JFK International Airport Terminal 4

JFK International Airport Terminal 4

When it comes to flying, convenience and efficiency are key. Passengers flying in and out of JFK Airport Terminal 4 should know the layout and regulations of the terminal in advance to make their trip comfortable, easy, and luxurious. From baggage assistance to various shopping options and additional facilities, Terminal 4 has everything you need to make your travel experience smooth and enjoyable. So, let’s discuss the essential information on air travel with the airlines at JFK Terminal 4.

Concourses at Terminal 4

Two concourses are present at Terminal 4- A and B. Each of these has different gates available. Concourse A manages European and connecting flights, whereas B handles SkyTeam Airlines’ major domestic and international flights.

  • Concourse A has gates A2 to A12, A14 to A17, A21 and A19. 
  • The rest of the gates at this terminal are operated via Concourse B. 
  • The expansion project of the second concourse is ongoing. 

Number of levels at Terminal 4

This terminal has four levels, which offer numerous services to manage arrivals and departures. Passengers can go to other levels since all the levels are interconnected. The various operations taking place at JFKK Airport Terminal are as follows:

  • Level 1 of the terminal handles the arriving and departing passengers. 
  • Level 2 at JFK Terminal 4 is where you’ll find gates from B42 to B51.
  • Departing passengers can access the AirTrain facility at Level 3.
  • Level 4 completes the check-in procedure for departing travelers. 

Gates at Terminal 4 of JFK

Gates at Terminal 4 of JFK

At present, JFK Terminal 4 has a total of 52 gates. These gates are spread across the A and B concourses of JFK Airport. Mentioned below are the gates in Terminal 4:

  1. A2 – A12 
  2. A14-A17 
  3. A19
  4. A21
  5. B51 
  6. B53-B55 
  7. B46-B49
  8. B42-B45
  9. B 18, B18A, B18B 
  10. B26-B33
  11. B34-42 
  • Fifteen gates are at Level 1.
  • Level 2 has nine gates.
  • At the third level, there are 28 gates.

JFK Terminal 4 Map

The map of JFK Airport will help you to navigate the airport’s directions:

Arrivals and Departures

Travelers can easily reach out to the arrivals and departures section at JFK Terminal 4.

At level 1, the arriving passengers can complete the procedure, including baggage claim/collection, immigration check, and verification. Passengers should learn about all the required proceedings for a smooth arrival.

For convenient JFK Terminal 4 Departures, travelers will complete check-in, baggage deposit, boarding, and TSA screening to continue their air travels.

Airlines Operating with JFK Airport Terminal 4

Terminal 4 at JFK Airport manages the arrivals and departures of the best airlines. It ensures the safety and convenience of its passengers throughout the journey. The major airlines at the Terminal 4 of JFK include:

Aeromexico Avianca Brasil 
Air Europa Caribbean Airlines 
Air India Emirates 
Kenya AirwaysChina Airlines
Copa Airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Etihad Hawaiian Airlines 
JetBlue LATAM 
Singapore Airlines Virgin Atlantic 
WestJet XiamenAir

Services Available at JFK Airport Terminal 4

To enhance your airport experience, Terminal 4 at JFK offers a range of services. Any passenger can access these services according to their requirements. The responsible staff will help you in case of any unavailability:

Book or Manage Reservations 

At JFK Airport, passengers can easily book and cancel their reservations or make flight changes. Specific rules and regulations regarding cancellation policies are essential for a passenger to know. Also, you can upgrade ticket classes or seats for more comfort and additional facilities. The charges for seat upgrades depend on the ticket class and availability. So, as soon as you plan to cancel or make changes, the airport staff is always active for their guidance. 

Check-in Station/Counter

Passengers can visit the last level of Terminal 4 to complete the check-in procedure before their flight takes off. Remember to reach the airport 2-3 hours before departure for domestic and international flights. You should carry all your documentation, such as identity cards, passports, and other required papers, for a stress-free check-in. The well-trained staff will assist you at the counter from traveling within the country or outside. 

Self-Service Kiosks

Travelers often find it annoying to stand in long lines to complete their check-in; therefore, the airport offers a kiosk self-service to the passengers. You can complete your check-in, print boarding passes, and tag your baggage at the service counter. The kiosk machine is present near the check-in counters at JFK Airport. Using the self-service kiosks, You can save time and make your procedure efficient.

Lost and Found Counters

Lost and Found Counters

JFK Airport provides top-notch services to passengers with delays, damages, and lost items. The representatives at the lost and found counter will help you reunite with your lost belongings. After completing the verification, the staff tracked down the missing item and contacted the owner. In case of any damaged item, the airport will compensate you according to the condition and procedure of the lost and found policy.

Information Counters

It is the most crucial counter to make your trip effortless and hassle-free. Whether the passenger needs directions, flight details, or other airport-related information, the friendly staff will guide its customers with all the necessary queries. You will get the best recommendations of JFK Terminal 4 restaurants, transportation, and nearby hotels by reaching out to the information counter at Terminal 4.

Security Checkpoints

The TSA agents scan and check the bags at this counter to provide safe boarding. Travelers must have their ID cards and boarding passes to complete the process without interruption. JFK terminal 4 security wait time takes approximately 15-30 minutes. The counter will check and detect restricted items and remove them before its screening. So, you should know the airport’s terms and conditions to make your trip safe and sound.

Amenities at JFK Terminal 4

Terminal 4 at JFK is filled with various enjoyable amenities. From shopping stores and food outlets to spacious areas for parking, JFK keeps a check on every essential need. Make the most of your time there by checking out the amenities available to make your travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

Food Outlets and Beverages

Food Outlets and Beverages

From regional taste to international cuisine, JFK Airport has solutions to every craving. Talking about tasty drinks, a hot coffee or a refreshing juice can accompany your meal. As JFK Terminal 4 food has many varieties, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to delicious meals and drinks next time you visit the airport.

Wi-fi Internet Services

Passengers often want to stay connected to the internet to check their emails and chat with friends before their flight; JFK terminal values its customers’ time and offers fast and free wi-fi connection service. In case of any internet issue, the staff present at the airport will redirect you to the connection.

Shopping Malls/Retail

Visiting different shopping malls, a variety of stores, and luxury brands will make your day enjoyable before your flight takes off. JFK Terminal 4 shops have got you covered with different varieties of accessories and beauty products. So, check out the latest shopping malls and stores for a fun and convenient shopping experience.

Ground Transportation

Having super convenient ground transportation also contributes to making your trip successful. You can easily catch a taxi, pick a shuttle, or even use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft. Getting to and from the airport is satisfying with these options. If you prefer public transportation, buses and AirTrain are available just after stepping out of the airport. Depending on your convenience, choose the option that suits you best.

Priority Pass For Lounge Access

A priority pass is your best ticket if you are a frequent traveler. It gives you access to airport lounges worldwide, where you can relax and enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks. With the membership of this pass, you can stay away from the chaotic environment at the airport and experience a more peaceful and luxurious pre-flight atmosphere. So, don’t wait; book your corner in advance by purchasing its membership online. 

Flying with Furry Companion

Planning a trip with your pet can be challenging; you have to make a lot of preparations before your flight takes off. Passengers should learn and review the pet policy and secure a cozy carrier for making your pet feel safe and comfortable. At Terminal 4 of JFK, you can utilize pet relief areas while waiting for your flight. Keeping your sentiments in check, the professional team helps you complete the procedure required for pet travel. 

Unaccompanied Minor

At JFK Terminal 4, the airport values your sentiments when your child is traveling alone. The exceptional services at the airport ensure the safety and comfort of solo passengers. But before reaching the airport, parents or guardians should prepare an unaccompanied minor for travel. The minor should arrive 45 minutes before the flight’s departure time. For further queries, employees present at the counter will assist them in completing the procedure smoothly. 

Airlines Lounges to Relax

There are a number of JFK Terminal 4 lounges available at the airport, such as Delta Sky Club, Etihad Airways Lounge, Emirates Lounge, and Primeclass Lounge, which offers a cozy retreat where you can kill time just before your flight. The lounges provide complimentary snacks, drinks, and sometimes showers for a refreshing break. Booking your spot online is always a better option to avoid any rush. So, enjoy your travels and take a break from airport chaos.

Parking Services

Parking Services

JFK is a busy airport, and getting in and out of the airport can be time-consuming, so accurate knowledge of parking availabilities can save you time and money. There are various options for parking your car, and JFK Terminal 4 blue parking is one of them. It is a designated parking area that offers travelers convenient and time-managing parking options. This parking is located close to the terminal building, making it a suitable choice for those looking for easy access to their departure gate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get access to the priority pass?

You can buy the membership by downloading the app Priority Pass JFK terminal 4.

How can I save my time at JFK Terminal 4 parking?

You can book your space online to save time for further procedures at the airport. 

Which airlines operate at JFK Airport Terminal 4?

Aeromexico, Avianca Brasil, Air Europa, Caribbean Airlines, Air India, Emirates, Kenya Airways, China Airlines, and ten more airlines operate with JFK Terminal 4.

What are the JFK Terminal 4 parking rates?

The parking rates at the airport depend upon the availability and type of parking.

Is there any JFK Terminal 4 VIP lounge?

Yes, various lounges provide top-notch facilities to its customers, like complimentary drinks, snacks, and a desired space to relax. 

What is the JFK airport address terminal 4?

The address for JFK Airport Terminal 4 is John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, NY 11430, United States. 

How many gates are present at Terminal 4 of JFK?

There are a total of 52 gates which are spread across the A and B concourses of JFK Airport.

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