DEN Airport Security Wait Time

Security checks are the most basic and important tasks of all when you are traveling by air. Hefty traffic at the counters, pre-check, and the location of the checkpoints are a few things to consider when visiting one of the busiest airports in the world. DEN Airport Security Wait Time, find you well all the Security checkpoints and Information. On that account, the following is a blog that can help you understand the Denver International Airport Security Wait Times. 

Once you read, you will have a better understanding of the three main checkpoints of the DEN Airport Security wait times, and know at what time you should be at these portals to board the planes of your respective airline punctually. You will also understand how far your gate is from the concerned inspection area and what the mode of reaching there is.

Three Security Checkpoints at DEN 

As the heart of all major air operations in the Denver metropolitan area and Front Range Urban Corridor, DIA serves over 70 million passengers every year. To manage the formerly stated traffic and keep the station safe and secure for all, DIA has three main security checkpoints, two of which have TSA PreCheck for an instant way into your airline counters. 

OPERATING HOURS4:30 a.m. – 5:45 p.m.3:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. (the next morning)4:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
LOCATIONLevel 6Level 5Level 6
TSA PreCheck

Bridge Security

Bridge security

Standard screening travelers can access this security checkpoint to proceed with their boarding tasks. Make sure that Bridge Security does not have a TSA pre-check facility, as it may take a little longer than other security gates. Below is the table that represents the expected time between the three concourses (gates) from the Bridge Security Checkpoint. On average, Denver International Airport Security Line Wait Time from this inspection center is around 5- 15 minutes.

Distance of these gates from Bridge Security 
A GatesGates 14-2512 min.
Gates 26-329 min.
Gates 34-396 min.
Gates 40-475 min.
Gates 48-537 min. (without train ride)
B GatesGates 7-1215 min.
Gates 15-2214 min.
Gates 23-2912 min.
Gates 32-3710 min.
Gates 38-449 min.
Gates 45-5210 min.
Gates 53-6013 min.
Gates 62-7115 min.
C GatesGates 23-3115 min.
Gates 32-3913 min.
Gates 40-4711 min.
Gates 48-5413 min.
Gates 55-6215 min.
Gates 63-6717 min.

South Security

This checkpoint has three different lanes to manage the Security Screening of various passenger categories and their priorities. CLEAR customers can access the lane near the bag claim at the south security at Level 5. You will also discover a restricted access lane, especially for certain travelers with valid reasons and authority to enter. Normally, it takes about 10-15 minutes to cross traffic at the South Security queue.

Primary LaneStandard Screening Travelers
CLEAR LaneNear Bag Claim 7CLEAR customers without TSA PreCheck
Restricted Access LanePremium and Premier Access TravellersTravelers with limited mobility and special NeedsMilitary personnelBadged Employees

West Security

At Level 6 is the west security, the latest and the most automated checkpoint, with three sections dedicated to specific travelers. Here is where the TSA PreCheck passengers and those with CLEAR membership with TSA PreChecks should head to make their way out within 2 minutes and avoid DEN Airport Security Wait Times. You will also find a counter dedicated to DEN Reserve and Premium passengers North of the United Ticket Counter.

West Security 1Behind the United Airline’s check-in countersStandard Screening Passengers
West Security 2North of the United Airline’s Ticketing countersDEN Reserve Premium and Premier Access TravellersTravelers with limited mobility and special NeedsMilitary Personals Badged Employees
West Security 3North of the United Airline’s Ticketing countersTSA PreCheck passengersCLEAR customers with TSA PreCheck 

Important points to remember when using the West Security Check

West Security is equipped with an automatic system for a quick way out of the inspection and screening. The procedures might be different and unknown to many. Therefore, here is a quick guide to how you can make your way through hassle-free. 

  • The green arrow on the overhead signs indicates the security lanes to which you need to proceed head towards. 
  • The TSA officers will guide you through the screening process and verify your boarding passes and identification before you make your way to the departure gates. 
  • Since the West Checkpoint has the latest technology, you may also find an optional facial recognition automation, where you can choose to complete your screening. 
  • This checkpoint is quite large, with multiple counters where items for screening are placed to move forward toward the open station. 
  •  Do not leave suitcases, roller bags, rucksacks, backpacks, or shoes for screening.
  • Travelers are allowed to use as many bins as needed that will pop up from under the luggage carousel. 
  • Certain liquids and Electronics are allowed as carry-on items. However, you must carry them according to the TSA guidelines and limits.
  • Once the bags are clear after the screening, recover them from the bins and leave the bins at the belt. 
  • The final step is to collect the belongings from the screening counters and make their way to the gates, where you can catch a train using the triple escalator or a lift. 

Distance of these gates from South and West Security
AGates 14-2512 min.
Gates 26-329 min.
Gates 34-396 min.
Gates 40-475 min.
Gates 48-537 min.
BGates 7-1213 min.
Gates 15-2212 min.
Gates 23-2910 min.
Gates 31-378 min.
Gates 38-447 min.
Gates 45-528 min.
Gates 53-6011 min.
Gates 62-7113 min.
CGates 23-3113 min.
Gates 32-3911 min.
Gates 40-479 min.
Gates 48-5411 min.
Gates 55-6213 min.
Gates 63-6715 min.

DEN Quick Security Screening Options

Plain sail through the screening tasks with the top four quick security check options at Denver. All you need to know about the Expedited Screening preference that can save you from the Security Wait Times at Denver International Airport is here:

TSA PreCheck

The location of TSA PreCheck lanes is at the South (Level 5) and West Security (Level 6). This is an effective measure in which individuals can volunteer information for pre-screening before the flight.

How does TSA PreCheck reduce your checking time? The answer is simple- with TSA PreCheck, you are relieved of the following tasks:

  • You need not remove your shoes
  • You get to keep a 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels bag in your carry-on
  • Keep your Laptops from the bag during screenings
  • Allowed to wear Light outerwear/jackets during security procedures. 
  • Keep wearing a belt during security procedures. 

Location of TSA Pre✓ Enrollment: Level 5, East Side, Jeppesen Terminal.


The travel document verification kiosks for CLEAR customers are at the South (Level 5) and West (Level 6) security points. Members can access their own separate premium lanes. Registering for CLEAR lets you apply for TSA PreCheck without an appointment and avail of the following facilities. 

  • Travelers are allowed to carry no more than 3.4 ounces of Liquids and Gels in a one-quart plastic zip-top bag. 
  • You should put the plastic bag in the screening bin and out of your carry-on before the checking. 
  • You are allowed to keep the coins, keys, and other metallic objects in your carry-on baggage. 
  • Laptops, computers, and electronic items are allowed for security checks in the screening bins. 
  • The travelers must remove their shoes, jackets, and belts for screening in the bin.

DEN Reserve

An effective method of steering clear of the DEN’s West Security Checkpoint using the Free DEN Reservation. You can skip the screening lines by registering between  5 a.m. – 5 p.m. The DEN Airport Security Wait Time reserve dedicated lanes are available on Level 6 at West Security 2 at the Jeppesen Terminal. You can register between one to four hours before your scheduled flight departure. However, since there are only limited slots, it is better to book three days prior to your boarding. 

Steps to follow at DEN Reserve Security Screening Option:

  • Firstly, you need to Sign up for Denver International Airport Reserve in advance. 
  • The, you should pick your airline, fill up the destination and flight number of the itinerary, and enter the number of travelers in your booking. 
  • Then, you must enter contact info to save your slot. 
  • Arrive at the airport and proceed to the West Security 2 DEN Airport Security Wait Time Reserve counter at least 15 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Proclaim your QR code to the DEN Reserve staff and head straight to TSA for screening. 

Global Entry

Global entry

U.S. Customs and Border Protection offers a Global Entry program to frequent international low-risk travelers. It allows the traveler easy access to pre-approved clearance and quick screenings when they arrive in the United States. 

Benefits of Global Entry Screening:

  • The members can complete their biometric identification at the kiosks within five minutes. 
  • There is no limit on the minimum number of international trips to be eligible for this membership. 
  • You do not have to stand in the long processing queues.
  • It’s easy because there is no paperwork.
  • Members get easy access to quick entry.
  • This service is available at several major airports in the United States of America. 
  • There is a drastic reduction in the wait times.

The Global Entry application center at DEN is located on Level 5 of the Jeppesen Terminal, adjacent to the international arrivals area on the north end of the Terminal. The entry door is located just east of the main international arrivals area.

Global Entry Application:  Level 5, North End, Jeppesen Terminal. The entry door is on the east of the main international arrivals section.

Tips and Tricks that Can Help-

Now that you have come this far, here are a few lifehacks that can save you time at the airport security gate and reduce your Denver International Airport Security Wait Time. 

  • Liquid and Gel are allowed but only inside containers. (Not more than 3.4 ounces)
  • Before you proceed to the screening area, put all your containers in a one-quart zip-top plastic bag in the screening bin. 
  • Keep all metal articles, including coins, keys, jewelry, or any other device that may blow up sirens inside your carry-on bags before the security. 
  • All travelers should remove their shoes, belts, and jackets and keep them inside the screening bin for inspection.
  • No passenger with an ulterior motive shall pass the security screening, as the bags and vehicles are all subject to investigation at any moment. 
  • The airport staff is entitled to confiscate any unattended and abandoned baggage, including special items, electronic devices, and handbags, etc. So try to keep your belongings with you at all times. 
  • It is your right and duty to inform the staff if you notice suspicious activity or unattended items at the airport.
  • No flammable, explosive, or hazardous item is allowed as checked baggage as per the TSA guidelines. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How early should I arrive at the DEN Airport?

As per the experts, travelers should find themselves at the airport at least two hours prior to their scheduled boarding.

How long is the security check at Den Airport Security Wait times?

Travelers can expect to wait no less than five and a maximum of 15 minutes to make it to their gates after the security checks. Nevertheless, the duration may vary depending on the distance to the gate and if the traveler has limited mobility. 

Which security is faster at DIA?

Out of the three West Security Check point is the latest and the fastest at DIA. 

What is the best security checkpoint at DIA?

The West Security Checkpoint is not only brand-new but quite an advanced protection breakpoint. 

Which security at Denver airport has TSA PreCheck?

South and West Security has TSA PreCheck options. 

Does Denver International Airport have a TSA PreCheck?

Yes. DIA airport has Pre-check counters for security. 

Why do I need to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight?

Arriving a few hours before the departure time lets you peacefully complete your pre-flight procedures, seamlessly go through the checking points, and avoid missing flights during rush hours.

What is the busiest time at the Denver Airport?

The DEN airport is busiest between 8 and 9 a.m. and 4 and 6 p.m. when the security queues are the longest.


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