Southwest Airlines Bereavement Fares

Are you looking for Southwest Airlines bereavement fares? You’re at the right spot, as we’ll guide you through all the pointers; every passenger should know who is flying with Southern Airlines. Suppose any death or emergency happens in your close relationship. In that case, the bereavement fares are not applicable as the airline doesn’t offer the facility to any passenger regardless of their emergency or sudden demise of an immediate family member.

Southwest Airlines is a well-known name in the aviation industry. It covers several cities, has connections to almost 120 Airports, and offers economical tickets to all its customers. The Southwest Bereavement fares are invalid per rules and policies, but you need not worry. The airline understands the emotions and situations of all its passengers and provides them with low-cost ticket options. It is a great alternative; passengers don’t have to cancel their travels at the last moment.

Want Bereavement Fare Type? Let’s Know It In Detail

In the case of the death of an immediate family member, passengers can ask for a bereavement fare type. In this case, tickets will be low and affordable, considering the situation’s intensity. Airlines do offer this fare type, but you need to understand that it depends upon the availability of the tickets, which may not be available at the time of booking.

You need to provide proper proof and documents in case of an emergency. It is essential to keep everything transparent and prevent passengers from taking unfair advantage of the policy. Guidelines and restrictions apply to this bereavement policy, so go through them carefully before applying for it.

Who are Immediate Family Members?

According to the Medical Fare Guidelines, the table contains all the members in the ‘immediate family’ category.

Domestic PartnerBrotherGrandchildNephew

Reason/s Behind Not Offering The Southwest Airlines Bereavement Flights

Southwest Airlines has been in the flying industry for almost 57 years, and this question has been the most discussed: Why are there different types of bereavement fares? Other famous carriers offer this emergy fare type because of their open reasons and policies. It is a crucial fare type, and since Southwest Airlines is so renowned, people expect that such an airline should make this bereavement fare valid.

There are two main reasons for Southwest Airlines’ Bereavement policy restrictions; go through the points below.

  • Southwest Airlines mainly offers low-cost flight fares on major routes, so funeral or bereavement fares are negligible compared to its economical rates. Thus, the airline tries to maintain a balance by not incorporating additional low-fare deals for passengers.
  • A prevalent but concerning reason is the misuse of the bereavement fare. Several passengers break the airlines’ trust by taking unfair advantage of the policy while traveling. Airlines face this issue daily, and fraud has increased significantly. Thus, Southern Airlines has not allotted such bereavement or funeral fares since the start.

Alternatives For Southwest Airlines Bereavement Fares

Southwest Airlines offers no assistance regarding bereavement fares, which can be very uncomfortable for newcomers. However, the airline offers several alternatives to overcome travelers’ sudden emergencies. Below are some alternative methods that every passenger wanting a bereavement ticket price can follow if traveling with Southwest Airlines.

  • You can choose affordable stand-by tickets before boarding the plane. It enables passengers to travel cheaply without using Southwest Airlines bereavement fare policy.
  • You can book tickets and change or upgrade them on the same day for free; only the fare difference will apply. Check the last-minute flight prices on Southwest Airlines’ website for air travel. There is a high chance of getting the tickets at affordable prices. This option is much better than the bereavement fares.
  • You can use your earned miles or other collected offers to avail of affordable rockets instead of using the bereavement fare types. It is better to find alternatives as they keep your travel going without creating a stoppage.

Hence, these are all the alternatives you can exercise if you plan to fly with Southwest Airlines and want a bereavement fare. Southwest Airlines allows itinerary changes without charging an extra amount apart from the ticket price difference. 

Whom To Call For Southwest Airlines Bereavement Travel?

Now you all know that Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow bereavement fare types for any class of passengers, so you’ll not get any info on this topic by calling the customer service number +1 (800) 435-9792. The dedicated staff will not be available to guide customers on bereavement questions, but they can present several alternative methods, including changing the itinerary, ticket changes, etc. 

The staff will not assist with the bereavement fares because Southwest Airlines follows a strict policy and does not offer such facilities to its passengers.

How To Change Southwest Ticket Without Bereavement Fare?

Since Southwest Airlines doesn’t offer any kind of bereavement fare, if you face the immediate death of a close family member, you can change your itinerary. You can change your tickets or find available options. To make changes to the itinerary, you can follow the below procedure:-

  • Tap on the My Trips section and select the Change Flight tab.
  •  After this, you must provide your confirmation number and the first and last name to search for available tickets.
  •  Add the new date and time and pay the required fare difference to change the itinerary.
  • It is the final step, as your Southwest Airlines booking will be modified for free after paying only the fare difference as per the new updated plan.

Final Thoughts

There is no need to worry about bereavement travel with Southwest Airlines, as there are several alternatives for you to use. There is no need to cancel the trip and make the required changes in your travel itinerary, which are much better than the bereavement fares. Be a savvy traveler and stay updated about Southwest Airlines policies and the latest updates.

Reader’s Questions Section

What is the bereavement fare type?

Passengers can exercise the bereavement fare types in case of the death of a close family member or any unavoidable emergency.

Does Southwest Airlines allow bereavement fare tickets?

No, Southwest Airlines doesn’t allow the policy of the bereavement fares tickets to its passengers.

Why does Southwest Airlines not offer the bereavement fares?

There are two reasons: 1) They offer low-cost prices, and 2) To avoid misuse of the bereavement fare type.

Does Southwest Airlines provide alternatives for bereavement fare policy?

Yes, Southwest Airlines offers itinerary changes, a small day booking facility with no charges except the fare difference, and the use of miles/offers as alternatives.

How Do I Change My Southwest Ticket Without Paying Bereavement Fare?

To change the Southwest Tickets without Bereavement Fare, follow the above steps. Everything is listed.

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