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Newark Liberty International Airport

Traveling with United Airlines and wondering what you should or should not do after visiting the airport? Then, you are on the right page as you’ll get all the relevant information related to the United Airlines Newark Liberty International Airport – EWR in one place. You don’t need to scroll through multiple websites to collect all the details. Having all important information, such as contact information, ATMs, booking and cancellation counters, currency exchange counters, lounges, etc., may save you much time and effort. 

What Terminal is United Airlines at EWR?

Getting all the terminal-related information before reaching the airport can be a good decision. United Airlines exclusively uses Terminals C at Newark International Airport for all arriving and departing flights. Once you reach any terminal, you can head to the various counters available for booking and cancellation, baggage claim, special assistance, etc. However, United Airlines manages its different operations for codeshare flights from these 3 terminals. You can explore all three terminals anytime if you have enough time before your flight departure.

United Airlines EWR Airport Essential Details & Map

Finding the exact details on the Internet for the places you will visit can become challenging sometimes. It can be time-consuming, but you can tackle many issues if you collect all of them. The table listed below will give you all the essential information about United Airlines at EWR International Airport terminals:

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Information
Airport NameNewark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
EWR Airport Official Websitehttps://www.newarkairport.com/
Airport Address3 Brewster Rd, Newark, NJ 07114
Airlines StatusActive
Airport IATA CodeEWR
CountryUnited States
EWR Airport Contact Number(973) 961-6000
Airport Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/EWRairport/
Airport Twitter Accounthttps://twitter.com/ewrairport
United Airlines Contact Information
Airlines NameUnited Airlines
Official websitehttps://www.united.com/
United Airlines Departures Terminal At EWRTerminal C
United Airlines Arrivals Terminal At EWRTerminal C
Contact Number1 (800) 864-8331
Airlines IATA CodeUA
Airlines ICAO CodeUAL
FoundedApril 6, 1926
HeadquarteredChicago, IL

United Airlines EWR Terminal Services and Amenities

You’ll be amazed to see the top-notch services and amenities of United Airlines at EWR Newark Airport. The airport and the airline take good care of the passengers and visitors by providing them with the most relaxing ambiance, noise-free environment at multiple places, premium lounges, restrooms, etc. Apart from this, EWR and United Airlines staff are available at the airport, and you can ask them for help in case of any issues. The staff is a team of professionals who treat every visitor politely and gently so that all the passengers will resolve their queries quickly. Here is a list of all the services and amenities United Airlines offers at EWR:

Ticket BookingBaggage Claims & Trolleys
Delayed BaggageCafes & Tea Shops
Duty Free ShopsMeet & Greet Service at the Airport
RestaurantsHotels and Medical Services 
LoungesFlight Status & Information
Currency ExchangeBank And Currency Exchange 
Exhibition Services Lost & Found Services
Dressing Rooms Post office
Booking Cancellation & RefundTrueBlue
Damage Baggage ServicesCheck-in Services
Animal Relief AreaBaggage Allowance

Terminal A

Terminal A at Newark

Terminal A at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) offers services to the United, Southwest, JetBlue, and Air Canada Airlines for all their Domestic Flight operations. United Airlines uses it for codeshare flights. You can head to the terminal to find a number of different lounges and other premium amenities such as retail shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. 

The terminal allows passengers to explore other services like currency exchange, ATM machines, booking and cancellation counters, query desks, etc. A non-stop bus, taxi, rideshare, and AirTrain Monorail system services are available if you need to travel from Terminal A to B or C. 

Terminal B

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey uses Terminal B. Additionally, it is a hub for all the major airlines in the aviation industry. The airport is a brilliant example of modern design elements and advanced technology that allow the airport to work more efficiently. Terminal B also serves as a United Airlines Domestic Newark Terminal. 

Once you reach the EWR Terminal B, you’ll experience the phenomenal check-in, booking, baggage claim services, dressing rooms, lounges, and restaurant options. In addition, the airport’s terminal offers multiple transportation options such as taxi, bus, and public transport. You can also use the available parking facility to reach the airport by driving. 

Terminal C

Terminal C at EWR International Airport is the operational terminal of United Airlines. The airline uses Terminal C for all its domestic and international departing and arriving flights. 

Along with this, Terminal C is also renowned for its top-notch services and amenities, with a wide range of shopping, & dining options available. Also, various premium, high-class lounges will be worth it for you. There are various concourses at the Terminal from which you can reach the airport’s different gates and departure areas. 

You can reach Terminal C from several transportation options, such as taxis, buses, or the AirTrain system. These facilities make it much easier for you to find any place at the airport, including parking lots, transportation options, rental cars, etc. 

After reaching Terminal C, you can head towards the different terminal levels used for different purposes. Level 1st is used for the baggage claim facility for the arrived passengers. 

At Level 2nd, you’ll be able to find the Economy Class and Business Class check-in facility along with the International Ticketing option. 

Level 3rd is the ticketing area for domestic flight passengers, which also has access to the gates level. Passengers can directly visit here for all their Domestic Flight ticketing needs.

The Mezzanine Level is used for all the currency exchange services at Terminal C. Additionally, almost all the US immigration counters will be found at the Mezzanine Level. 

United Airlines Booking at EWR Airport

Whether you are a seasoned traveler or making a reservation for the first time, United Airlines makes it easy for everyone to book a flight anytime. You can make a flight booking in no time through various processes. You can do the same by visiting the official website of United Airlines, calling the Guest Care Staff, personally visiting the Airport or through any 3rd party travel agent. 

All you need to do is provide your basic information, select the preferred date and time of the flight you wish to book, pay, and sit back. If you are not comfortable online or calling the airline, you can directly reach the United Airlines Newark Liberty International Airport EWR booking counter and request the staff to make a reservation on your behalf. 

The manage booking option manages your already booked flights and itineraries by sitting at home. You can do the same by opening the official website of United Airlines and clicking on the “My Booking” option. This is one of the easiest ways to do it. Otherwise, you can reach the EWR airport and inform the Guest Care Executive to make the desired changes or manage your booking. 

United Airlines Check-in Process at EWR

Various check-in options are provided by United Airlines, such as Self-Serve Kiosks at the check-in counter or through the official website. Online check-in usually opens 24 hours prior to the flight departure. You’ll receive an electronic boarding pass after the successful check-in through the official website online.

If you are at the airport, you can use the self-serve kiosk for check-in. The kiosk will allow you to print your boarding pass simultaneously. If you are uncomfortable with the process, you can visit the United Airlines check-in counter at EWR Terminal and ask the executive to complete the check-in process. 

Ticket Cancellation & Refund

United Airlines offers various canceling and refund policies to passengers. Emergencies can happen anytime. In that case, you can opt to cancel your flight ticket. Various methods are available for the same. You can cancel the flight through the official website, visit the airport’s office, or call them directly. 

You can log in to the account after visiting the official website of United Airlines and click cancellation. Alternatively, you can call the airline’s office to cancel by informing them why your flight is canceled. If you want to visit the Newark Liberty International Airport EWR Terminal C personally, you can do the same and head to the airline’s counter. Then, ask the executive to cancel the flight. The staff will then inform you about the cancellation charges if applicable. 

Lost and Found

If you lose your luggage anywhere at the EWR Airport, you must immediately inform the United Airlines lost and found desk to get quick help. Inform everyone about the same, and the airline and the airport staff will help you find the luggage. 

You can directly call the Airline’s office and inform them about your issue. If you are already at the airport, you can visit the United Airlines Lost and Found counter and report the baggage loss issue. The airline will then try to find your luggage as soon as possible. 

Pet Travel Facility At Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)

Pet Travel Facility At Newark Liberty Airport

United Airlines offers flexible pet travel policies to passengers. Additionally, there is a dedicated pet relief area at the Newark Liberty Airport EWR terminal for your four-legged companion to relax before the flight. Under restricted guidelines, the airline allows travelers to carry their pets inside the cabin. But ensure that all the documents and certificates are available during check-in. Also, the pets must be carried inside the rigid kennel to avoid harming other passengers. You can contact the United Airlines counter terminal at EWR for more detailed pet travel information. 

Parking Service

Parking options will be available once you reach the EWR International Airport terminal. If you are self-driving your car, the airport parking facility allows you to park your cark in the parking. Additionally, the amount will be applicable depending on the time duration of the parking. For more details, you can contact the guest care staff or call them directly using the above-mentioned official contact details. 

Special Assistance

Traveling with a patient or passenger with serious medical conditions? Don’t worry; the United Airlines dedicated special assistance service will not disappoint you. The airline and airport staff are highly-trained professionals who will help you get all the necessary help, from getting a wheelchair to priority boarding and medical assistance. Be sure to inform United Airlines of this so they can make the arrangements accordingly. 

Lounges at EWR Airport 

Lounges at EWR Airport 

Traveling on an empty stomach is never good for anyone’s health. That’s why the airline offers premium and luxurious lounges and restaurants at all the airport terminals, where you can try delicious food and some refreshing beverages. This is the best way to relax and wait for your flight at the airport. Also, many cafes are available where you can try something new and rest until your flight departs. If you cannot find any lounge, cafe, or restaurant, you can directly ask the airport staff to help you find one. 

Immigration Desk

If you are looking for the immigration desk at the airport, head to terminal C Mezzanine Level, the hub of US immigration counters. Alternatively, you can find an Automated Passport Control (APC) kiosk to help you complete the immigration process quickly. 


Traveling without any plan or knowing about the places you will visit may sometimes cause severe headaches for many passengers. This is because you don’t know where to reach or what to do next if you are not prepared in advance in case an issue occurs. Carrying all the United Airlines Newark Liberty International Airport – EWR Terminal C will help you reach anywhere you want at the airport. You can also directly head to the reservation and cancellation counters, check-in counter, lounges, restaurants, currency exchange counters, etc. Various other services are available at all the EWR airport terminals, and you can take any of the transportation services to transfer between terminals A, B, and C.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Terminal Is United At Newark Airport?

United Airlines uses Terminals A, B, and C at Newark Liberty International Airport for all its operations and offers various premium services and amenities. 

What is the United Airlines arrival terminal at EWR International Airport?

United Airlines exclusively uses Terminal C at EWR Newark Liberty International Airport for almost all its arriving flights.

What is the United Airlines departure terminal at EWR Airport?

Terminals A, B, and C are the operational terminals for United Airlines at EWR. However, C is the main terminal for all its operations, and others are used for codeshare flights.

What are the contact details of United Airlines at EWR Airport?

1 (800) 864-8331 is the contact number of United Airlines operating from Newark International Airport Terminal C.

Does United offer special assistance for wheelchairs at EWR International Airport?

Yes, United Airlines offers dedicated special assistance services to passengers who need wheelchairs or support at the airport due to severe medical conditions or any other emergencies.

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