LAS Airport Lost and Found

LAS Lost and Found

Leaving behind belongings can be an absolute nightmare for the traveler, but fear not; the LAS Airport has a lost and found department that’s ready to save the day. Whether you lost a lucky charm, left your item in the shuttle, or simply cannot figure out where you last saw your phone, the lost and found crew has got you back! But let’s be honest: keeping track of the missing items amidst the Vegas trip can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So, it is always better to know whom to contact and the ins and outs of this service. 

Conditions Of Las Airport Lost and Found

Las Vegas Airport’s lost and found department works similarly to a well-oiled machine. However, you should keep in mind some rules and regulations. Firstly, the department is not a storage facility. So, you must not expect the staff to hold on to your items forever. As we all know, people who intentionally procrastinate waste time. So, make sure to claim the item promptly within 30 days of losing it. Otherwise, the department will donate, destroy, or auction it.  

Secondly, the department has the right to dispose of certain items, especially articles, that can cause potential risks to health and safety. The authority does not store perishable items for more extended periods and discard them soon. After all, you would not want them to keep your forgotten tuna sandwich, would you? 

If you have questions or want to get in touch with the department, use the Las Vegas Airport lost and found phone number:

Lost and Found Department(702) 261-5134 
Working Hours08:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. PST
Off DaysSaturday, Sunday, and Federal & State holidays.

What Items Are Reported (and What Aren’t)?

Some items are commonly reported at the Las Vegas Airport Lost and Found counter. Wallets, cell phones, and laptops are like the holy trinity of misplaced possessions. However, the department also comes around quirky finds, from travel souvenirs to completely useless things. 

But there are certain things that the department will not accept, such as illegal substances or something that has potential use as a weapon. After all, the lost and found office is not a pawn shop, and they do not function to harbor illegal items. Other things that are not acceptable are listed below:

  • Pillows, blankets, and other personal hygiene items
  • Food, drinks, and perishable goods
  • Water bottles
  • Flammable liquids, gasses, and hazardous chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Weapons
  • Oxygen tanks

Report A Missing Item At Harry Reid

If you experience an unfortunate situation of losing an item at the LAS Airport, do not panic – just do as mentioned here. First and foremost, report the missing item to the nearest information booth or the security checkpoint. They will guide you to the lost and found department, where you will get a lowdown on the process. You can either file an online report on the official website or call the concerned department. 

You can find the “Lost and Found” option at the top of the homepage. Afterward, the next page loads the option to submit a lost item report. Remember, time is the crucial factor here, so do not wait too long before filling out a missing report. As the saying goes, “A strict in time saves nine.

Procedure to Claim the Item

Procedure to Claim the Item

So you have reported your missing items, and the lost and found crew at Las Vegas Airport has worked their magic. Now, it is the claim and reunite with your precious possession. You will have to provide a detailed description of the item, just as you did when reporting it. If it is a valuable article, please provide a valid document that can prove your ownership. 

So, having a purchase receipt or similar paper handy can save while claiming the item can save you a lot of items. Once you pass through all the necessary steps, the staff will hand over your things, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. 

If you left an item onboard the flight, you will have to contact the concerned airline. Check out the airlines directory below that serves Las Vegas International Airport:

Advanced Airadvancedairlines.com1.800.393.7035D GatesTerminal 1
Allegiant Airallegiantair.com1.702.505.8888A or B Gates
Southwest Airlinessouthwest.com1.800.435.9792B or C Gates
Spirit Airlinesspirit.com1.855.728.3555A or B Gates
Avelo Airaveloair.com1.346.616.9500B Gates
Aeromexicoaeromexico.com1.800.237.6639E Gates

Terminal 3
Air Canadaaircanada.com1.888.247.2262D or E Gates
Alaska Airalaskaair.com1.800.426.0333E Gates
Avianca Airlinesavianca.comE Gates
Breeze Airwaysflybreeze.comD Gates
British Airwaysbritishairways.com1.800.247.9297E Gates
Canada Jetlinesjetlines.com1.866.320.8687E Gates
Condor Airlinescondor.com1.866.960.7915D or E Gates
Copa Airlinescopaair.com1.800.359.2672E Gates
Delta Air Linesdelta.com1.800.221.1212D Gates
Eurowingseurowings.com1.845.709.8332E Gates
Flair Airlinesflyflair.com1.204.285.0844D Gates
Hawaiian Airlineshawaiianairlines.com1.800.367.5320D Gates
JetBlue Airwaysjetblue.com1.800.538.2583D Gates
KLM Airlinesklm.com1.866.434.0320E Gates
Korean Airkoreanair.com1.800.438.5000E Gates
Porter Airlinesflyporter.com1.888.619.8622D or E Gates
Sun Country Airlinessuncountry.com1.866.359.6786D Gates
United Airlinesunited.com1.800.864.8331D Gates
Virgin Atlantic virgin-atlantic.com1.800.862.8621E Gates
VivaAerobusvivaaerobus.com1.888.935.9848E Gates
Volaris Airlinesvolaris.com1.866.988.3527E Gates
WestJetwestjet.com1.888.937.8538D Gates

LAS Auction Of Unclaimed Items

After 30 days, the airport will start an auction when the lost items are still unclaimed and not collected by their owner. Harry Reid International Airport organizes an online auction for such items. It starts from eight in the morning on the date of sale. The authorities may hire a private selling house or set up an event on their own property. Therefore, if your item is precious, claim it before it’s too late.


Whether you regularly fly out of the airport or visit Vegas for the first time, having basic knowledge of  LAS Airport’s Lost and Found department can be very useful. This can help you eradicate unnecessary stress and headaches. Lastly, leaving behind an item at the airport does not always have to be messy. You must stay calm, follow the procedure, and trust the department’s staff. The team will do their best to find your missing items and reunite you with them. And who knows, you might walk out with a funny story about the time you lost the item. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Does Las Vegas airport have a lost and found?

Yes. Las Vegas Airport does have a lost and found department for passengers. File an online report if you have lost an item. 

What happens at Las Vegas Airport lost and found auction?

Las Vegas Airport starts to auction lost items if they remain unclaimed after a period of 30 days. 

What are Las Vegas Airport lost and found working hours?

The lost and found department at the Harry Reid Airport is open from 08:00 A.M. to 04:30 P.M. PST (Monday through Friday) and is closed on public holidays. 

How do I contact the Las Vegas airport?

To contact Harry Reid Airport’s lost and found department, dial (702) 261-5134 and forward your concerns. 

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