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Spirit Airlines is very well known among people for its approach of covering various destinations at a fair price, which makes it one of the most preferred airlines. If you have finalized your flight ticket with them, then for a smooth departure, you can arrive at Terminal 3 of the ORD Airport, which is situated in Chicago, IL 60666, United States, and handles all the activities of Spirit Airlines at the time of departure and arrival. 

To provide a smooth and safe journey to the passengers traveling, there are many services at terminal 3 that you can avail of to make your journey better and easier, such as check-in counters, information counters, power stations, sprinkle cupcake ATMs, banks, family restrooms, and many more. In this blog, we have covered all the important details of terminal 3, which you can review to improve the efficiency of your air journey.

Arrivals And Departures

Arrivals And Departures

O’Hare Spirit Airlines Terminal always does its best to provide a safe and smooth landing. All arrivals are conducted from terminal 3. The airline has great management and an effective baggage allowance system. You can also get transport at the terminal or outside of the airport, which will help you save and manage your time. 

Spirit Airlines ORD conducts departures from Terminal 3. To avoid unnecessary chaos while navigating the routes to reach the destination, many check-in counters help you complete the necessary formalities to get everything done on time. You can spend the prior hours of departure at duty-free shops, lounges, and more at the terminal. The staff present at the terminal also guides the passengers in a polite and friendly manner. 

All About Spirit O’Hare Terminal

Whether it’s about solving your flight-related issue or making you aware of the amenities, Spirit Airlines provides every necessity to the passenger. Below, we have provided all the details regarding Spirit. You can go through the details and seek help from the airline’s representatives online or offline. 

Airport Chicago O’hare International Airport 
Airport code ORD
Operating airlines Spirit airlines 
Contact number 8449897283
Address 10000 w balmoral ave chicago il 60666 usa 
Arrival and departure flight terminal Terminal 3 
Customer service 8449897283
Official website https://www.flychicago.com/ohare/home/pages/default.aspx
Facebook handle https://www.facebook.com/fly2ohare/
Instagram handle https://www.instagram.com/fly2ohare/?hl=en
Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/company/chicago-department-of-aviation

Services You Can Avail At Terminal 3

Spirit Airlines never stood back in providing comfort to the passengers, and therefore, it has successfully managed various services that you can easily enjoy at Spirit Airlines ORD Terminal 3. We have mentioned all the services below, which you can choose from based on your preferences.

Ticket reservation and cancellation Ticket upgradation 
Items Baby care services 
Banks Family restrooms
Children play areas Unaccompanied minors support 
Check-in counters Changing rooms 
Pet-friendly travel services Luggage wrapping 
Baggage allowance Airport/airline lounges 
Ticketing counters Information counters 
Lost and found desk support Wifi and Internet access 
Preboarding services Wheelchair drop off 
Airport informationService animal relief area 
Yoga room Automated external defibrillator unit 
Foreign currency exchange Escalators 
services areaAll gender toilet
atm Baggage claim 
Chapel USO
Security checkpoint Duty-free shops 
Elevators  Mother’s room location pad 
Door vestibule ORD family lounge 
TSA pre-checkMultimedia and games 
Rest and relaxation Connectivity 

Check-in Procedure 

Check-in Procedure 

If you travel from Spirit Airlines, you must be very careful regarding the check-in process, as a little mistake can ruin your plans and peace of mind. If you are going to travel on a domestic flight, then you must arrive 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. 

For international flights, travelers should arrive 3 hours before the scheduled departure time. Also, if you are flying on a domestic flight, keep the boarding pass 45 minutes before departure and 60 minutes before the departure time for an international flight. 

Lost And Found Desk 

If you lose your luggage and are unable to find it by yourself, then you can seek help from the professionals present at the lost and found desk. The representatives present there help you in making your journey stress-free and productive. 

For any query regarding your missing luggage, you can contact the staff and inform them about the luggage details. They will record all the details and will create a report on that to find the luggage as soon as possible. All the updates regarding your luggage will be provided to you through email, the official website of Spirit Airlines, or by phone. 

Food And Beverages 

Spirit Airlines ORD airport offers a variety of food and beverages. Whether you want to enjoy some fast food options or rely on proper food, you can have both. You can enjoy smoothies, old-coast dogs, burgers, and Mexican and Chinese food at Burrito and Manchu Wok. 

Bubbles Wine Bar and Publican Tavern are among the most beautiful and affordable places to fill your empty stomach or relax for a while. You can have wine, champagne, beer, and delicious salads, which are among the most affordable and preferred edibles.

Along with this it also has games at Chicago Bar and Grill, a Chicago restaurant for seasonal dishes, and delicious food by Chef Wolfgang Puck. You can enjoy the benefits of coffee shops, pizza restaurants, vending machines, and fast food. 

You can also search for the following places at Terminal 3 

Best breakfastGreat American Bagel Company
Best quick biteGreen Market
Best sit-down mealPublican
Best barChicago Cubs Bar & Grill or Bubbles Wine Bar
Best late-night:Facades Bar (open until 9:30 pm)
Best with kids:Chicago-style pizza at Reggio’s Pizza 

Mother’s Room

If you are looking for a mother’s room at Spirit Airlines ORD, you can easily find it. It has been made in order to provide comfort, hygiene, and safety to the new moms and their babies. This room has various features that provide comfort to both mother and baby, such as a surface for changing the diaper, a comfortable seat, a sink, electrical outlets, and soft lighting. The mother can rely on this for the comfort and safety of their child. 

Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid

It is a kind of social service agency that helps travelers by providing them with essential information regarding their air journey, which helps them travel safely and hurdle-free. In order to connect with the members of the agency, you can contact them via email address or phone call to gather information regarding the traveling plans with ORD airport.

Power Stations

If your laptop is not fully charged and you are supposed to complete your important assignment on the flight, don’t worry; you can recharge your laptop and other electronic devices at the power station. All these stations are free of charge, so you can use them with proper space and AC outlets. 

Sprinkle Cupcake ATM

If you want to try some cupcakes of your favorite flavor, then the Sprinkle Cupcake ATM is there for you. The Sprinkle Cupcake ATM is present at terminal 3 along with terminals 1 and 5. The machine offers cupcakes 24×7, so you can enjoy them anytime. 

Lounges Present At Spirit Airlines O’hare Terminal 

There are several lounges where you can seek peace during the hours before departure. Indulge in the richness of comfort and turn your time into a productive one. 

All the lounges present at the terminal 3 of ORD airport:- 

1. American Airlines Admirals Club ( near gate g8)

2. American Airline Admirals Club ( near gate l1)

3. American Airlines Admirals Club ( near gate h6/k6)

4. American Airlines flagship lounge 

5. USO Lounge 


All the details regarding terminal 3 of the airport have been mentioned above, which you can go through to make your journey better and more memorable. For other queries, you can get in touch with the airline’s representatives via call, message, or official email ID and solve your queries easily. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How many lounges are there in terminal 3? 

There are a total of 5 lounges in terminal 3.

Can I complete the check-in process online? 

Yes, you can easily complete the check-in process through online mode. To do so, you must visit the official website and enter credentials such as your name and confirmation code.

What is the address of O’hare airport spirit airlines terminal?

Chicago, IL 60666, United States.

How many terminals are there at Chicago O’Hare International Airport?

There are a total of 4 terminals at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Do Spirit Airlines deal with domestic flights?

Yes, Spirit Airlines deals with domestic flights. 

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