Qatar Airways Los Angeles International Airport – LAX Terminal

Qatar Airways Los Angeles International Airport - LAX Terminal

Qatar Airways flights operate from Terminal B of Los Angeles International Airport. It is also known as the Tom Bradley International Terminal of the airport. The terminal offers world-class amenities to its visitors. Passengers departing or arriving at the terminal building have access to advanced technologies and innovations. All of these work together to make your journey a better experience. Scroll down to learn more about the services offered at the airline’s terminal. 

Qatar Flight Arrival & Departure At LAX Airport

The airline handles flight departure and arrival from Terminal B of LAX International Airport. All the facilities required for passengers to board the plane are available at the terminal building. Every activity is performed at the airline’s terminal, from check-in to clearing security screenings, from submitting baggage to getting a boarding pass. 

Qatar Airways LAX Airport Terminal Overview

When in confusion, use the specifics shared below to get in touch with the right authority for assistance. Possessing basic contact details of the airport and airline will always come in handy in case of emergencies. 

Name of the AirlinesQatar Airways
Concerned Airport HubLos Angeles International Airport
Departing & Arriving Flight TerminalTerminal B
(Tom Bradley International Terminal – TBIT)
Code LAX
Address of the Airport1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Contact NumberAirport – (855) 463-5252 Airline – (877) 777-2827
Authorized WebpageAirport – 
Airline – 

LAX Connection between Terminals

The airport offers various ways to transfer from one terminal to another. If you’re flying on Qatar Airways with a connecting flight, choose the convenient way to save time and catch another flight on time. Use any of the following ways to travel between terminals at the airport:

Shuttle Bus – You can easily use the shuttle services to move from one terminal to another.

Walkways – The airport has airside walkways that connect all the terminals. You can travel from terminal 1 to 8 in just 16 minutes. 

Star Alliance Connection Service – Passengers flying on Star alliance member airlines can use this connection service to get around the airport. 

Facilities Inside Qatar Airways Terminal At LAX Airport

Los Angeles International Airport provides different services to ensure the convenience and comfort of visiting passengers. It is to make sure that every amenity is available to passengers while traveling for a better journey experience. 

ICE Currency ExchangeVolunteer Information ProfessionalsRestrooms for All GendersFamily Toilets
Smart Luggage Interactive Visitors CentersAdult Changing RoomCar Rental Services
ART ExhibitionATMsEscalatorsTDD Pay Phones
Water Fountain Bottle FillerWater Vending Automated RetailDefibrillator
Information DesksNursing RoomTicketing CountersUS Customs and Border Protection
Baggage HandlingElevatorsPay PhonesStairs
Animal Service Animal & Pet Relief AreaFREE Wi-Fi ConnectionRetail and Food Stores

TSA Security Screening

Passengers boarding planes will undergo security screening a long time before departure. During the procedure, the concerned staff will x-ray screen the checked and carry-on luggage to make certain no harmful devices are packed. The staff will also carry out pat-down screening on passengers to make doubly sure. 

Lost and Found Services

Lost and Found Service

The airport police division manages the LAX lost and found queries. Passengers have to report a claim about a misplaced or lost item. No charge is applicable for such services. Contact the airport authority only when the item is lost in ticketing areas, baggage claim, gate areas, restaurants, stores, curbsides, parking lots, etc.  Contact the airline’s ticketing counter during business hours if your belongings are misplaced on the plane.

Traveling with Pets

Qatar Airways permits small domestic dogs, cats, and birds as checked baggage. Only falcons and service animals are allowed in passenger cabins on selected destinations. The permission to travel with pets is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that the airline does not supply pet carriers, so you have to bring your own on the day of departure. While at the airport, your dog or cat should always be on a leash at LAX. However, you can remove the leash when stopping at the relief stations covered with proper fencing. 

Custom and Immigration

It is mandatory for international passengers to go through customs and immigration formalities right after getting off their plane. You must submit your passports, visas, and related documents for verification. When landing at LAX Terminal, you can download the Mobile Passport Control (MPC) application to submit your travel documents. This service is completely free of charge and reduces paperwork as well. 

Airline Ticket Counter

At the airport, there are designated ticket counters for every airline. You can inquire about the airline services or purchase a fresh ticket from the counter. The stationed employee will help you in every way as per the airline’s policies and conditions. Some common queries you can forward to the ticket counter are:- flight cancellation, rescheduling, seat selection & upgradation, adding inflight services, requesting special assistance, etc. 

At Last!

All in all, passengers traveling on Qatar flights departing from LAX can access every service available at Terminal B. Know that you can always seek assistance from the information desk when lost. Use the contact number on this page to speak directly with the concerned authority to get specific details. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is Qatar Airways in LAX?

Qatar Airways serves Terminal 2 of Los Angeles International Airport for flight departure and arrival. 

What terminal does Qatar Airways leave from?

Qatar flights depart from LAX Terminal 2. The same terminal is used to operate flight arrivals. 

Where does Qatar fly from LAX?

LAX Terminal 2 facilitates direct flights from Los Angeles to Doha for Qatar Airways.

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