JFK International Airport Terminal 1

JFK Terminal 1

The JFK Airport Terminal 1 is one of the airport’s five passenger terminals. This terminal efficiently handles both the arrivals and departures of approximately 20 airlines. Whether you are about to take off at this terminal or land, you must consider learning a few essential factors beforehand. This will allow smooth, comfortable, and luxurious air travel with any airline you fly. 

Let’s introduce you to all you need to know about your air travel with the airlines operating to and from the John F. Kennedy International Airport’s Terminal 1. 

Different Levels at Terminal 1 at JFK Airport

There are four levels at JFK Airport Terminal 1. Different sets of operations are performed at each level. The terminal division helps reduce overcrowding and chaos, making passengers easily navigate the airport. 

  • All domestic JFK arrivals take place at level 1 of T1. 
  • The international JFK arrivals are manageable at T1, Level 2.
  • The passengers can complete their check-in to get to the departure gate at Level 3. 

Apart from the essential services, additional conveniences like a food court for passengers to grab a quick bite and AirTrain services for passengers to move to and from terminal 1 are also available here.

JFK Terminal 1 consists of a single central concourse from where passengers can connect to their assigned boarding gates. The concourse of Terminal 1 is inter-connected with the concourses of Terminal 4 and Terminal 8 

Boarding Gates at JFK Airport Terminal 1

Boarding Gates at JFK Airport Terminal 1

Terminal 1 has around 11 gates in which each airline gets a specific gate for departure; your assigned boarding gate is noted on the boarding pass you receive after check-ins. Different Gates at T1 of JFK are as follows:

  • Gate 1 to Gate 4
  • Gates 5A and 5B 
  • Gate 6 
  • Gates 7A and 7B 
  • Gate 8 to 12

Number of Airlines operating with JFK Airport Terminal 1

Around 20 airlines operate from Terminal 1 of this New York Airport, which belongs to both SkyTeam and Star Alliance groups. The leading JFK Airport Terminal 1 airlines include:

Air ChinaPhilippine Airlines 
Air France Royal Air Maroc 
Air New Zealand Turkish Airlines
Austrian AirlinesAir Senegal 
Cayman Airways Volaris 
China Eastern Airlines Air Serbia
EVA Air Flair Airlines 
ITA Airways Korean Air 
Azores Airlines Brussels Airlines 
Egypt AirNeos
Asiana Airlines Lufthansa

JFK Terminal 1 Map

The map of JFK Airport will help you assist with navigating the directions at the airport: 

Arrivals and Departure

At JFK Terminal, travelers can locate the arrivals and departure areas quickly. Passengers can access baggage claims, customs, and ground transportation options conveniently. You can rent a car or ride from JFK Terminal 1 pick up to visit the city. If you are at JFK Airport Terminal 1 Departures, you will visit the check-in counters and security checkpoints to complete the pre-flight processes. 

Service Counters

JFK Airport provide a wide range of services at all levels to enhance the passengers’ travel experience. Whether traveling within the country or outside, these counters make your travel seamless. Travelers can easily avail of these services without any charges or fees:

Ticketing Counters

Ticketing Counters

Customers can buy tickets, check baggage, and get boarding passes conveniently at the ticketing counters at JFK Airport Terminal 1. You can take advantage of services like seat selection, upgrades, and unique assistance at the counter. The friendly staff of the airport will assist you with booking flights and making any changes according to your preferences and availability. 

Baggage Claim Carousels: Are you

looking for the JFK Airport Terminal 1 baggage claim area? Head straight to the baggage claim carousels to retrieve your luggage and get on with your trip. The baggage claim carousels are located in the arrivals section, where you must wait a while to collect your luggage. If your luggage is delayed at this section or you receive damaged luggage, you can move straight to your airline’s lost and found counter afterward. 

Check-in Counters

Travelers can drop off their luggage, receive boarding passes, and select seats by reaching out to the check-in counters. You should aim to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours before departure for domestic and international flights. To make your check-in procedure smooth, carry all your travel documents, such as identity cards, passports, and other related documents.

Self-Service Kiosks 

The airport offers a self-service kiosk to make your check-in independent, easier, and smoother. Passengers can complete check-ins, print boarding passes, select seats, and even upgrade their flight through Kiosks. It is present near the check-in counters at JFK Airport. These kiosk services save you from standing in lines and provide a quick and efficient option to manage your travel details. Try the JFK Airport Terminal 1 self-service kiosks to complete your pre-flight procedure smoothly.

Lost and Found Counter

No need to worry about your delayed, damaged, and lost items; the lost and found counters assist in reuniting travelers with their lost items. If you need help finding your belongings, visit these counters to check your item. The staff there helps track and return the lost luggage to their owners. If you find your item damaged, the airport might provide compensation depending on the situation and prices of the lost and found service. 

Information Counters

The information Counters play a vital role in making your trip more exciting and memorable. From getting directions, flight details, and general queries to other airport-related facilities, the knowledgeable staff offers guidance and answers all your questions. Whether you want to go to JFK Airport Terminal 1 restaurants, a specific gate at an airport, or a particular department, the information counter is the place to go. 

Security Checkpoints

These are the important areas in airports to ensure safety. This counter involves a screening procedure that checks and detects items that are prohibited from entering. TSA agents are present to inspect the process and ensure everyone’s safety. It is essential to cooperate and follow their instructions during the screening process. JFK Terminal 1 security wait time approximately ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. 

Amenities Available at JFK Airport Terminal 1

With a number of facilities, JFK Airport makes your travel experience more enjoyable and exciting. Whether the passenger is leaving or arriving, he will find these amenities to make the trip even better:

Food and Beverage Options

From international cuisines to regional specialties, JFK Airport Terminal 1 food and drinks offer a wide range of tastes and preferences, satisfying travelers’ cravings. JFK has a mix of food courts, cafes, coffee shops, and luxurious bars and drink centers. During the wait time, the passengers can easily dine in any of these centers.

Wi-Fi and Internet Services

While waiting for your flight, you can stay connected to the internet through the free wi-fi services at JFK Airport. If you want to stay updated on emails, browse the web, or want to talk to your loved ones, the airport’s wi-fi services will help you out. As it does not have any time limit to use the wi-fi, you can enjoy it freely. The airport’s management team will redirect you to the connection.

Shopping Malls and Retail

Travelers can explore a variety of shopping malls and retail stores. From luxury brands to travel essentials, there is always something for every customer. You can treat yourself to last-minute shopping before your flight, as finding these stores at the airport makes your trip more exciting. So, spare some time to explore these stores and enjoy your journey.

Ground Transportation Options 

For the betterment of your trip, JFK Airport provides a variety of ground transportation, such as AirTrain services to reach different airport terminals, parking spaces, and even rental facilities. You will find taxi services just outside terminal 1, offering a direct ride to your favorable destination. According to your preferences, choose the transportation to reach the next spot.

Priority Pass to Access Lounges 

Through Priority Pass, you can get access to a bunch of lounges where you can relax and kill time just before your flight right at the JFK Airport terminal 1 departure. You can avail of the priority pass by getting a membership online by downloading its app. Being a member of a priority pass can grant you complimentary food, drinks, and snacks and a comfy spot to wait for your plane. So, next time you travel to the airport, consider using the pass and add an enjoyable touch to your journey.

Airline or Airport Lounges

Airline or Airport Lounges

Travelers can get access to the variety of lounges present at JFK Airport. Most of these lounges are at the departure level of the terminal 1. Different lounges like Air France Lounge JFK, Lufthansa Lounge, VIP ONE Lounge, and Check Point, and many other lounges provide a range of amenities like comfy seating, JFK airport terminal 1 food, drinks, and other relaxation facilities. You can book your spot online or reserve your corner by visiting the lounge in person. 

Traveling With Pet 

With JFK Airport, you are going to have the best-ever trip with your pet. It has a well-designated pet relief area, making it convenient for your furry companion. Whether you are arriving or departing, the airport staff will keep a proper check for pets and their owners. For a stress-free experience, check specific airline requirements and regulations for pets. So, if you are planning to fly with a pet, JFK Airport is a great option.

Unaccompanied Minor

At Terminal 1, the airport provides exceptional services to ensure the safety and comfort of young passengers. The professional crew assists an unaccompanied minor in completing check-in, boarding, and other procedures. Parents should know the specific arrangements required for their child to travel alone. Also, provide essential documentation and contact details for a safe and positive journey ahead.

Parking Availability

For easy access to your flight, you can park your cars in the terminal’s garage or use valet parking services. It is essential to check parking rates and availability in advance to plan your journey smoothly. During busy travel, passengers should manage time for parking and getting to the terminal. From long-term to JFK Airport terminal 1 short term parking, passengers are offered a wide range of options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many gates are present in JFK airport arrivals terminal 1?

Currently, you will find around 11 gates to manage arrivals and departures.

Can I expect smooth parking at the airport?

Yes. JFK Airport Terminal 1 parking offers various choices that suit you best. Making advance parking to get a preferred space for your car is always beneficial. 

What are the different services available at JFK Airport?

Travelers can enjoy several amenities at JFK, such as spacious parking options, relaxing lounges, shopping malls, and relief areas.

What is the security wait time of JFK Terminal 1?

The security wait time takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. 

Can I connect to the internet at JFK Airport? 

Yes, the airport offers free wi-fi services to its customers through which they can browse the web or talk to their loved ones.

How can I avail of a Priority Pass to get different lounge access at the airport?

You can buy the priority pass membership online by downloading its app to avail of its beneficial services.

What are the charges for JFK Airport Terminal 1 short-term parking?

You will get short-term parking next to the terminals, which costs $4.00 per 30 minutes to $33.00 per 24 hours. 

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