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Emirates Airlines JFK always works in favor of its passengers through its world-class amenities. All the passengers from the USA who are ready to fly with Emirates should visit terminal 4 of JFK Airport for the arrivals and departures of the flights. 

You can use services at terminal 4, such as nearby shops and lounges, shopping centers, public transport, fasten TSA, various dining options, parking spots, etc. All these facilities are important to making the journey smoother and more convenient. In addition, you can complete all the boarding formalities, such as checking item submissions, visiting the departure hall, using immigration services, and others. 

In this blog, we will highlight the important roles of Terminal 4, which will make your journey comfortable and travel-friendly. 

Emirates JFK Departure and Arrival

Departure & Arrival

Whether you cover a new destination or visit home after a long time with Emirates Airlines JFK, terminal 4 is the main spot for departure and arrival. 

If your international flight is going to depart, the maximum time limit for the check-in is 4 hours before the departure, and the last check-in is 1 hour before the departure. For domestic flight departures, the maximum check-in time is 3 hours before departure, and the last and final check-in is 45 minutes before departure. The check-in process for all flights is on the 4th floor of the departure level. 

T4 provides comfort for passengers, such as inquiry desks, unaccompanied minors, wheelchair assistance, etc. If you lose your luggage, you can contact the Lost & Found Department and seek assistance from the terminal staff. 

Ways Of Connecting With Emirates Airlines

If you have questions regarding your flight, contact the Emirates Airline’s staff. The representatives present there will guide you properly on taking a step ahead for your flight, whether it is regarding extra baggage allowance, duty-free allowance, lounge access, or other issues.

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy International Airport 
Airport code JFK
Operating airlines Emirates 
Contact number +1 718-244-4444
Address Queens, NY 11430, USA
Emirates Airlines Arrival and departure at JFK Terminal 4 
Emirates Customer service Number(718) 244-4444 
Official website https://www.jfkairport.com/ 
Instagram Pagehttps://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/213362252/john-f-kennedy-international-airport/ 
Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/JFKairport.Official/ 
Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/company/jfkiat 


All passengers who arrive at the airport 3 or 4 hours prior to departure can spend time in the lounges at Terminal 4, have food and drinks of their choice, and rest there. The lounges at Terminal 4 are listed below, along with their facilities, access rules, and operating hours.

Air India Maharaja Lounge

It is located in New York, NY, Emirates Airlines JFK terminal 4. Cardholders and those with a JFK outbound departure boarding pass and same-day travel confirmation can access the lounge. Children under 6 years old are free. The lounge operates from 8:15 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at night, and the maximum stay is 3 hours. 

The lounge facilities are mentioned below. 

1. Refreshments

2. Air Conditioning 

3. Wifi 

4. Access for disabled passengers

5. Alcohol

Note: Smoking is prohibited in the lounge, and a digital card is accepted.

Prime Class Lounge 

Prime class is located at New York, NY, Emirates Airlines JFK terminal 4. All travelers with a card or JFK outbound departure boarding pass and same-day travel confirmation can easily access the lounge. It operates 24 hours a day, and children under the age of 2 are free to bring.

The facilities of the lounge are mentioned below:- 

1. Air-conditioned space 

2. Access facilities for disabled passengers 

3. TV

4. Alcohol( beer and wine only)

5. Flight information

6. Newspaper and magazines 

7. Wifi

8. Refreshments

Note: Smoking is prohibited in the lounge, and digital cards are accepted.

Emirates Airlines JFK terminal 4 Services for Passengers 

It is a combination of services that passengers visiting Terminal 4 can only avail themselves of. The services included are baggage porting, new meet-and-greet services, lost-and-found, and baggage storage. We have elaborated on all the services below, which you can go through and have according to your preferences. 

Baggage Storage 

Baggage Storage

The baggage storage service, which falls under the T4 services, provides storage at various rates depending on the bag’s size and quantity. The price range covers anything from 25 dollars to 35$. Terminal 4 services care for your belongings and keep them safe and secure. 

Porter Service

In the portal services of terminal 4, you will find the surface neat, clean, and tidy. It also helps you reach the required destination effortlessly. The friendly and polite members of the Smart Carte Team guide the passengers properly and provide them with tailored services. 

Lost And Found 

If you somehow miss your luggage at the airport, then don’t worry. The dedicated team at Terminal 4 helps provide the luggage safely without any damage. The members ensure the safety of your luggage by keeping it in tight security and tracking it to provide your belongings on time. You can rely on the team to cover the routes without worries. 

Meet And Greet 

In the meet-and-greet services of Terminal 4, the staff assists you with everything that makes your journey soothing and comfortable. You get assistance regarding fast track services, buggy service, airport greeter, buggy service, and lounges. All these services help make your journey peaceful and far away from chaos.

Information Services 

The terminal professionals can assist with everything, including helping you make 100 percent use of all the services present at the terminal, navigate the routes correctly, and learn where the best place to spend your prior hours of departure is. You can also get information about the uses and benefits of the various services at terminal 4. 

Amenities Offered At Terminal 4

All passengers who want to use the amenities provided at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport can look at the details mentioned below.

Food Areas As Per Time Limitation

If you are in a hurry, you can eat at Bento Sushi, Shake Shack, Camden Foods, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and La Brea Hudson. If you have one hour to eat, you can have it at mi casa, Buffalo Wild Wings. If you have more than one hour, you can spend it at the Palm, Le Grand, a competitor.

Apart from this, the terminal has various options available to choose from for consumption, such as caviar house, seafood bar, brasseries, fast food outlet (New York classic burger spot – Shake Shack)

Basic Amenities 

Here are some basic facilities provided at Terminal 4 of JFK Airport. You can go through the details mentioned below:- 

In-flight amenities Lounges 
Stores Restaurants 
Ticketing services Pet travel service 
Cancellations and refunds Unaccompanied Minors 
Self-service kiosks Special Assistance 
Free wifiBaggage storage 
Pet relief areas Currency exchange
Nursing stationsNewsstand 
Go to markets Food and beverages 
Information counterPaging and traveler aid
Secure wrap,Wifi 

Medical Facilities

There is a good arrangement for medical emergencies. For purchasing non-prescribed medicine, a pharmacy at terminal 4 runs between 7 am and 11 pm.


Each terminal has wheelchair-accessible rooms. An information booth is also available at the terminal’s arrival levels. 

Special Assistance vehicle

If you are looking for on-site car rental agencies, Avis and Hertz offer hand-operated vehicles. Their contact numbers are 17182445400 and 17186567600, respectively. 


If you have finalized your bookings with Emirates and are ready to depart from Emirates Airlines JFK Terminal 4, then all the information provided will help you. You can avail yourself of all the services there, such as porter services, baggage storage, nearby lounges, medical facilities, restrooms, and many more. So go through all the details provided in the blog and make your journey comfortable and hurdle-free.

People May Also Ask

Which terminal does Emirates depart from in JFK?

Emirates departs from terminal 4 of JFK. 

How early can I check in at JFK?

You can check 4 hours prior to the departure and at the last check-in window that opens 1 hour prior to departure.

Is there luggage storage at JFK?

Yes, the luggage storage is at the arrival area of terminals 1, 4, and 8.

Is there any play area available at terminal 4?

No, there is no play area for children at Terminal 4.

How many lounges are there at terminal 4?

There are two lounges present at Terminal 4: Air India Maharaja Lounge and Premium Class Lounge.

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