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What could be more worrisome than losing a valuable item while travelling? Constantly fretting about misplaced bags and articles can do no good except leave frowns on your forehead. Some may even lose interest in the vacation they took a flight for. However, if you happen to know that you dropped the item at the Denver International Airport, you have not really lost it.

Denver’s efficient lost and found section is devoted to the puzzled passengers who lose their belongings at the airport and reach out later for recovery. 

Lost and Found Denver Airport: Contact Details

_Lost and Found Denver Airport Contact Details

Losing a belonging during air travel can be nightmarish, but using the correspondence info from the table below, you can conveniently retrieve them in no time.

LocationNear doors 111-113,  Level 1 East, Jeppesen Terminal. While Driving: Park your vehicle on the Main Terminal’s East Side and follow the signs to the Lost and Found Section.
 If coming from Terminal Level 5: Find luggage carousels 6 and 7 and take the elevator to Level 1.
Denver Airport Lost And Found Phone Number303 342 4062Be sure to call 30 minutes before the office closes as the phone lines after that.
Working Hours 8 am to 7:30 pm (Monday to Friday)8 am to 6 pm (Saturday to Sunday)File Online Claim Here

Recover the DEN Airport Lost and Found from the Authority Responsible

Airports are enormously giant, and it is not necessary that you lose your article in a public area. It is quite possible that you misplaced it in the cab that you took to reach the airport, or at the diner where you ate at the terminal, or even forgot to pick it up from the seat after your flight. Depending on the location where you last remember keeping it, you can retrieve the item.

Try to be quick about claiming your belongings, as after 30 days, the unclaimed items are put up for auction in the City of Denver. So, if you do not want to lose your precious items forever, use the info below to recover them ASAP.

Public Area At The Airport: Get in Touch with DEN

While navigating through the airport, if you forget to pick up your item where you placed it, Denver’s dedicated employees look after it and keep it safe for up to a certain period as per their norms. Travellers can reach out to them at the airport via phone call, personal visit, or file an online claim using Denver’s official website. The places that are considered public interior or exterior areas at DEN are:

  • Restrooms, 
  • DEN parking shuttles,
  • TSA security checkpoints, 
  • DEN parking lots, etc., 

On The Airplane: Reach Out to the Respective Airline

If you happen to lose your bag or item on the plane, at the baggage claim section after a flight, during check-in, or at the boarding or exit gate, your respective airline is responsible for its safekeeping. Connect with the carrier directly using their official website, phone number, or in-person visit at their sales office or headquarters.

On your Ground Transport: Check with the Authority ASAP

Do you think you left the bag or the item in your Taxi, Limo, Ride App Service, Shuttle, Bus, or Train? Whether your ride app service was Uber or Lift, go through your receipt to rescue their phone number. You can also use the ground transport page to reclaim lost and found at Denver International Airport website.

Email ID:

Operating Hours: 6:30 am to 11:30 pm everyday

Phone Number: 303 342 4059

At a Restaurant, Shop, Or Lounge: Businesses’ Contact Number

At a Restaurant, Shop, Or Lounge Businesses’ Contact Number

In case you step out for a breeze on your way to the boarding gates at the stores and happen to forget to pick up your luggage from there, the business authority will oversee it for you. The same goes for restaurants, cafes, and bars inside the Denver Airport, the staff of the business is in charge of its custody until a traveler reaches out to claim it. You can check out the contact details of the businesses from the Dine-Shop-Relax page of the DEN official website. 

Items Unexpected At DEN Airport Lost And Found

As per the regulations of the DEN Airport Lost And Found, certain items that do not have a specific description or are dangerous are not acceptable at the department. These times must be those outside the travel bags, such as a suitcase or a bag back. Here’s a list of unaccepted items:

  • Soiled items,
  • Abandoned items, 
  • Blankets, 
  • Hats, 
  • Pillows, 
  • Water Bottles other than those with a specific brand name 
  • Food items. However, alcohol is acceptable. 
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons
  • Vape pens
  • Illegal drugs
  • Knives (Greater than 3.5 inches)
  • Illegal drug paraphernalia

Frequent Asked Question (FAQs)

Does Denver airport have a lost and found?

Yes. Denver Airport has a Lost and Found department. 

What is the Denver International Airport Lost And Found Number?

Call 303 342 4062 at least 30 minutes before the office closing time to ask about your lost item at DEN. 

How do I file a lost and found claim at the Denver airport?

You can either call or visit the lost and found section, or you can file a claim online.

How to find lost items at the airport?

To recover your misplaced item from the airport, connect with their Lost and Found Department with the details of your article.

How long do airports keep lost luggage?

Usually, airports safely keep the items for the utmost 30 days until it is reclaimed.

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