What is Delta Comfort Plus

Beyond the basic main cabin, Delta Air Lines provides an improved experience called Delta Comfort Plus. You get elevating options like extra legroom, priority boarding and deplaning, dedicated overhead bin storage, premium snacks, complimentary drinks, and other entertainment options. This upgraded class aims to enhance the journey experience and make travel more enjoyable for passengers. Check out our page to learn whether this upgraded cabin is worth it.

Perks of Getting Delta Airlines Comfort Plus 

Delta Comfort+ came into the picture as an advanced version of the economy for passengers. The main motive was to introduce more comfort to passengers flying without tickets, which are mostly expensive. This upgrade class provides many benefits you would not usually get while flying in standard economy class. Basically, this is an affordable way to travel with more space and improved facilities. Check what benefits we are talking about:

  • More Space – Get more legroom, three inches extra than those standard cabins. The cabin provides more space to stretch out legs and be at ease. 
  • Priority Boarding – Skip long lines, get to board the flight early on a priority basis, and settle into your seat without any hassle. This gives you a bother-less start to your journey. 
  • Overhead Cabin – Comfort Plus provides you with a dedicated overhead cabin to make sure there is plenty of space for your carry-on. This completely eradicates the stress of finding space for your luggage and provides immediate access to necessary items. 
  • FREE Snacks & Beverages – Right after you settle in, flight attendants welcome you on board with complimentary drinks and snacks, including free coffee, beer, and wine. You are guaranteed to experience out-of-ordinary in-flight dining. 
  • Leisure & Enjoyment – The upgraded cabin offers better entertainment options such as inflight streaming, screens on the back seats, movies, TV shows, music, and more. The availability of these options varies according to the aircraft and the selected route of travel.
  • FREE Flight Rescheduling – When you fly in Comfort+, you benefit from Main Cabin class with better services and amenities like no change fee, eCredit on flight cancellation, seat selection before departure, and miles earned on non-award flights. 

Compare Delta Upgraded Cabin With Main & First Class

Delta Upgraded Cabin

To meet the varied requirements of travelers, the airline provides a variety of cabin classes. Each class provides a different set of amenities and features that make your travel worthwhile. Before purchasing the ticket, understand the difference between its three classes: Comfort Plus, Main Cabin, and First Class. Let’s compare the upgraded economy cabin with the remaining classes and see where they stand. 

Delta Comfort Plus Vs. Main Cabin & Basic Economy

Comfort Plus, Basic Economy, and Main Cabin are all part of the Economy Cabin. All of them offer varied facilities in terms of inflight services and amenities. Check what Delta Comfort+ has in store to offer in comparison to the other two travel classes. 

  • Spacious Seating – If we talk about spacious seating, Comfort Plus gives you three extra inches of legroom compared to the Main Cabin. Clearly, passengers are going to be more at ease with enough space to stretch and relax during flight. 
  • Early Boarding – Moreover, passengers booking this upgraded class enjoy early boarding. This implies you get listed on the priority list, which the airline refers to board passengers on the plane. Along with this, you get a dedicated overhead locker and a reserved compartment for cabin bags, which all together make the boarding experience more convenient. 
  • Services and Amenities – Passengers flying on Comfort+ get delicious snacks, free Starbucks drinks, beer, wine, and spirits on chosen flights. Other amenities like pillows, blankets, earbuds, etc, are also provided, which are must-haves for making long-haul flights more comfortable. So, even if you forget to bring your own, do not worry; they have got you covered. 

By comparing the two economy classes with Delta Airlines’ upgraded cabin, it is easy to say that Comfort Plus is superior to the Main Cabin Class. It offers more seating space, complimentary snacks, and excellent amenities. So, you know what to choose if you are juggling between the two. 

Delta Comfort Plus Vs. First Cabin

Delta Comfort Plus Vs. First Cabin 

Comfort+ seats are different from what you get in first-class cabins. However, the comparison below will show how its facilities differ from those of the exclusive cabins. 

  • Spacious Seating – If we compare Comfort Plus with First Class, the latter has broader and more spacious seats. What else can you expect? It is the most prime and luxurious cabin. Delta First Class cabin provides you with more comfort in a private setting. 
  • Cabin Services – First Class ticket passengers automatically receive priority boarding, check-in, and a personal flight attendant. Offering such hospitality gives you a sense of superiority that boosts your confidence and satisfaction. 
  • Excellent Amenities – Compared to Comfort Plus, first-class passengers have more fine dining options. Additionally, the cabin provides lie-flat beds on long-duration flights and amenities like a travel-necessity kit, giving you a classy experience. 

When First Class comes into the picture, everything changes. Comfort Class cabin amenities, services, and seating cannot compete with the luxury of the high-grade cabin. However, such exclusivity does come with a heavy price tag. So, if you want a cabin with a hint of high-end services and facilities, consider purchasing Delta Comfort+.

How To Book Delta Comfort+ Flights?

You can purchase Comfort Plus for flights within Canada, the United States, the Asia Pacific Region, Latin America / Caribbean Regions, and almost every location within the transatlantic region. Passengers can directly purchase the cabin class while purchasing the ticket rather than having to upgrade it later. In addition, it is available in every aircraft cabin, making sure that every passenger gets to witness the upgraded version of the standard economy. 

  1. Start Booking: Open the browser and visit the airline’s official website or the mobile application, as you prefer. 
  2. Choose Flight: Provide flight departure, destination, and travel date, and look for suitable flights on the homepage. 
  3. Select the Cabin Class: Now, when you start the booking process, an option will appear asking you to choose a cabin class. Search for Delta Comfort Pus and select it when selecting your seat preference.  
  4. Pay Additional Cost: Choosing the upgraded cabin class may incur additional costs compared to the main cabin. 
  5. Complete the Reservation: Select the payment method and provide your payment details and other required information to complete the booking. 
  6. Receive Flight Confirmation: When everything is done and you successfully make the payment, the airline will send a confirmation email to your ID. It will contain necessary booking details and cabin class seat assignments. 

Pricing of Comfort+ On Delta Flights

The Comfort Plus Cabin can cost around 20 USD to 150 USD more than the basic economy class. These charges are applicable according to the flight duration and segment on international planned routes. For instance, the Main Cabin on Delta can cost around  800 USD, whereas Comfort+ will cost 900+ USD. 

Tips On When To Choose Delta Upgraded Cabin: Comfort Plus

Based on the above information, we’d like to share some tips on when you should consider purchasing the Comfort Plus cabin from Delta Airlines. By considering the below-mentioned points, you can determine whether upgrading to this cabin is beneficial for you. 

  1. Long-haul Flights – You seek more comfort when you fly on long-duration flights. The upgraded cabin will give you more space, wider seats, and free beverages to start your journey. 
  2. Priority Boarding – Consider it if you want to avoid indulging in the hustle of flight boarding lines and want a relaxed start. 
  3. Exclusive Amenities – If you’re someone who gives importance to inflight amenities such as getting kits containing toothpaste, toothbrushes, eye masks, earbuds, etc. 
  4.  Enhanced Seating – This is for those who want superior seats with features like adjustable headrests, better cushioning, and more legroom, with an overall relaxing journey. 

Wrap Up 

To sum it up, the Delta Comfort Plus cabin is a good choice if you want to fly economy but with the benefits of fine cabins. This will surely cost you extra since the cabin is more pricey than the standard economy ticket. Thus, it is up to you whether you want to pay extra for spacious seats, free beverages, and cabin storage. 

On the other hand, spending this much on short-haul flights would rather be a waste. So, according to our research, this cabin option is best when you are flying on a long-haul flight and want a relaxing journey. However, if you genuinely want to experience luxury, consider upgrading to First Class or Premium Select.

FAQs – Related Queries

What does Delta Comfort Plus include?

Comfort+ on Delta will get more seating space, free snacks, drinks, and basic amenities required for traveling. 

Is Delta Comfort Plus worth it?

Yes. If you are flying long-haul flights and want to prioritize more legroom, comfort, and free drinks, purchasing Comfort+ will be worth it.  

Is Delta Comfort Plus the same as First Class?

No, both are different. First Class provides the finest services and five inches of extra legroom compared to Delta Comfort+.

What is the Delta Comfort Plus equivalent to?

Comfort Plus is somewhat equivalent to flying in a premium economy. However, the airline does have a separate cabin called Premium Select, offering quality services. 

Does Comfort Plus get you into Delta Lounge?

Delta Sky Club is not accessible to passengers flying on Comfort+ when holding Diamond, Platinum, and Gold medallion memberships. 

Can you sleep with Delta Comfort Plus?

Comfort Plus provides seats that recline 35 inches, almost half of what economy fare seats provide. So, the seating is quite extensive and spacious for taking a nap or sleeping overnight. 

How do you get Delta Comfort Plus for free?

Passengers holding SkyMiles Membership with Delta SkyMiles Reserve or possessing a Reserve Business Express Card usually get free upgrades to First Class and Comfort Plus cabins. 

Do I get free drinks on Delta Comfort Plus?

Yes. Just after you settle in, the flight attendant will welcome you on board with free drinks, beer, wine, and snacks. 

What is the difference between Delta Premium and Comfort Plus?

Premium Select is a separate cabin that offers more exclusive services and seating. Meanwhile, Comfort Plus is a part economy cabin with added benefits. 

Does Comfort Plus provide a free checked bag?

No. The airline does not provide free checked bags to passengers flying in comfort plus cabins. It costs SD 35 and 45 USD, respectively. 

How many bags does Delta Comfort+ allow?

Medallion members flying on Comfort Plus are allowed to check in one extra luggage up to 50 lbs in addition to the standard allowance.

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