Southwest Airlines does not have any lounge facility for its passengers. However, travelers flying out of LAX Terminal can use Be Relax Spa. It allows passengers to take a quiet break in a peaceful environment, providing a break from airport hustle and bustle. Get massages to relax the body muscles or get beauty treatments like pedicures and manicures.  

In addition to the above amenities, passengers have access to the following services at the terminal building. 

Postal and Delivery ServiceAdequate Seating AccommodationPortable Charging Points
Lost and FoundWiFi Connection Accessibility Services Be Relax Spa
Restaurants and CafesShopping Mall Area of Service AnimalToilets for All Genders
Electric CartsWater Refilling StationsSmoking AreasArt & Culture Program
AccessibilityGroup ServicesChildren Play AreaMother’s Room

Southwest Boarding/De-boarding Services at LAX

The airline makes sure every passenger boards and de-boards the plane safely and soundly. Thus, it performs a series of activities to ensure each and every traveler has the right document for arrival and departure. Such services are in different terminal parts, including the ticket counter and check-in desks. Ticketed passengers must clear the security screening along with their baggage to access the terminal amenities. 

Flight Boarding and Arrival

Flight Boarding and Arrival

Passengers departing from the Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal must present passports and necessary travel documents at the ticketing counter. The check-in procedure is considered complete once they pass the identification and verification steps. Afterward, the airline staff passes on the boarding pass and collects their checked baggage for transportation as a hold. 

On the other hand, passengers arriving at the airport can collect their bags from the conveyor belt and get ready to leave the airport premises. However, international passengers must complete the immigration formalities and customs before heading to the exit lane. 

Service Desk

Staff stationed at the airline’s service desk are all ears to queries forwarded by passengers. Whether you want to change the flight date or cancel the ticket, just reach out to the airline representative, and they will help you. Make sure to have your flight information handy, such as the passenger name and booking confirmation number. 

In addition, the staff will also help you with in-flight services like onboard internet, texting, live TV, etc. You can also inquire about special assistance, such as wheelchairs and other disability-related accommodations. 

Fresh Bookings

Passengers are welcome to visit the Southwest ticketing counter to purchase flight tickets. Most ticketing services are available online on the website or mobile application. However, specific services can only be bought at the airport or by contacting the customer representative. For instance, if you are flying with oversized baggage or require more details on certain policies, please head to the airline’s office at the airport. 

The ticket counter provides more flexibility when it comes to last-minute bookings, flight changes, or cancellations in case of emergencies. Keep in mind that these services can cost you a little more than the online charges, but the experience will be worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Southwest Airlines at LAX?

Southwest Airlines is at Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport. International flight check-in is carried out in the same building; however, the flight arrives and departs from Terminal B. 

Does Southwest have an LAX terminal?

Yes. Southwest is serving Terminal 1 at LAX Airport for operating domestic flight arrival and departure. 

How do you get from the southwest terminal to the international terminal at LAX?

Passengers flying on international routes check in at Terminal 1 and are bused to Terminal B, where the scheduled flight departs to the desired destination. 

How early should I arrive at LAX for Southwest Airlines?

Passengers must arrive at the LAX terminal at least two hours before the scheduled departure of the Southwest flight. Meanwhile, arrive three hours before the international departure. 

How long does it take to get through security at LAX International Airport?

It may take around 20 to 30 minutes to pass the security at the airport or less if you are traveling during the off-season.  

When should I check in for a Southwest Airlines flight?

Passengers can start checking in for Southwest flights a day earlier than the scheduled takeoff. Just keep the confirmation number and passenger name ready. 

How to contact Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal?

Dial 1-800-435-9792 (TTY – 1-800-533-1305) and connect with the Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal representative to put forward reservation-related concerns. 

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