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Embark on a profound journey with the assistance of the airline representatives and knowledge of the Southwest Terminal SFO. This is your guide to getting to know Terminal 1 of the San Francisco International Airport from the inside out. Give a quick read to this blog before beginning your travels, and observe your air trip unfold seamlessly and smoothly. 

Southwest Airlines transports about 2 million passengers annually to the largest airport serving California’s San Francisco Bay Area. The former is also one of the top five airlines operating at Southwest Airlines SFO. Furnished with all the essential utilities from check-in to baggage services, as well as dining and lounges, you can expect yourself to be at peace inside the Southwest terminal. 

Where is the exact Southwest Airlines SFO Terminal Location?

Once you step inside the second-busiest Airport in California, it is easy to get astray because of its breathtaking ambiance. However, once you know the correct address of your flight’s operation grounds, you can efficiently make your way to the terminal. 

Arrival: All Southwest flights land at Terminal 1, also known as Harvey Milk Terminal 1. You can collect your baggage at the Southwest Bag Claim Office on Level 1. If you have any queries about the ground transport for your way out, read the complete article. 

Departure: Passengers can catch southwest flights from Harvey Milk Terminal 1 from gates B8, B9, B12-B14, and B17. To do so, go to the check-in desks in the terminal’s new lobby at Boarding Area B and complete your pre-flight procedures. The help desk is available to provide more information about the flight status or facilities. 

Here’s what you need to know

San Francisco International Airport is the hub for various airlines, and as one of the top carriers operating there, Southwest holds 4% of the shares. It transports passengers to and from Chicago–Midway, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, San Diego, and St. Louis. Below is an info table for more insight. 

Airport NameSan Francisco International Airport
Airline NameSouthwest Airlines
Arrival and DepartureTerminal 1
CitySan Mateo County
CountryUnited States of America
Coordinates37°37′08″N 122°22′30″W
Baggage Service650 534 1110
General Telephone800 435 9792

To Get in Touch

Contact the Airport or airline staff using the following links to their official website and social media handles. 

Official Website 
Twitter Handle 
Instagram Handle 
Facebook Page 
LinkedIn Page 

Client-Centric Assistance at Southwest SFO Terminal

Client-Centric Assistance at Southwest SFO Terminal

Air travel is more complex than reaching the airport and boarding the plane to your desired location. You must go through a series of procedures before starting the flight. Starting with TSA pre-check, check-in, baggage registration, and security. Only once you have the boarding passes can you acquire your seat once the plane arrives at the departure gates. 

Purchase TicketsComplete Check-inUpgrade Request 
Itinerary ChangeFlight StatusCancelations
Refund Requests In-flight WiFiChoose Meal Preference
UM TravelsWheelchair BoardingIn-Flight Entertainment
Delay NotificationsSports Equipment Baggage Info

Get a flight Ticket

You can buy tickets and manage your reservation at Boarding Area B, which is located at the Southwest Airlines counter. Whether you want a ticket to the latest flight or after a few hours, the airline representatives can help you with selection and payment options. All you need to do is ask.

Check-In And Seat Selection

The most critical task before your journey is to check in on time. You can complete your pre-flight procedures from home using their official website or with the personal assistance of the airline representatives at the airport. Select your seats, request extra legroom, a window seat, an emergency row seat, and more, all at one stop. 

Upgrade or Flight Change

While checking in, you can also ask the customer service agents to share the availability inside the business class. You can apply for an upgrade at reasonable charges if you wish to. Last-minute flight change is not a child’s play. Get help from these staff members and modify your itinerary per your change plans. 

Cancel the Itinerary and Initiate a Refund

You just got a notification that you no longer need to travel for the reserved flight. How can you cancel the tickets without losing your funds? Reach out to the Southwest staff. They will check the refundability status of your tickets and ensure you get your money back as per the policies.

Baggage Registration and Info

Baggage Registration and Info

Calculate the weight of your luggage and ensure that it meets the free baggage limit. If you have delicate items or sports equipment, you can purchase an additional baggage allowance and pack the items according to the norms. You can also wrap your luggage at the wrapping stations and get carts and trolleys from Terminal 1.

What’s More

In addition to the necessary utilities mentioned above, you can also access the leisure and other essential amenities at the Southwest Terminal SFO.

Accessibility ServicesMedical ClinicWifi AccessATM
Information BoothCompanion care restroomServices to Help Travelers with Autism and Cognitive Special NeedsAutomatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)
Pets & Service AnimalsAirport ButlerTravel AgencySilpada Jewelry
Baggage ServicesShowers/Freshen UpSelf Service MailersAnimal Relief
Baggage CartsCustoms Clearance OfficeWheelchair servicesLost & Found

Restaurants & Shops 

Below is a table that demonstrates various stores and food joints you can enjoy before or between your flights.

Drake’s FlyawayStarbirdFresh & Natural
San FranpsychoAmy’s Drive-ThruSFO Museum case
Bun MeeKids’ SpotFireworks
Fresh & NaturalSkyline News + GiftsBourbon Pub
SFO Museum ExhibitsMama Go’s Filipino CuisineJohnston & Murphy
FireworksCafé XGR Chocolate Boutique
SFO Green BusinessMilitary DiscountMills Cargo
Off the GridNYS EyewearBourbon Pub
Johnston & MurphyBistrot Bay AreaL’Occitane
GR Chocolate BoutiqueDrake’s FlyawayIlly Caffè
StarbirdKids’ SpotThe Little Chihuahua
Mills CargoSan FranpsychoL’Occitane

Ground Transport

Taxi, Car, and AirTrain for transit are a few features of ground transportation that make your time worthwhile at the SFO International Airport. Parking lots have spacious areas to accommodate many vehicles near the concerned terminal. You can easily navigate inside and between the terminals using the following mode of transport:

  • Lyft/Uber 
  • Rides
  • Personal Vehicle 
  • SharingPublic 
  • Transit
  • Rental 
  • Cars
  • Hotel Shuttles
  • BikingPassenger 
  • Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Cell Phone 
  • Waiting Lot
  • Charters
  • Getting Around SFO/AirTrain
  • Go SFO Shuttle

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Where is Southwest Airlines SFO Terminal?

Southwest operates at Harvey Milk Terminal 1 inside the SFO Airport.

Can you walk to terminals in SFO?

Yes. You can travel between the terminals using AirTrain inside SFO Airport. 

Which terminal is Southwest at SFO?

Southwest uses Terminal 1 inside the SFO International Airport. 

Is Southwest Terminal 1 or 2 at San?

Southwest flights land and take off from Terminal in the San Francisco International Airport. 

Does Southwest fly out of SFO?

Yes. Southwest Airlines operates departures to Chicago–Midway, Dallas–Love, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, San Diego, and St. Louis from San Francisco Airport. 

What Airlines are at Terminal 1 at San Francisco airport?

Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways operate from Harvey Milk Terminal 1 in SFO Airport.

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