Turkish Airlines Heathrow International Airport – LHR Terminal

Turkish Airlines Heathrow International Airport - LHR Terminal

Turkish Airlines is one of the most renowned names in the aviation industry. Booking a Turkish Airlines flight for your next domestic or international tour will be bright for you. This is not because it’s a big name in the market but because its services are top-notch. Heathrow London International Airport (LHR) serves many airlines, including Turkish Airlines. If you are planning to travel, keep all the essential information handy so that you can take quick action in case of any emergency or issue during travel. 

Quick Information of Turkish Airlines at LHR Terminal

It’s important to have prior information about the terminal from which your flight will take off. If you know the flight departure terminal, booking & cancellation counters, restaurants, lounges, etc., then it will take no time to reach there without hassle. Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 2 at Heathrow International Airport for all its flight operations. Travelers can head towards the terminal so that they will be able to reach the booking and cancellation, check-in, currency exchange counter, ATMs, and other essential services.

Turkish Airlines at LHR Terminal Essential Details & Map

If you are wondering about the correct information about airlines and airports and whether you’ll get the right details. These tables include all the required and must-have information about Turkish Airlines and LHR London Airport that can save a lot of your time finding addresses, phone numbers, etc. 

Heathrow London International Airport (LHR) Information
Airport NameHeathrow London International Airport
Official Websitehttps://www.heathrow.com/
AddressHounslow TW6 1QG, UK
Airlines StatusActive
CountryUnited Kingdom
Contact NumberNA
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/HeathrowAirport/
Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/HeathrowAirport
Turkish Airlines Contact Information
AirlinesTurkish Airlines
Official websitehttps://www.flybreeze.com/
Turkish Airlines Departure Terminal At LHRTerminal 2
Arrival Terminal At LHRTerminal 2
FoundedMay 20, 1933
Headquarteredİstanbul, Türkiye

LHR Terminal 2 Services & Amenities

Turkish Airlines provides exceptional services at the Heathrow London Airport (LHR). Terminal 2 at the airport allows you to rest and even take a short nap in the restrooms available. Travelers can experience the mesmerizing environment in the premium lounges and luxurious restaurants that offer exceptionally well-cooked food and refreshing beverages. Anyone can be shocked to see the amenities and services, such as pet relief areas, a noise-free environment, restrooms, lounges, etc. Here is a list of services that a passenger can get at the airport:

Duty-Free ShopsLounges
Currency ExchangeBaggage Allowance
Ticket BookingLost & Found Services
Delayed BaggageCheck-in Services
Meet & Greet Service at the AirportRestaurants
Flight Status & InformationATMs
Exhibition ServicesDamage Baggage Services
Dressing RoomsHotels and Medical Services
Booking Cancellation & RefundBaggage Claims & Trolleys
Cafes & Tea ShopsPost office
Animal Relief AreaCurrency Exchange

Flight Reservation

Making a reservation is no longer a headache for anyone. Various methods are available to book a flight; some are easy and quick. You can follow them by sitting in a corner of your home. You can do it from anywhere in the world through your mobile or laptop. You must visit the official website or mobile app and click the “Flight Booking” option to make an online booking. Once done, select the date and time of the flight and enter all the personal details required to complete the reservation. After completing the process and paying the amount, an email will be sent to your registered email ID. 

You can also make it happen by calling the care staff executive and requesting a flight booking. The agent will then ask for personal information to complete the reservation process, confirm the charges, and proceed. When you are done, your flight ticket and other details will be received via your registered email ID. 

Another way to make a flight reservation is to visit the airport personally if you don’t prefer the online method. You can head to the Booking Counter on Terminal 2 at LHR. Request the executive to book your flight, provide all the relevant information, ask for the price, and pay and confirm your booking. Booking can also be done through the Self-Serve Kiosk at the airport. 

Manage Reservation Option

You can easily manage your flight booking through the airline’s official website or mobile app. All you have to do is log in to the dashboard by entering your credentials, selecting your travel itinerary, clicking on the flight booked, and making the desired changes if possible. This can also be done by calling the care staff directly through your mobile and requesting them to manage your booking to make any possible changes.  

If you are uncomfortable with the online process, visit the airport personally. You will be able to see a self-serve kiosk at the airport. Use the kiosk to make the booking by entering all the required details. Alternatively, head to the Booking Counter and ask the care staff to manage your itinerary. Request them to make the changes and confirm them. 

LHR Check-in Process

Check-in Process LHR

In today’s era, there is no need to reach the airport to complete check-in. This will help you avoid long lines at the check-in counter, and you can even get the boarding pass on your phone. Open Turkish Airlines’ official website or mobile app and click on the online check-in option. Then, complete the process, and you can download your boarding pass to your phone. You can also make it happen by calling the care executive and requesting that the check-in be made on your behalf. 

Many passengers only prefer counter check-in. If you are one of them, you can visit the airport and reach the Terminal 2 check-in counter. The executive will proceed with the check-in and share the boarding pass with you. You can also try the self-serve kiosk for check-in, as many airlines offer a facility to check-in through a kiosk at the airport. 

Booking Cancellation

No one knows the future, and emergencies can happen anytime. That is why Turkish Airlines offers a flexible cancellation and refund policy to the passengers traveling with them. If a traveler cannot reach the airport on time or misses the flight for any reason, the airline offers various policies to cover the loss of their flight tickets. This includes rescheduling, booking a new flight, or getting a complete refund. However, the reason for the cancellation must be valid to get a refund. 

If you want to cancel a flight, you can visit the airline’s official website or mobile app, select the flight, and click the “cancel flight” option. Similarly, one can directly call the airline’s care staff and request a flight cancellation. 

Other ways to cancel a flight are to visit the airport’s cancellation and refund counter and inform the staff about the issue. Then, request a cancellation and ask for the refund amount. You can also head to the self-serve kiosk to cancel the flight if you cannot reach the Terminal 2 counter. 

Lost and Found

While reaching Terminal 2 at LHR Airport, losing your baggage anywhere will become very frustrating. This can create a real hassle and waste a lot of your time. If this happens to you, immediately reach the Lost and Found counter of Turkish Airlines at Heathrow London Airport (LHR). The counter staff will always be there to help you in these situations. Inform the staff about the problem so that they can quickly start finding your luggage. The lost and found counter staff will take all the necessary steps to find the bag quickly. 

Pet Travel 

Pet travel is no longer an issue with Turkish Airlines. The airline allows passengers to carry their pets, including cats, dogs, and small songbirds. However, passengers must follow all the restricted guidelines crafted by the airline for pet animals. The airline states that no pet must exceed 8 kg of pet and carrier weight altogether. Also, the kennel size must be under 23 x 30 x 40 cm if you carry your pet inside the cabin. 

For the cargo hold, the carrier size must not exceed 75 x 75 x 125 cm, with a maximum weight of not more than 50 kg. Travelers must ensure that there will be enough food and water available for the pet inside the carriage. The kennel must be leak-proof, soft from the inside to avoid damage to the pet, and hard from the outside. 

Valet Parking Service

Heathrow London International Airport offers multiple parking options to passengers traveling independently. Parking service at the airport includes Heathrow Business Parking, Long-Stay Parking, Cheap Airport Parking, Valet Parking, etc. Travelers can reserve the slot depending on their requirements and travel hassle-free without stress. The vehicles at the airport parking will be completely safe as they will be under complete security. The parking service will cost you a nominal amount, which you can pay according to the time you prefer to park your vehicle.

Special Assistance

One of the most important services at the airport for passengers traveling with a patient or a person with a disability is whether emergency services or special assistance are available. However, it is not an issue with the Turkish Airlines LHR Terminal. The airline provides complete special assistance to travelers with any serious medical condition or disability by offering them medical support, wheelchairs, and priority boarding. The care staff at the airport are humble and polite and take very good care of all the passengers. The airline gives the responsibility to a highly trained professional until they onboard the passenger. 

Lounges & Restaurants

For most of the travelers, food is their life. That is why they explore new dishes and beverages whenever they travel anywhere. Even at the airport, many travelers look for tasty food and drinks. If you are one of them, you will be more than happy to know that Turkish Airlines offers many premium cafes and lounges at Terminal 2. 

These lounges allow you to taste their mouthwatering food and refreshing beverages. You can also order your favorite food there and have it in a noiseless and relaxing ambiance. The restroom is available to take a short nap while waiting for your flight. Some lounges offer Wi-fi, magazines, business cabins, complimentary light meals and snacks, and many more.

Winding Up!

Heathrow London International Airport (LHR) offers various check-in facilities to the passengers. The airport released a check-in timeline for various airline passengers. It states that passengers must check in 3 hours before departure for all international flights, 2 hours before European flights, and 1.5 hours for domestic flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which terminal is Turkish Airlines at Heathrow?

Turkish Airlines manages all its operational flights from Terminal 2. 

Which Airlines use Terminal 2 at Heathrow?

29 airlines, including Turkish Airlines, use Terminal 2 for arriving and departure flights.

Does Turkish Airlines have a lounge at Heathrow?

Yes, Turkish Airlines has various premium lounges at the Heathrow International Airport.

What is the departure terminal for Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 2 for all its departing flights.

What is the Turkish Airlines arrival terminal?

Terminal 2 is the operational terminal for all Turkish Airlines arriving flights.

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