Philippine Airlines John F Kennedy International Airport- JFK Terminal

Knowing which terminal Philippine Airlines uses is brilliant, especially at a busy airport like JFK. Knowing this can save you time and stress on your trip day. Suppose you have an upcoming flight with this airline from JFK International Airport. In that case, you must know the exact terminal and other details like procedures, amenities, how to save time at the airport, and more.

Further sections will tell you what to expect from check-in to departure, including any amenities you might need, like shops and restaurants. Whether you are a regular traveler or on your first trip, getting crucial information will ensure you arrive at the airport with all the information, making your time flying much better.

Terminal Used By Philippine Airlines JFK Airport

If you’re flying with Philippine Airlines out of JFK International Airport, knowing the terminal in advance is essential and valuable, too. This airline uses Terminal 1 at JFK. You can reach this terminal by looking at the directional signs or can get help from the staff. You can easily find your check-in counters, security lines, and boarding gate in this terminal. Knowing this in advance will let you go directly to Terminal 1 without wasting time. 

What To Do After Coming To JFK Airport?

So now that you have arrived at JFK Airport, you have to follow the procedures like check-in and security screening explained below:


Check in Area

You have a few options for checking in:

  • Online Check-in- Philippine Airlines allows you to check in online 24 hours before your flight, saving you time at the airport. 
  1. You can print your boarding pass or download it to your phone.
  • Self-Service Kiosk– Look for these kiosks in the check-in area. 
  1. You’ll need your confirmation email or reservation number to use them. 
  2. These kiosks allow you to check in, print your boarding pass, and sometimes even check your bags.
  3. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and get the check-in done. 
  4. Once done, you can collect your printed boarding pass.
  • Airport Counter– If you still need to check in online or at a kiosk, go to the airline’s check-in counter. 
  1. A staff member will help you check in, weigh and tag your checked bags, and issue your boarding pass.

Security Check

Look for signs directing you to security check-in. You must remove your shoes, jacket, and belt to get screened here. Place your carry-on luggage and personal items in the bins for X-ray screening.

Following Procedures After Landing At JFK

If you have just landed at the airport or are about to, you must know what to do next depending on your domestic or international flight:

Domestic Flight 

Domestic Flight 

If you are landing on a domestic flight, follow the guidelines below:

  • Step off the plane and follow the signs for “Arrivals” or “Baggage Claim.”
  • Look for the baggage claim belt number for your flight. Here, you’ll collect your checked bags.
  • You can use the automated kiosks to speed things up if you have nothing to declare. Otherwise, follow signs for customs and speak with a customs officer.
  • Once you have your bags, you’re free to leave the airport. Look for signs for “Ground Transportation,” which will guide you to taxis, rideshares, buses, or the AirTrain.

International Flight

Passengers landing on international flights have to follow the instructions below:

  • Similar to domestic flights, follow signs for “Arrivals” or “Immigration.
  • Then, in passport control, you’ll present your passport and any necessary visas to an immigration officer.
  • After immigration, go to baggage claim to collect your checked luggage.
  • Declare any items you bought that are subject to tax. Follow signs for customs and speak with an officer if needed.
  • You can leave the airport once you finish all the procedures after landing.

What Transport Service To Use To Reach JFK Terminal 1?

With a large airport like JFK, figuring out how to get there can be mind-boggling. There are transportation options to reach Terminal 1, from budget-friendly public transportation to convenient ride-sharing services mentioned below:

  • Public Transportation
  1. AirTrain– This free train system connects all JFK terminals. If you arrive at another terminal, take the AirTrain to Terminal 1.
  2. Subway– It connects to JFK Airport. This budget-friendly option can involve transfers and may not be the most convenient with luggage.
  3. Long Island Rail Road- The LIRR offers service to JFK Airport from various locations on Long Island.
  • Ride-Sharing Services– These ride-sharing apps offer comfortable service. Download the app of the particular cab app on your phone, request a ride, and get picked up outside your arrival terminal.
  • Taxis are available outside each terminal at JFK Airport. Upon arrival, follow signs for taxi stands. 
  • Rental Cars- If you’re renting a car, follow the signs for the rental car center after arriving at JFK Airport. Here, you can pick up your vehicle and be on your way.

What Amenities To Expect At JFK Airport?

While JFK Airport offers many passenger comforts and easy procedures, knowing the amenities Philippine Air provides at T1 can further make your travel even better. Take advantage of the mentioned below amenities:

Check-in countersBoarding gatesLost & Found (TSA items) Pet relief areas
Charging stationsLost and FoundRental car desksMassage chairs 
Lactation roomsBusiness centersValet parking Hair salons 
ATMsChildren’s play areasPublic transportation Children’s book vending machines 
Currency exchange kiosksWater bottle refilling stationsMovie theatersMeet and greet services
Newspaper & magazine vendorsATMs Shoe shine standsSpecial needs assistance 
Restaurants and cafesRestaurants and cafesGaming areasBaggage tracking 
ShopsShopsArt exhibitsLuggage weighing stations 
Vending machinesVending machinesPostal services Complimentary hydration stations 
RestroomsRestrooms with family optionsCar rental desksVending machines with healthy snacks 
Public transportation information desksFlight connections assistanceShort-term parking information desksInteractive flight information displays
Flight status displaysPassenger loungesPublic transportationInformation desks
Information desksInformation desksAutomated Passport Directional signs
Luggage storage lockersTTY phonesDuty-free shoppingHandicap facilities
Luggage storage lockersPrayer roomsShowers Flight delay assistance
Medical assistanceTranslation services Quiet rooms Yoga rooms 

Tips To Save Time At JFK Airport

Before arriving at the airport, you must know some tips to save time. Know about the tips mentioned below:

  • Use the Philippine Air app to check in and print bag tags at home or on the go.
  • Download movies and shows directly to your device for offline entertainment.
  • Download a JFK Airport map app to find your Philippine Airlines terminal quickly.
  • Save paper and access your boarding pass easily by storing it digitally on your phone’s wallet app.
  • Leave the post-security food rush behind by ordering meals or snacks through airport apps for pick-up or delivery.
  • If eligible, you can easily access passport control through the self-service kiosks.
  • Instead of buying bottled water, you can keep an empty water bottle and refill it for free at hydration stations throughout the airport.
  • Track your checked luggage in real time with the tracking app, reducing anxiety and saving time.
  • Escape the airport hassle by booking access to a lounge for priority boarding, comfortable seating, & refreshments.
  • If you travel often, joining the Philippine Airlines frequent flyer program can save time with priority check-in and baggage handling.
  • Download a JFK Airport App & stay informed about gate changes, delays, and amenities.
  • Exchange currency before your trip, knowing you can get a portion back upon return if unused.
  • Plan your post-flight transportation easily with updated arrival and departure information for trains, buses, or rideshares.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is Philippine Airlines in JFK?

Philippine Airlines takes off from Terminal 1 at JFK Airport. If you still want to confirm your terminal, contact the airline.

Where can I check in for my Philippine Airlines flight at JFK?

You can check in for your flight at Terminal 1. Philippine Airlines also offers online check-in for added convenience. At the airport, you can use the airport counter or self-service kiosk.

Does Terminal 1 at JFK have amenities like restaurants and shops?

Yes, Terminal 1 offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and other amenities to make your wait time at the terminal even better.

Does Philippine Airlines have a lounge at JFK Terminal 1?

The airline offers lounge access for specific cabin classes and not economy classes. 

How can I get to JFK Airport?

Arriving at JFK Airport is easy, with transportation options available, including taxis, ride-sharing services, buses, and the AirTrain.

Where can I park at JFK Airport?

JFK Airport offers several parking options. To find out about the rates, contact the airline or visit their website.

What happens if my Philippine Airlines flight gets canceled?

If your Philippine Airlines flight is canceled, the airline will rebook your flight to the next available one or provide you with a full refund.

What happens if I lose my passport or travel documents at JFK Airport?

If you lose any travel documents, contact your embassy or consulate at JFK Airport immediately for assistance. 

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