JFK International Airport Lounges

JFK International Airport Lounges

John F. Kennedy International Airport offers lounge services throughout its five terminals. Around 60 million passengers fly every year to various cities and countries via New York’s major airport, JFK. For such a large audience, the airport needs to have premium lounges to serve its passengers. There are about 20 lounge areas provided by different airlines to its customers to ensure a comfortable journey. 

However, these lounges are not accessible to every passenger. Some are specific to airline travel classes or the status of the traveler. Review which lounge you can access at the airport and its terms and conditions. 

Best Airport Lounges At JFK Airport

New York  JFK Airport is a hub for major airlines such as Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, etc. The airport has something for every passenger. Even if you fly on non-premium tickets like economy class, you may get into airline lounges with credit card perks. 

Moreover, VIP Lounges at the airport provide private spaces or rooms reserved for passengers with specific memberships and statuses. They provide a more comforting and quieter environment than the airport commotion. Like any other lounge space, this also offers internet facilities, free food, a place to chill and relax, and much more. The famous JFK VIP Lounges are as follows:

  • Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club with Etihad Airways
  • Delta Sky Club 
  • Emirates Lounge 
  • Minute Suites 
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
Terminal 1Air France-KLM Lounge, Be Relax Spa, KAL Lounge, Lufthansa Business Class Lounge, Lufthansa Senator Lounge, Prime class Lounge, VIP One Lounge
Terminal 4Air India Maharajah Lounge, Centurion Lounge, Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club with Etihad Airways, Delta Sky Club and Delta Sky Club Express, Emirates Lounge Minute Suites, Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse
Terminal 5Be Relax Spa
USO Lounge
Terminal 7Aer Lingus Lounge
Terminal 8American Airlines, Admirals Club, Chelsea Lounge, Greenwich Lounge, Soho Lounge

JFK Terminal 1 Airline-based Lounges

John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 1 is not as lounge-packed as other terminals but offers a solid lineup of places to help you escape airport chaos. You will find services from several international airlines, such as Lufthansa, Air France/KLM, Korean Air, and Japan Airlines.

Air France Lounge

You can locate the Air France Lounge section right beside Gate Number 1. It is accessible from 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. To enter the area, a passenger is required to present the concerned flight boarding pass, or else the staff will deny your entry. This lounge area is accessible to passengers flying on Sky Team premium cabins or who have eligible traveler status. Passengers who are a part of Priority Pass can also access this space, but there may be some restrictions. 

In addition to tasty food options, passengers departing on late evening flights are served business class meals, the same as those offered on board the flight.

Korean Air KAL Lounge

Passengers flying on premium cabin flights operated by Korean Air are eligible to access the KAL Lounge. It is located opposite Gate Number 3. This space is open from 10:00 A.M. to 01:50 P.M. and 09:30 P.M. to 12:50 P.M., depending on the flight time and travel season. Aside from premium cabins, passengers with Priority Passes departing from Terminal 1 can access the lounge area if the space is available. After entering the relaxing area, you can enjoy light snacks and choose from a selection of drinks at the bar. 

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

Just when you pass the security lane of Terminal 1, turn to the left, and you will encounter Lufthansa Business Class Lounges. As the name suggests, the area is accessible to passengers with Premium Class tickets and HON Circle Members, Senators, and Star Alliance Gold members. You can enter the lounge from 12:00 noon to 01:00 am. Depending on space availability, the staff will accept priority pass members. Upon entering the area, guests can choose from a variety of hot and cold buffets, as well as an open bar.

Lufthansa Senator Lounge

Right after you clear the security screening of Terminal 1, you can locate Lufthansa Senator Lounge on the left turn. Passengers flying on the concerned airline as Senator-level frequent flyers and Star Alliance Gold members are eligible to use lounge services and amenities. It is available for passengers from 12:00 Noon to 09:30 P.M. Similar to the previous lounge area, this space also offers a cold and hot buffet with more options than you can find in business lounges. Aside from this, there is an open bar with a range of drinks and alcohol. 

Prime class Lounge

To get access to the Prime class lounge, you have to reach Gates Number 8 and 9. It is open to passengers with premium cabin tickets or elite flying status of major airlines. This also includes passengers with Priority Pass and Dragon Pass. Unlike other lounge areas, the access here is limited to only three hours, but a passenger can choose to pay to extend their stay. Its day pass cost around 65 USD.  The opening hours of the lounge space vary according to the flight departing from the terminal every day. 

Terminal 4 Features Delta Sky Clubs, Centurion, Emirates Lounge, and More!

If you are flying out of Terminal 4, you are in for a treat when it comes down to JFK Airport Lounges. It is the largest platform with plenty of space and top lounge areas. Whether you are a frequent Delta Airlines flyer looking to relax at renowned Sky Clubs, an American Express Platinum cardholder with access to Centurion Lounge, or first-class passengers flying on Emirates, T4 has got you covered. 

Emirates Lounge

Eligible passengers can locate the Emirates lounge at the JFK near Gate A5. It is open for passengers from 06:40 A.M. to 10:40 A.M. and from 06:10 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. daily. Passengers with business and first-class tickets can access the lounge and use available amenities. However, passengers will have trouble accessing the area with cheap business class fares unless they hold Skywards Platinum or Gold status. Economy passengers can have entry for a fee of up to $100 (Skyward members) and $130 for non-members.  

Delta Sky Club at Concourse A & B

Passengers will witness a couple of Delta Sky Clubs at Terminal 4, located in Concourse A and B. There are ample seating and soundproof booths for a comforting and peaceful experience. The permission to enter is given to those who are part of Sky Club membership or are flying internationally in Delta One, First Class, and Premium Select cabins. You can navigate Concourse B and find the lounge area near Gate Number 31 and Gate A7 at Concourse A. Aside from basic amenities, this space offers shower facilities to freshen up before the flight.

Air India Maharaja Lounge

This location is near Gate 5 and is open from 09:30 A.M. to 06:30 P.M. daily, but on Thursday, it is accessible till midnight. You can find facilities like Newspapers & magazines, TVs, Refreshments, Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks, and meals. Passengers flying on Air India with first and business-class tickets can enter the lounge area with a same-day boarding card. If you have Priority Pass and Lounge Club, you may access the area but up to 4 hours maximum. However, children are given access free of charge.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

The lounge is famously known for its la carte dining, especially for tapas and their kid menus. For adults, there is a bar showcasing a selection of alcoholic beverages. It is placed above Gates A4 and A5 and reachable from 05:00 A.M. to 08:00 A.M. and from 03:00 P.M. to 10:30 P.M. Passengers traveling on Virgin Atlantic premium classes and Gold Members of the Flying Club get the access included in their ticket. If you are a Sky Team Elite Plus member, you are eligible to access the lounge room.

Centurion Lounge

The JFK Airport Amex lounge is to the left of security checkpoints and is considered one of the largest Centurion Lounges. It is available for passengers holding an AmEx Platinum Card and Centurion Card. However, passengers can enter this place three hours prior to the scheduled departure, so access is very limited. Travelers flying on Delta-operated flights with SkyMiles AmEx cards can access the area if certain conditions are met. The lounge has two luxurious bars, including an illicit liquor store: Speakeasy.

Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club with Etihad Airways

Passengers should have a same-day boarding card to access the Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club with Etihad Airways. They can enter the lounge area three hours before the scheduled take-off, not before that. Every passenger has to pay a specific entry fee to access the in-lounge services and amenities. However, children under two years old accompanying adults can have access free of charge. Passengers possessing the following card/ticket are allowed to enter the lounge space:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve Card,
  • The Ritz-Carlton Credit Card,
  • Priority Pass Membership and
  • The passengers flying on the Etihad Airways premium cabin.

Exclusive Lounges at JFK Terminals 5, 7, and 8

The remaining airline lounges at the JFK Airport are scattered through Terminals 5, 7, and 8. Like any other, these spaces are also reserved for selected passengers with qualifying tickets or flying status. 

Aer Lingus Lounge

The airline lounge has recently moved to Terminal 7 near the boarding gate at John F. Kennedy Airport.  Earlier, it used to operate from Terminal 5, and now its new location covers space from the old British Airways Concorde Room. Aer Lingus is accessible to Business class passengers from 12:45 P.M. until the last flight departure. Eligible passengers are welcomed with light snacks and offered dining services.  In addition to this, there are lounge-style sofas and seating, free Wi Fi, and hold and cold beverages, including alcoholic drinks. 

Chelsea Lounge

Passengers departing from Terminal 8 will come across Chelsea Lounge above Gate 14. The space is open to First-class passengers flying on British Airways-operated flights and Oneworld first-class passengers from 04:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. daily. Similarly, ConciergeKey members with tickets to international, transcontinental, or long-haul Hawaii destinations can enter the space. Meanwhile, other passengers can get access in exchange for a same-day pass purchased from the same terminal. Keep in mind the staff will grant access to only adult travelers. An adult must accompany passengers below the age of 18 years to use the in-lounge amenities. 

Greenwich Lounge

Greenwich Lounge

This is another joint lounge of British Airways situated at Terminal 8, right at the mezzanine level of the building. The access is provided to passengers flying on Oneworld business class on the concerned airline or to Oneworld Sapphire members. Aside from them, the space is open for passengers with business-class tickets and non-Advantage Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire memberships. Passengers flying to a few selected destinations in Hawaii can also relax at Greenwich Lounge at the airport.  

Soho Lounge

Last but not least, Soho Lounge is also stationed at the mezzanine level of terminal 8 above gate 14. Passengers with first or business-class tickets of the concerned airline, Oneworld Emerald, AAdvantage Executive Platinum & Platinum Pro, and British Airways Executive Club Gold members can access this space. It serves both hot and cold buffets and beverages to its guests with free alcoholic drinks, including beer and wine. 

Lounges Offered By JFK Airport At The Terminals

While the airline lounges at JFK airport are nice if you have purchased the right ticket or membership, fortunately, for other passengers, there are several “contract lounges” scattered throughout the terminal. These places are not affiliated with any airline but are operated by the airport, companies, or other third parties. As per the reviews of other passengers, some places are even better than those airline premium lounges. However, permission to enter the location is granted for a specific fee.

These places are accessible to different groups of travelers. For instance, Be Relax Spa is available for Priority Pass Members, while the Minute Suites are accessible to passengers with valid boarding passes for JFK Terminal 4. On the other hand, VIP One Lounge is more of a travel assistance service that provides different pricing packages: Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.

Be Relax Spa

Traveling through the airport can be very tiresome and stressful. Thankfully, there is a place called Be Relax Spa at JFK’s Terminal 4, where you can take a break. The spa has a quiet and peaceful environment, far better than the airport hustle and bustle. If you feel worn out from your journey, consider stopping by this place; the spa workers will help you relax. 

You can get a massage to loosen up those tight muscles after a long flight or get other beauty treatments like pedicures and manicures. This spa also does facials to refresh your skin and mood. Whether you have a long layover or want to relax before boarding, Be Relax Spa will let you recharge your batteries at the terminal building. 

Minute Suites

Similarly, there are fantastic little private suites called Minute Suites at the John F. Kennedy Airport Terminal 4 near Gate 39. This place comprises tiny rooms with a comfy sofa or daybed, TV, and desk. Again, it is perfect if you have a flight with long layovers or if your flight is delayed and you need a place to chill. Each and every suite is soundproof, so you can escape the chaos and get a little privacy. What’s more interesting is that they installed shower pods in some of these suites for you to freshen up. We would say it is a total game changer and adds an incomparable experience to your journey. 

VIP One Lounge

If your flight is departing through JFK’s Terminal 4, you have to check out this delightful place called VIP One Lounge. As soon as you step inside, you will be surrounded by the bougie ambiance.  We’re talking cozy seating areas, giant windows with runway views, and even a fancy bar and restaurant. You can enjoy your food while watching the television or your favorite series on your phone using the in-house internet service and charge your device when it runs out of battery. The coolest part is that they limit how many people can enter it, so it is never crowded. 

USO Lounge

United Service Organizations lounges are provided at the airport facility to comfort active military personnel. At JFK, eligible members and their dependents can access the USO Lounge at Terminal 5 from 9:00 AM to 02:00 upon showing valid IDs. PM daily. Passengers can find every travel necessity in the lounge space, from free snacks, coffee, and an internet connection to a multimedia & gaming room. Such locations are generally staffed with friendly volunteers, guiding passengers throughout their travel journey. In addition, there are installed Flight Time Boards that enable real-time updates on flight departures. 

Access Lounges With JFK Airport Day Pass

A JFK airport lounge day pass is a one-time document for a certain fee. It makes you eligible to access a lounge area on the day of travel. You can purchase it at the airport for $19 to $75, based on the lounge you want to access. Meanwhile, some credit cards include yearly day pass perks, such as the United Explorer Card. To get this pass, you will have to show your boarding paper and other travel documents to show proof you’re flying on the same day. You can enter the following airline lounges with a JFK day pass:

  • Primeclass Lounge – USD 65
  • Emirates Lounge – USD 155 for Emirates Passengers and USD 125 for Skyward Members
  • Alaska Lounge – USD 60 per passengers
  • American Admirals Club –  USD 59 or 5,900 AAdvantage miles

Lounge Services Offered At John F. Kennedy Airport

Depending on the lounge you are eligible to access, you can have a full-course meal and drinks to make your worries go away. For instance, some spaces provide limited services, while some layout sleeping pods, barbershops, gaming rooms, and other unexpected amenities. At the end of the day, it all depends on what type of lounge you are entering. 

Service Desk For Passengers

Inside the airline lounge, a separate customer desk is provided to help passengers with anything related to their flights. Lounge agents are more competent than those sitting at the standard information desks. You can enquire about anything; the concerned official will provide complete assistance in minutes. 

Seating and Sleeping Areas

The main motive for getting inside the terminal is to get away from the crowded airport and relax in a more peaceful space. Thus, you will find comforting lounge spaces where you can choose to sit in recliners to comfy sofas. Some places even provide you with sleeping pods to fully charge before the journey begins. 

Business Meeting Rooms

Most lounge areas offer meeting rooms that help you stay productive and connected to your workflow while traveling. These rooms offer privacy ideal for professional and conference meetings over a call. Enough internet connectivity is provided to ensure smooth client meetings, training sessions, interviews, board meetings, and conference calls.

Showers and Spas

Multiple lounges, especially international, at JFK, offer shower facilities where passengers can refresh before boarding the flight. Additionally, there are a couple of spa services as well. Being able to access these services while traveling helps you slow down and catch your breath. You can relax and have a comforting time in the lounge. Some premium lounges even provide towel and bath amenities, so there is no need for guests to pack extra. 

Other Services

Lastly, each and every lounge has a unique theme and exceptional amenities to offer to its guests. It can include a barbershop, nap pods, a workout area, a movie room, art galleries, and more. Search about your lounge a day before the departure, check out all the amenities available, and plan accordingly. Some amenities that you are sure to encounter in the lounge areas are listed below:

Food & BeveragesWorkspace/ConnectivityRelaxation & Comfort
Buffet/Grab & GoFree High-Speed WiFiComfortable Seating
Full-Service BarWork Stations/TablesRelaxation Areas
Premium SnacksPrinting/Copy ServicesTV Lounges
Barista CoffeePrivate Phone BoothsMassage Chairs
Wine/Beer on TapDevice ChargingShowers
Made-to-Order FoodMeeting RoomsNap Rooms/Cabanas
Premium SpiritsBusiness CenterSpa Services
All-Day BitesInternational OutletsZen Garden/Outdoor Space
Specialty CocktailsMultimedia ScreensFamily/Kids Areas
Local CuisineConference FacilitiesQuiet Zones

Wrapping Up!

No matter which airline you are flying on or which cabin you have purchased, the lounges at JFK Airport will supply exceptional services to upgrade your journey. ​You can easily rejuvenate before the boarding call with their first-class amenities, spacious rooms, and attentive staff. So, the next time you find yourself at JFK, be sure to check whether you can access one of these lounges to give yourself a chance to experience true luxury.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I pay for a lounge at JFK?

Yes. Passengers can access airport lounges with day passes available for purchase at Terminal 1, Terminal 4, Terminal 5 & 8. 

Is there an Amex lounge at JFK?

Yes. The AmEx Centurion Lounge is located at Terminal 4 near the security checkpoints. It has two floors equipped with facilities and services for eligible passengers. 

What lounges do they have at JFK?

John F. Kennedy International Airport has multiple lounges to offer to its customers, including Air France-KLM Lounge, Be Relax Spa, KAL Lounge, Lufthansa Business Class Lounge, Lufthansa Senator Lounge Prime class Lounge, VIP One Lounge, etc. 

Does JFK have sleeping pods?

Travelers can find sleeping pods in New York’s JFK Airport in Terminal 5 called Go Sleep pods. 

Is it worth paying for the airport lounge?

Yes. It is worth paying a little extra for airport lounges as they offer comfort and convenience while traveling and provide an escape from the airport commotion.

Who can access Flagship Lounge JFK?

Passengers with access to flagship lounges at JFK airport fly in a First or Business-class cabin on a flight operated by a concerned airline. 

Can you shower at JFK Airport?

Yes. Many lounges at the airport provide shower facilities to its passengers. It includes TWA Fitness Center, KAL Lounge, XpresSpa, and more.

Is there a smoking lounge at JFK airport?

No passenger is allowed to smoke inside the airport premises. Thus, there are separate smoking areas outside the terminal building. 

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