Best Airport Lounges In World

Best airport lounges can play a vital role for passengers seeking to elevate their airport experience. It can offer a range of comfort, luxury, and world-class amenities. Being able to escape the hustle and bustle of the airports can be a blessing, and lounge areas do the exact thing for you. 

The airport lounges are accessible to those who either have a frequent flyer status, purchase business/ first class tickets or are a part of premium memberships. Every airline has a lounge facility that is provided to a specific number of passengers based on the above-mentioned status. 

This page gives you insight into some of the best airport lounges in the world that are world spending on. Keep scrolling to know more!

What Are The Best Airport Lounges?

Visiting new places is exciting, but the traveling part is very tiresome and can feel like a difficult task to complete. So, you require a place to sit, relax, and plan your next move. Since millions of travelers fly every year, airports are usually filled with crowds and long queues. Fortunately, passengers can catch their breath by relying on airport lounges. 

Passengers can rely on the best airport lounges to catch their breath and get a comforting experience. If you have a layover, you can get the most out of your time by spending hours at airport lounges. Here are some of the things that you can do while being at the concerned airport lounge:

  • It offers you a comforting place away from the airport storm and crowd.
  • You often get complimentary food, snacks, and drinks at the airport.
  • They even provide you with a station where you can have your online meetings and complete pending tasks.
  • Roaming around with children in crowded places can be hectic. Passengers traveling with their kids and family can head to the airport lounge as they offer a kid-friendly zone as well. 

List of Best Airport Lounges Globally

List of Best Airport Lounges

Here, we present you a list of 10 Best Airport Lounges according to our research. These lounges mentioned on this list are not ranked in order of any sort, and they are random. We have mentioned the airport lounges that are famous for their spacious area and world-class services. So, if you happen to depart or arrive at any of the following airports, you know where to lounge. 

1. Air France La Première Lounge, Paris

Air France La Première Lounge

Air France La Premiere is for passengers flying in La Première cabin class, offering exclusive experiences to passengers. Get ready to undergo a fresh and new atmosphere as the airline has recently restored its first-class lounge area at Charles de Gaulle in May after the renovations and redecorations. Leaving you with a warm and inviting cocktail bar, partially private relaxing areas, and some interesting pieces of artwork. 

You can easily have access to this space if you are flying in the La Première cabin class of Air France. It is also available to passengers connecting to this flight. One may also buy the access if they are flying on a long-haul flight operated by Air France.

2. Delta Sky Club (Lounges)

Delta Sky Club

Delta Sky Club is located in over 50 locations globally. It never fails to deliver consistent services and facilities to its customers without compromising the quality. Some of its famous hubs are Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). 

You can fuel up for your travel with the healthy menu selection. Other services and amenities include flight assistance, complimentary wi-fi, a cozy bar, entertainment options, and shower facilities at selected locations. Passengers with a Medallion Membership of the Delta SkyMiles Program can purchase access to the Sky Club.  

3. American Express Centurion Lounges

American Express Centurion Lounges

American Express has been growing its Centurion Lounge locations globally. It has opened new networks in New York and Charlotte. Soon, it will have around 40 locations around the world. American Express Centurion Network is basically a group of exclusive airport lounges situated in different parts of the world. You can have a good selection of meals, cocktails, spa services, conference rooms, shower suites, high-speed internet connection, and many entertainment options.

If you are a holder of Platinum, Business Platinum, or  Centurion cards with same-day boarding passes, you can easily avail of these services at these lounges. Even if you hold a Delta SkyMiles Reserve card (Business or Personal), you can enter the lounge when departing with Delta flights. 

4. Emirates First Class Lounge, Dubai

Emirates First Class Lounge

Emirates First Class Lounge, located in Dubai International Airport, is in itself a terminal, almost spread across the entire concourse of the airport. The entire atmosphere is welcoming as soon as you step inside. There are various activities to indulge in, from tasting wine cellar to getting treatment at their Timeless Spa. Lastly, get a shot of espresso at the coffee bar or choose the relaxing areas to lounge and restore energy. 

More interestingly, you get the access to the in-lounge duty-free shops. Guests can have a tasty dining buffet, from sushi to pastries to everything. And, like many other lounges, you get shower suites, an internet connection, semi-private areas, and all the basic amenities. You just have to have an Emirates Skywards Platinum elite status or a premium first-class ticket. 

5. Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt

Lufthansa First Class Terminal

Lufthansa has a complete first-class terminal located in its hub, Frankfurt. Instead of entering the airport hustle and bustle, head straight towards this terminal and complete the security prior to accessing the in-lounge services and amenities. There, you will get a cigar lounge, a bar serving a wide range of whiskey options, a dining room, basic amenities, and more. Guests can have a full bath facility as well. 

Passengers flying in first-class flights operated by Lufthansa or connecting flights to a Lufthansa, Austrian, or Swiss. Uber-elite Hon Circle.

6. Qantas First Lounge, Sydney

Qantas First Lounge

Once you pass through the duty-free shops, you can step on escalators to enter the lounge at its hub at Sydney International Airport. The lounge is spread across 2,000 square meters. So, you can guess it’s pretty big and has an amazing layout, unlike any other airport lounge. 

There is an escalator right where the entrance is, and it’s aesthetically cool as well. The lounge is located along the long hallway, which is curved shaped. Guests are offered a dining menu, which is often praised by many people, saying that it tastes better than onboard food. You get all the beverages and alcohol to sit back and relax. If your work is pending, head to the dedicated workstation to get it going. Passengers holding first-class flying tickets of Qantas, Emirates, or Oneworld partner flights can have access. 

7. Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge, Doha

Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Business Lounge

Enter the most elegant Qatar Airways airport lounge located at Hamad International Airport. Indulge yourself in the beauty of Arabian heritage with an atmosphere that is no less than a resort. Get treated with unique hospitality that guarantees a memorable journey experience. The surroundings are made up of striking designs showcasing modern flair and style. 

The lounge area offers a variety of food options, including flavors from around the world. It offers world-class facilities that let you stay connected to business meetings and projects. Not to mention the comforting area where you can relax and rejuvenate. To get access, you need to have a business or first-class ticket from Qatar Airways or its partnered airlines. Passengers flying in lower cabins may get access by purchasing it.

8. Swiss First Class Lounge, Zurich

Swiss First Class Lounge

Swiss First Class is famously known as a luxurious airport lounge located at Zurich Airport. Whether you are departing, transferring, or arriving at the airport, you can spend time here and be the guest. You can indulge in pure luxury. There are a couple of hotel rooms, a conference area, small suites, a champagne bar, two restaurants, and much more for your comforting experience. Not only that, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the terrace, which is 352 m². 

First-class passengers can avail of the services offered at the Swiss First Class Lounge on the day of departure or arrival. 

9. Turkish Airlines Lounge Business, Istanbul

Turkish Airlines Lounge Business

Turkish Airlines Lounge areas located at Istanbul Airport promise an experience like never before. You can enjoy its gourmet delicacies, use workstations, and utilize other special facilities offered for domestic and international flight passengers. Additionally, it offers a quiet space where you can have online meetings or take a quick nap before the flight. You also get a multimedia room and a play area to keep your kids entertained. 

You can have access if you are flying in a business and first-class flight cabin of Turkish Airlines. If you hold a Star Alliance Gold elite, you may also have access to the above-mentioned services and amenities. 

10. United Polaris Lounge, Chicago

United Polaris Lounge

United Polaris Lounge at Chicago O’Hare International Airport is offered by United Airlines. However, do not confuse it with United Club Lounge. It is a product of the “reinvention” of its business-class cabin products. Along with Chicago Airport, the lounge is opened at George Bush Intercontinental-Houston (IAH), Los Angeles International (LAX), Newark Liberty International (EWR), San Francisco International (SFO), and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). It offers large space for seating options, a dining area, workstation pods, as well as cocktails, and much more. 

Passengers holding business class tickets on long-haul international flights can claim access to this space. Moreover, if you are a Star Alliance business and first-class passenger, you may also get access to the United Polaris Lounge at Chicago Airport. 

Ways to Get Access to Airport Lounges

Ways to Get Access to Airport Lounges

As we already know, airport lounges are not accessible to every passenger. It is a service available to only eligible passengers. Either you have to have a premium status or purchase it using the right method. So, we have shared some ways through which you can score airport lounge access. 

  • Day Pass Access:

There are many lounges in the world that are offered on the basis of a daily pass. Passengers can purchase these passes at the airport check-in counter. You may even use third-party applications to explore lounges and book access.

  • Elite Membership:

Alongside, many major airlines have their own lounge facilities for passengers that are a part of their memberships. Being a part of that group, you easily get access to the airline lounges and get the same benefits or even better than you would get in daily pass lounges.

  • Frequent Flyer or Premium Ticket:

The airline often serves frequent flyers and passengers with premium tickets (Business & First Class) with lounge services. You can show your ticket at the entrance and get access to the luxury lounge at the airport to sit and relax. 

  • Credit Card:

Since you can pay for lounge access, having the right credit card can also help. Some cards come with unlimited access, while other credit cards offer annual or limited visits. Some airlines also offer credit cards to enjoy such benefits. So, if you are a credit card holder, check whether you are eligible. 

FAQs – Commonly Asked Questions

What is the best airport lounge pass?

A lounge pass is basically a ticket or membership that is issued to eligible passengers, indicating access to the airport lounge and its amenities. 

Which is the best airport lounge membership?

As per the AFAR magazine, Delta SkyClub offers the best airport lounge membership, which is offered to Medallion members of the Delta SkyMiles Program. 

Which airport lounge is the most luxurious?

Some of the most luxurious airport lounges are Air France La Première Lounge, Paris, Lufthansa First Class Terminal, Frankfurt, Qantas First Lounge, Sydney, and Swiss First Lounge, Zurich. 

Who has the best airport lounges in the United States?

There are many airport lounges in the United States. Some of the best are United Polaris Lounge, Qantas First Lounge LAX, Delta Sky Club LAX, Turkish Airlines Lounge IAD, etc. 

Is buying airport lounge access worth it?

Yes, purchasing lounge access totally worth your time, effort, and money. However, it is still your personal choice whether you want to get one. 

Is everything free in airport lounges?

Yes. Typically, everything is included in your membership or access pass. So, you get free meals, beverages, and alcohol. 

Can you sleep in an airport VIP lounge?

Yes, you can sleep in an airport VIP lounge as long as there are no restrictions on staying hours. 

Is Centurion Lounge better than Priority Pass?

Centurion Lounges are always praised for their luxuriousness, and often some say it is better than Priority Pass. However, both offer quality services and amenities. 

Which card is best for all airport lounge access?

Cards like Platinum Card from American Express, Citi / AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard, etc., are best for airport lounge access. 

How long can I stay in airport lounge?

This varies according to different airport lounges and the type of membership or elite status you hold. Most airport lounges offer three hours of access, while some offer six hours. 

How many drinks can you have at the airport lounge?

The number of drinks you can have at the airport lounge depends on their policies. However, most lounges offer unlimited services. 

Which airport lounge is the best for budget-conscious passengers?

Every airport lounge is the best option for budget-conscious passengers as they get unlimited services and high-quality amenities. The membership may cost a little, but it will ensure a memorable experience. 

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