How to Rebook Flight

It seems like you have changed tour plans for your flight, which is why you wish to rebook a new flight. Is it because your flight is delayed or canceled? Maybe you have postponed your trip or wish to pursue a different destination. Whichever your reason for making fresh bookings, this guide is here to help you with the process. So, let’s get going.

How to Rebook Flight? Guidelines

To create a new plan for your flight, it is important to know how you made your previous booking. Did you book your flight through a travel agent, at the airport, or on the airline’s online web portal? Let’s look through each way and guide your rebooking process.

  1. Make The Travel Agent Alter Your Booking

If you took the help of a travel agent to make flight reservations for your trip, you need to notify them about your plans for rebooking. Before doing so, you must gather all the necessary booking details. Then, you need to make a request to the travel agency to rebook your flight. They may ask you to submit a fee for the rebooking process per the agency’s regulations.

  1. Rebook Your Seat At The Airport

For bookings done at the airport, you can head to the ticketing counters and ask the airline’s team about your plans for rebooking. Your rebooking process requires you to provide essential details related to your flight booking at the ticketing counters, such as your PNR number, email ID, preferred date, time, and destination. You can leave the rest to the officials, and they will confirm your new changes.

  1. Reserve A New Slot Through The Online Portal

If you have an electronic device and Internet, you can make new reservations online through the airline’s app or official booking portal. Following through the application is quite straightforward, but if you run into any confusion while using the program, you can contact the airline for help.

Does It Cost To Rebook Flights?

Depending on your situation, money can either leave your pocket or be added while rebooking your flight. Here’s how.

  • If you are rebooking by your own will due to personal reasons, you may have to pay a fee determined by the airlines.
  • However, if you have to rebook your flight due to fluctuations on the airline’s end, the airline will not just provide compensation but also offer you additional services while you wait at the airport as per EU Air Passenger rights.

Know Your Rights As A Flight Passenger

There are times when you may face inconvenience or loss due to a mistake on the part of the airline. To protect travelers from such flight troubles, the European Union Council passed a regulation to clarify passenger rights. 

According to this act, the airline will be obliged to grant you compensation and other benefits in the following scenarios: 

  • If your flight is delayed by more than 3 hours.
  • If the airline cancels your flight less than 14 days before your departure.
  • The airline refuses to let you board your flight because all seats are booked.
  • You reached your destination late because your connecting flight was delayed.

The amount you will receive from the airline will depend upon the distance the flight covers and may range from £250 to £600.

Is Rebooking A Good Option?

Many times, you need to tweak plans a little to make them work instead of redoing the whole process. The same can be applied in situations when your air tour plans alter. Instead of making brand-new reservations, you can make changes to your current bookings. This will save you money and help you successfully manage your trips.

Rescheduling Your Flight

If you need to move your travel plans some days ahead of time, you can instead ask to reschedule your flight to a different date. This little adjustment will completely solve your issue without having to create a new booking. Based on the flight modification, you may have to pay an extra amount if you are transitioning to an expensive carrier, and vice versa.

Hand Over Your Tickets To Another Passenger

If you have to cancel a vacation package for some reason and are willing to give away your ticket to another passenger, you can transfer your flight ticket. But you need to see whether your airlines provide ticket transfer or not. Keep in mind that transferring your ticket to a different passenger can be expensive.

Cancel Your Flight And Book A New One

In some situations, it is better to cancel your bookings and start anew. If your airline offers a refund on flight cancelation while your flight itself no longer serves the purpose of traveling, you can simply cancel it and book a completely new one. It turns out to be an economical option many times.

Wrapping Up!

There are circumstances when, even after planning carefully and days in advance, some unforeseen circumstances ruin your air trip plans. But you can be prepared for such times by making the right decisions. This blog covers everything you need to know about rebooking your flight, from the process to your rights as an air traveler. Create informed tours and enjoy your journey in the air.


Does it cost money to rebook a flight?

If you make changes to your flight on your own, you must cover the difference in fares. However, if you have to make your rebooking’s due to the flight disruptions, you will receive compensation for the inconvenience.

Why is it expensive to rebook a flight?

Some airlines charge a fee for rebooking, and if the new flight you choose is more expensive, you have to pay the extra fares, which may make rebooking expensive.

How do I rebook my flight?

You can rebook your flight from the airport ticketing desks or from the airline’s websites or apps. If you made your prior bookings from a travel agency, you must contact them and ask for rebooking.

What happens if I want to change my flight date?

If you only wish to change your flight date, you can reschedule your flight instead of doing a rebooking.

Are airline tickets refundable?

The airline’s policies and the type of booking determine whether or not you will get a refund for canceling your flight.

What is the EU Air Passenger Right?

The European Union passed the Passenger Rights Act to protect travelers from the loss, delay, or inconvenience they face with their flight due to the airlines.

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