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Lufthansa, the second largest airline in Europe in terms of carrying passengers, is an ultra-low-cost carrier operating its flight services around the globe. The airline, with its 274 fleet size, covers almost 229 destinations. Lufthansa Airlines manages all its services and operations from The Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) or Terminal B at LAX. 

The Terminal TBIT features top-notch services such as premier dining, retail shopping, nursing rooms, pet relief areas, etc. Carry all the important information to save time and effort at the airport, finding service counters and other places. 

Know More about Lufthansa at LAX

Lufthansa Airlines is one of the most lovable airlines by passengers in the aviation industry because of the value and quality of services they offer each passenger. Terminal B at LAX International Airport is located between Terminals 3 and 4 at LAX serves almost 27 airlines, and carries almost 10 million passengers annually. Passengers traveling with Lufthansa get all the amenities on different terminal levels. 

Passengers can reach different levels to get exceptional services. Terminal B, or TBIT, has a departure (Level 4), a ticketing (Level 3), and an arrival level (Level 1) at the airport. The departure level offers many food and beverage services, shopping stores, duty-free shops, and other services. Similarly, travelers can find various outlets and stores on ticketing and arrivals levels. 

Lufthansa Airlines Contact Information
AirlinesLufthansa Airlines
Official website 
Departures Terminal B or TBIT
Arrivals Terminal B or TBIT
FoundedDecember 1917
HeadquarteredCologne, Germany

Airline’s Assistance Counters

Some of the main help desks at any airport terminal are the Booking management desk, help desk, check-in desk, currency exchange desk, etc. Every traveler reaching the airport first looks for these counters to complete the flight boarding formalities and rest after all the searching and completing the hectic tasks. Check the below section to learn everything about these assistance counters to avoid any hassle after visiting the airport:

Booking & Management

Booking & Management

Visiting the airport’s booking counter to make a flight reservation? Well, you can easily find the Lufthansa Airlines Los Angeles International Airport counter in Terminal B, where you can book a flight with the help of a desk executive. After reaching the counter, request the agent provide all the relevant and personal information so the flight can be booked with your details, pay the charges, and you are good to go. Similarly, if you have already booked a flight and want to manage the booking, you can request the counter staff to do the same.

Check-in & Boarding

If you wonder why only one check-in counter will be available at the LAX airport terminal, think again. Lufthansa Airlines has several check-in counters throughout Terminal B so that they can work efficiently and no passenger will have to wait in a long queue. After check-in, you can get your boarding pass at the check-in counter, and you will be ready to board the flight at any time. 

Baggage Allowance

Lufthansa Airlines Los Angeles International Airport offers domestic or international passengers a flexible and attractive baggage allowance. Whether going on a one-day trip or a long holiday, your luggage will be your best partner. Unfortunately, you cannot bring everything on a flight you want to carry because your bags exceed the allowed limit and cost you extra. To avoid such loss while traveling, pack your luggage under the recommended baggage allowance, inform the airline, or purchase extra if carrying the additional stuff is important. 

Pet Travel Facility

Lufthansa Airlines allows passengers to travel with their four-legged companions under restricted guidelines. The pets must be under the weight, size, and age limitations and completely fit for traveling. In addition, the airline doesn’t allow more than 2 pets inside the cabin. Passengers can check all the limitations beforehand so there are no issues during or before the journey.

Emergency Travel Assistance

Lufthansa will provide complete emergency travel assistance whenever you reach the airport and will take care of you until you board the flight. This service is available for passengers with bad health or serious medical emergencies. One can inform the airline about the problem and requirements in advance so they can make necessary arrangements.

Important Details of LAX Terminal B

Travelers can also carry the Airport’s contact details to be used in an emergency or any difficult situation. Check the points mentioned below to get all the contact details for LAX Terminal B:

Departures Level

Level 4 at TBIT has many shopping stores, outlets, cafes, and lounges where travelers can relax before their scheduled flight departure. Travelers can visit the terminal early to take advantage of these assistance counters and explore the terminal at their own pace. Lufthansa operates all its departing flights from Level 4, also known as the departure level.

Arrivals Level

All Lufthansa Airlines passengers will land at the arrivals level (Level 1) of Terminal B, where they can find cafes and restaurants, shopping places, and other service counters such as currency exchange, restrooms, etc. Passengers looking for other services unavailable at the arrival level can directly head to the departure or ticketing level to get most services. 

More Services of LAX Airport

Additional services are available at different levels of Terminal B at LAX Airport. Once you reach the terminal, you can head to the terminal and explore places like smoking areas, pet care facilities, service counters, outlets, and other amenities. Check the below section to learn more about the additional service at TBIT:

TBIT Parking

TBIT Parking

Looking for a safe parking space at the airport terminal? Not an issue! LAX International Airport offers passengers a huge space as their parking facility, and travelers can park their vehicles depending on their needs. The charges will be applicable based on the parking duration and type of parking. 

Whether you are going on an overnight trip or for long-term stays, Tom Bradley International Terminal has got you covered. These parking facilities include valet parking, economy parking, budget parking, EV parking, and many more.

Transfer Between Terminals

Ground transportation options are available at TBIT, where passengers can easily transfer between terminals. Travelers can walk through the walkways or take a shuttle bus to the desired location. The walkways inside the security connect terminals 1, 3, B, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and passengers don’t have to collect their bags and clear customs. 

Other Transport Options

Whether you are looking for a bus or any other mode of travel to or from LAX International Airport, you’ll find plenty of options. It includes trains, buses, shuttles, taxis, etc. 

Metro Rail: To reach your final destination, you can take the metro rail from the airport. The free airport shuttle service will leave outside the terminal and drop you at LAX Metro Station. Once you reach, you can take any color line metro, depending on your destination. 

Bus: Metro bus service is also available to and from Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. Passengers first take a free shuttle bus service to reach the Metro bus station and take any bus, depending on their needs, as it is connected to almost every place in Los Angeles. 

Shuttle: Passengers can book a shared or private shuttle service to and from the airport. However, you should first check whether your hotel is providing a free service. 

Wind Up!

Lufthansa Airlines offers unbelievable services and benefits to all the passengers traveling with them. Whether in inflight services or at the airport, the airline will not disappoint you. Lufthansa Airlines passengers at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) can get additional services such as a smoking area, prayer hall, ATMs, medical center, pet relief area, children’s play areas, etc. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What terminal is Lufthansa at LAX?

Lufthansa Airlines operates all its arrival and departure flights from Tom Bradley International Airport (TBIT) or Terminal B.

What terminal in LAX is for international flights?

Terminal B, or TBIT, is the LAX Airport’s main terminal for all international flights. 

What lounge does Lufthansa use at LAX?

Lufthansa Airlines passengers can use the Star Alliance lounge on level six of the TB International Terminal at LAX, a flagship lounge for Star Alliance premium and gold passengers. 

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