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Air China flights fly out of the Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal B (TBIT). As you step into Air China LAX Terminal, you will be greeted with warm hospitality and modern facilities. Travelers making their way to the assigned gate should prepare themselves with all the information that might help them easily navigate the airport. As the terminal has features such as self-service, check-in, and baggage drop-off, you can make it a perfect starting point for your upcoming adventure.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival and Departure Depart

Upon arrival, passengers are supposed to head to the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) to proceed to the immigration and customs area, where they will show their travel docs. After clearing customs, collect your baggage from the designated carousel. Ask the terminal staff to recommend the most convenient ground transportation options for you. 

Departing passengers can save time by checking in online and printing their boarding pass. Then, head to TBIT and get ready to complete all the pre-flight procedures, such as luggage drop-off, security screening, and other mandatory steps. 

Plan to arrive at the terminal at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

Connections with the Airlines and Terminal in Advance

If you want to resolve your queries before stepping inside the airport terminal, you can call or leave an email to the airline and the airport. Their officials will explain everything you might require inside the terminal. Below is the information to contact the professional team:

Name of Airlines Air China
Airport John F. Kennedy International Airport
Arriving & Departing Terminal Terminal B (TBIT)

5757 W Century Blvd #722, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Contact Number+1-310-215-1188
Customer Service Air China – +1 718-656-5545
Official WebsiteAirport- 
Instagram Handle 
Facebook Page
LinkedIn Page

What Amenities are Available at LAX?

When you enter the terminal, the staff welcomes you with everything best! They value your time and, therefore, assist you with the most convenient way to complete your procedures before your flight. Also, they suggest some extra amenities that might help you make your air travel enjoyable. Get ideas by reading the following points: 

Ticketing counterAirport and In-flight Wifi ConnectionCancel Tickets and Inquire about the Refund Status
Check-in OptionsSelect your preferred seatPurchase Extra Baggage Allowance
Emergency Services Cab and Rental VehiclesShopping Area
BarsSpecial AssistanceMedical Aid
Rooms for InfantsAirport Lounges Pet Travel Regulations
Rest-roomsChildren’s Play AreaParking Services
TaxisCurrency ExchangeATM

Exciting Shopping and Dining Options

Exciting Shopping and Dining Options

Every passenger should prefer last-minute shopping! Wanna know why? The terminal has various shopping malls where passengers can buy travel essentials and make their trip even more exciting. Who doesn’t crave tasty cuisine? Well, everyone does! So, there is nothing to think about, as the terminal also offers the best dining option, which is filled with regional food and famous dishes. 

Free Wi-Fi Connection

If you are willing to give travel updates to your friends and family, are left with some pending work, or want to check emails, feel free to use the unlimited wifi services the terminal offers. All you need to do is refresh your device’s connection, select “Free Airport Wi-Fi,” and start browsing. Remember not to perform any private activity such as Internet banking etc.

Get your Lost Belonging ASAP

Passengers dealing with lost luggage and last saw their items at the ticketing area, baggage claim, gate area, restaurants, and other airport areas must contact the airport authority and report a case regarding their lost belongings. Travelers can rely on the lost and found department and ask their professionals to reunite their items immediately. If you have left your item on your flight, kindly contact the airline.

Essential Airport Services: You Should Know

Before availing yourself of the above additional services for your flight, you must make sure that all the mandatory pre-flight services are completed efficiently and on time. Here are the necessary steps one should follow:

Book Your Flight

Ensure you have your travel dates, destination, and passenger details ready before reserving your seat on a flight. You can book your tickets right from your couch by visiting their website and entering the necessary information. Before that, be aware of the airline’s baggage policies and additional charges. By the way, booking in advance can help you secure better rates and seats.

Airport Check-in

The very first step in your airport journey is Check-in. It’s where you confirm your presence and collect your boarding pass. Passengers can check in online or at the airport counter. Before visiting these counters, make sure you are carrying all your travel documents, such as your identity card and passport. For a quicker process, you can prefer using the self-service kiosks.

Upgrade Your Seat

If you wish to move to a higher class of service, seek a seat upgrade. You can upgrade during booking or at the airport. You may have to pay an amount before upgrading your seat, or you can also use your membership card to do so. Upgrading can provide more comfort, extra legroom, and other in-flight services. So, check with your airline for their upgrade policies and fees.

Make Your Packing Easy

Travelers must inquire about the luggage permitted on their flight. Air China international LAX terminal has specific weight and size limits for checked and carry-on bags. If you exceed the limit, you will likely incur additional fees. Therefore, it is important to check with the airline for their baggage policies and pack accordingly to avoid any issues during check-in.

Be Prepared for Security Checkpoints

Security Checkpoints are a crucial part of the airport to maintain everyone’s safety and security. Before passing through metal detectors or scanners, you must remove electronics, liquids, and belts. Remember not to carry any prohibited items. Be prepared to show your boarding pass and ID. The screening process can be busy; plan accordingly and try to arrive early to avoid delays.


Last but not least, the Air China LAX Terminal offers a convenient travel experience for passengers. With all the easy-access facilities, efficient check-in and baggage drop-off processes, and airport lounges, Air China is maintaining its standards for air travel. In addition to that, passengers can also explore extra amenities such as dining, shopping options, and branded stores. So consider reaching the terminal on time so that you can also enjoy visiting these stores before your flight takes off. Make your travel worthwhile!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is Air China at LAX?

Air China is at Terminal B at Los Angeles International Airport, ensuring a smooth arrival and departure for its passengers.

What airlines operate from Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX?

Air China, Air France, Air New Zealand, and many more fly out of LAX Airport’s Terminal B (TBIT).

How early should I arrive at the airport?

Domestic passengers should arrive 2 hours before their flight, and international travelers should arrive 3 hours before their flight.

How long does it take to get through security at LAX airport?

Passing the airport screening process only takes 20-30 minutes. However, it may take longer if the counter is busy, so plan accordingly.

How can I contact the airlines and airport before stepping inside the terminal?

LAX Terminal- +1-310-215-1188,
Air China – +1 718-656-5545,

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