JFK International Airport Lost and Found

JFK International Airport Lost and Found

You can locate the Lost and Found Department at Terminal 4 of John F. Kennedy Airport, New York. The service is a courtesy to its customers and helps them unite with the missing item. Please report any missing item within 30 days, or the airport will not be able to help. In addition, keep in mind that the airport does not hold accountability for personal items left unattended, stolen, or missing in the terminal building. Therefore, passengers should always be vigilant and take care of their belongings while traveling. Let’s learn more about the JFK Airport Lost And Found service and the steps to start the search process. 

Reporting Lost Property At JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy International Airport offers many services if your baggage or any other item has gone missing. You can decide which authority to contact depending on where you think you lost the item. If you leave the property on the plane, inside the terminal, or at the curbside, you must speak with the baggage services of the concerned airline.

In case you lose your belongings outside the terminal building,  you must inform the airline’s lost and found department for immediate action. If you lost the item in the terminal near the TSA Security Checkpoint and U.S. Customs Area, use the following contact information to get in touch with the right authority. 

  • For baggage or items lost inside the terminal, claim online at lostandfoundjfk.com or send an email to airports@lostandfoundsite.com
  • Drop an email to the lost and found customer assistance at – T4Lostandfound@smartecarte.com.
  • Speak directly with the customer agent at  347-684-3604; the service is available 24 hours daily. 
  • If you have misplaced government-issued documents like passports and VISA, please inform the U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 718- 487-5164. The working days are Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT.
  • If you last saw the baggage or the missing item inside the plane, inform the airline as soon as possible. You can access the airline directory from the airline’s contact information page. 

Fill Out The Form At JFK To Claim The Missing Item

Passengers are required to fill out a form and submit it online on the official website to claim the lost item. Provide all the minute and important information about the item. The concerned airline and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will refer to this information when determining compensation. The form will ask about the following details about the missing item:

  • Type of Item
  • Date of Loss
  • Location
  • Details about where you last saw the item and other unique features.
  • Contact and Shipping Information

Processing Claim Form

Processing Claim Form

Remember, this process may take months to investigate the claim completely. If it requires law enforcement, it may take longer to process the claim. The concerned authority thoroughly studies all the claims before making the final decision to approve it. If accepted, the staff will send you a letter and a form to fill out for the settlement agreement or payment methods. 

The concerned authority will make every effort to settle the claim for the lost property. TSA will take complete responsibility for fairly resolving the claim if the item was lost during its screening process. However, the case is denied if the authority finds out later in the investigation that the TSA office did not unzip the bag or take it for inspection. 

Turn In Found Items To New York JFK Airport

If you find missing or unclaimed items inside the airport premises, contact the JFK Lost and Found department and submit the item. You may also get in touch with the Port Authority Police if items are found outside the terminal area. The PAP lost and found department will keep the item for up to 30 days. Concerning passengers can contact the JFK Police Desk in Building 269 or call (718) 244 4225 to retrieve the item. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I contact lost and found at JFK?

To contact the airport customer agent, dial (718) 244-4444 and put forward your queries. 

How do I contact JFK customer service?

To speak directly with the JFK lost and found department, dial  347-684-3604 and inform them about your missing item.

What do you do if you lose something at the airport?

Contact the airport lost and found department to locate the lost or missing item. Please contact your airline for further procedures if you left it on the plane. 

What do airports do with lost and found items?

The concerned department will keep the items found for a certain period and list them on the official website. The items are destroyed or handed over to the state agency for surplus property if not claimed. 

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