Viva Aerobus John F Kennedy International Airport – JFK Terminal

Before you take off for your trip or land in JFK with Viva Aerobus in Terminal 1, you must get familiar with some essential details regarding this terminal used by Viva in JFK, including its procedures, facilities, transportation, and much more. Knowing this in advance will make sure that you witness a good time. You won’t have to worry about rushing between terminals or searching for departure gates. 

This information will even make finding your terminal easy. We will help you with the check-in process or advise you on what not to do before getting off the plane. To avoid any confusion or last-minute hurry, keep reading to find out all the details and arrive at JFK airport confidently and without hassle.

Highlights Of Viva Aerobus & JFK Airport

Grab all the primary information before getting into all the other details. Knowing the contact details, address, etc., will help you when you are in need. Check out them below:

Viva Aerobus Contact Information

If you want to stay informed about tip-to-tip information of the airlines, then check out the section below:

Phone Number+52 (81) 8215 0150
HeadquartersCiudad Apodaca, Mexico
Website Link 
Introduced OnThe year 2006 in Mexico
Destinations Covered Around 60
Frequent-flyer programViva Fan
Number of Aircraft 104
Social Media 
Youtube Channel 
Twitter Account 
Facebook Page 
TikTok Page 
Instagram Account 

John F Kennedy International Airport 

All the passengers that will be arriving at JFK or departing from it must know about the details listed below:

Phone Number+1 718-244-4444
JFK AddressQueens, NY 11430, United States
Runways 04
Launched OnOctober 1, 1928
Social Media Links
YoutubeNo Channel
LinkedInNo Account

Transport Options To Reach JFK

Transport Options To Reach JFK

Getting to JFK can be easy, but it depends on your priority. Have a look at all the options, along with the factors affecting your selection, below:

Subway & AirTrain

  1. Get on the subway & connect to the AirTrain at Jamaica Station. 
  2. This budget-friendly route takes 35-45 minutes, but expect more crowd peak hours.

Long Island Rail Road & AirTrain

  1. Catch the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) to Jamaica Station and then go to the AirTrain. 
  2. This option saves a few minutes compared to the subway, getting you there in around 30 minutes. 

Shuttle Bus

  1. Several shuttle bus companies drop off or pick up passengers at JFK Airport.
  2. The ride is about 45-60 minutes, depending on the traffic. 
  3. It’s a comfortable choice if you’re okay with sharing the ride.


  1. Choose a taxi for a direct ride to JFK. 
  2. This is the most convenient option, especially with luggage, but expect to pay more than the others as it can be expensive, especially during rush hour.

Cab Services

  1. You can request a car ride via the apps like Uber and be dropped right at your terminal. 
  2. This can be a reasonable price and comfort settlement between a taxi and public transportation.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting Transport

Before you leave for JFK, consider these critical factors in picking the perfect ride:

  • Money—Consider a taxi for a comfortable trip. Public transportation is best if you need a budget trip.
  • Time- The LIRR and AirTrain are the fastest.
  • Convenience– Taxis and ride-sharing apps are your best options if you need a direct ride. Subways and AirTrain involve transfers.
  • Solo or Group—If traveling solo, cabs or ride-sharing might be easiest. If you have more people with you, shuttles or public transport could work.
  • Amount of Luggage– If you have a lot of suitcases, taxis or ride-sharing might be easier to manage. If you have lighter luggage, public transport is an option.

Reaching Terminal 1 At JFK Airport

Once you have or will reach JFK Airport, you will have to reach terminal 1 as well, as you have to catch your Viva Aerobus flight from that terminal. So, to get there, you have to follow the points below:

If you’re already at another terminal

  1. Look for signs that lead towards the AirTrain. This free train travels between most JFK terminals.
  2. Get into the AirTrain and reach terminal 1.
  3. While the AirTrain goes to most terminals, it doesn’t currently stop at Terminal 1.
  4. Take the AirTrain to Terminal 4 or Terminal 8.

After Reaching Terminal 4 or 8

  1. Find signs for the free shuttle buses to Terminal 1. These run regularly.
  2. Get inside the shuttle, which will take you directly to Terminal 1.

Ask Airport Staff

  1. Ask any airport staff member for directions if you need help finding the signs. 
  2. They will help you navigate the airport. 

What to Do Before Viva Aerobus Flight from JFK Airport?

After reaching the JFK Airport, you don’t have to board and take off immediately. Before you can board the flight, you have to follow some essential procedures for a great trip ahead. First, you have to check in, get your boarding pass, and much more, as explained below:

Before You Get to the Airport

  • Check-In Online- Passengers can check in online for their Viva Aerobus flight, which is convenient and saves time at the airport. You can check in online between 10 days and 70 minutes before your flight departure. 
  • How To Check-In Online- Follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the official site of Viva Aerobus & click on “My Booking.”
  2. Enter your reservation code & surname.
  3. Select the passengers traveling.
  4. Click “Check-in” to download your boarding pass.
  • Download the Viva Aerobus App- For even more convenience, download the Viva Aerobus app and access your trip information there. 
  1. You can check in, view your boarding pass, and manage your booking all within the app.
  • Travel Documents– Ensure you have all the necessary documents for your trip. Here’s the list for you to check if you didn’t miss anything:
  1. Passport
  2. Government-issued ID 
  3. Printed/Digital boarding pass
  4. Confirmation of any checked baggage fees

About JFK Airport

After reaching the airport, follow the procedures below:

  • Find Check-In Counters—If you have not checked in online, go to the Viva Aerobus check-in counters designated specifically for their airline. Follow the directional signs or ask the staff for help.
  • Check-In at the Airport—If you still need to check in online, visit the Viva Aerobus check-in counters. Their staff will help you check-in, issue your boarding pass, and confirm your checked baggage.
  • Security Check- Once you have your boarding pass, go to the security screening area. As instructed, you must remove your shoes, belt, and extensive electronic devices from your carry-on luggage and keep them in a separate bin for an X-ray scan. Passengers will also have to walk through a metal detector.
  • Proceed to Your Gate—After security, find your departure gate on the airport information screens or ask an airport staff member for directions. If you have time, wait for your boarding announcement.

Facilities & Services for Passengers At JFK Airport

JFK Airport knows traveling can be tiring. That’s why they have tons of exciting & helpful amenities to make your wait easier yet fun. Remember, the amenities and services below are just some of the major ones. JFK Airport offers even more to make your time at the airport much more pleasant & comforting.

Amenities To Ease Up

Many travelers arrive at the airport tired. These facilities ensure that you relax for some time.

  • Comfy Chairs– There are many comfy spots to sit, rest, and refresh before your flight.
  • Free Wi-Fi– Stay connected with friends and family while you wait. You can even get your urgent official work done if needed.
  • Shops- If you need a last-minute gift or forgot something to purchase on your way to the airport, check out the shops to get all the essentials.
  • Restaurants & Cafes– If you’re hungry or crave a takeaway, get something to eat or a refreshing drink.

Making Travel Easier

These facilities make sure to create a more leisurely trip for you:

  • ATMs– If you need cash, ATMs are usually available at the JFK airport.
  • Currency Exchange– For international travelers, switch your money to the local currency.
  • Luggage Storage– If you don’t want to carry your bags, check them into secure storage.
  • Car Rentals– To those requiring a vehicle for the trip, rent a car right at the airport.

To Enjoy In The Time Left For Departure

Here, you will get many more amenities to enjoy the time you have left to depart mentioned below:

  • Play Areas– If you’re flying with your kids, let them witness play areas. Meanwhile, you can take some rest.
  • Art Exhibits– Check out excellent art displays throughout the airport terminals.
  • Spas—Get that spa session you wanted before taking off. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage at the airport spa.

Helpful Services

Helpful Services

Know about the helpful services that you will find in the JFK airport listed below:

  • Information Desks– You can find the information desks with the available staff to help you with anything.
  • Lost and Found—In case you misplaced something, check the lost and found department to see if someone came with it.
  • Medical Assistance– Medical professionals are available at the airport for those feeling unwell.

Amenities Available On Board Viva Aerobus

Once you have boarded the Viva Aerobus flight, all you have to do is relax because you get to enjoy many amenities listed below:

Overhead storage binsReclining seats
LavatoriesCall button for flight attendant assistance
Window shadesReading lights
Meal service Beverage service 
Snacks Viva Play inflight entertainment 
Blankets Pillows 
Headphones Eye masks 
Earplugs Magazines 
Duty-free shoppingFirst Aid

Arriving at JFK

If you have a landing flight instead of a departure, keep in mind to follow these procedures listed below for a smooth arrival at JFK Airport on your Viva Aerobus flight:

  • Disembarking 
  1. Once the plane lands properly and comes to a complete stop, the cabin crew will inform you when it’s safe to unlock your seatbelt and stand up.
  2. Grab your belongings from the overhead compartment and leave the plane row by row.
  3. As you exit the plane, follow the cabin crew’s instructions. They will lead you to the terminal building.
  • Immigration Check
  1. After deboarding, go to the immigration checkpoint. 
  2. Give your passport and visa to the border agent.
  3. They will ask you questions about your visit to the United States. Answer their questions honestly.
  4. Have your passport and any necessary documents handy to avoid delays.
  • Claim Your Luggage
  1. After immigration, go to the baggage claim area. 
  2. The arrival information screens will show your flight number and the belt where you’ll collect your luggage.
  3. Make sure to keep your eyes on the conveyor belt. Identify your luggage correctly before taking it.
  • Customs Check 
  1. You might need to go through customs if you arrive on an international flight.
  2. Go through the green channel if you have nothing to declare & if there is something to declare, walk through the red channel.
  3. If you need clarification, declare everything you’re bringing to avoid issues.
  • Exiting the Airport
  1. Once you’ve collected your luggage and passed customs, you can exit the airport.
  2. If you don’t have any transport to leave for the destination. In that case, you can go to the ground transportation area and choose from various options, such as taxis, rideshares, and public transportation. 
  3. You will find it outside the terminal if you have already pre-booked a cab.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Viva Aerobus in JFK?

Viva Aerobus departs from Terminal 1 at JFK Airport. Reach the terminal with an air train & shuttle bus. Take help from signs to reach the transport or get help from staff.

How early should I arrive at JFK Airport for my Viva Aerobus flight?

Arrive 2 hours before your flight departure for domestic flights within the US and 3 hours before your flight departure for international flights. 

Can I check-in for my Viva Aerobus flight online?

You can check in online for your Viva flight 24 hours before departure for international flights and 72 hours before departure for domestic flights. 

What happens if I have baggage to check in for my Viva Aerobus flight?

If that’s the case, then check the fees for that. You will also need extra time at the airport to check your luggage.

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