Oakland Airport Car Rental

Oak Airport Car Rental

Oakland Airport has arrangements for times when you arrive, and you can’t just wander around unknown streets on foot and need a vehicle. Oakland Airport car rental services rescue you from situations like these by offering Rental Cars for short durations. 

Rent Car OAK offers a personalized experience, especially when you travel for tourism without your vehicle. With car rentals, you can be flexible and have control over your traveling preferences. It even saves you time that you may lose on public transport, shuffling through seats and luggage.

Car rentals can be really useful when it comes to:

  • Exploring new locations
  • Traveling for business trips
  • Transitioning to other airports
  • Visiting family
  • Emergencies

Oakland Airport Rental Car Center

You can access a range of car rental agencies in one place at just 10 minutes’ distance from Oakland Airport terminals at the North Field. You can take shuttle buses from the terminals, which are available at all hours, to reach the Oakland Airport Rental Car Center. If you choose an off-airport car rental service, you must contact the agency to arrange your transit to the rental car center to pick up and drop off the rented cars.

On Airport Car Rental Center Location7600 Earhart Road, Oakland, CA 94621
Operating Hours24/7

On-Airport Car Rental Companies

You can contact any companies that provide on-airport rental car services at Oakland Airport Car Rentals Center.

Car Rental Company NameContact NumberWebsite
Alamo+1 833-659-1913www.alamo.com
Avis+1 510-577-6360www.avis.com
Budget+1 510-729-5021www.budget.com
Enterprise+1 833-659-1911www.enterprise.com
Fox+1 510-254-4410www.foxrentacar.com
Hertz+1 510-633-4300www.hertz.com
National+1 833-659-1912www.nationalcar.com
Payless+1 510-638-1000www.paylesscar.com
Thrifty+1 877-283-0898www.thrifty.com

Booking An Oakland Airport Rental Car

You can easily rent a car on the Oakland Airport Car Rental site. It lets you choose your preferred duration and location for picking up and dropping off the rental car. Adjust your timings according to your traveling plans to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and time wastage. You can also book a car for rent directly at the car rental centers. Make your rental car return with a filled tank at Oakland Airport and provide the fuel charges for the amount of petrol used.

Why Passengers Should Opt for Oakland Airport Car Service

Car Service at OAK airport

Car rentals can be really useful for passengers when it comes to:

  • Exploring new locations
  • Traveling for business trips
  • Transitioning to other airports
  • Visiting family
  • Emergencies


Car rentals are a convenient way to tour different locations at your own pace in a new city. You can explore hidden treasures out of reach when traveling by public transport or any other transport with fixed stopping points. Oak Airport car rentals not only offer rented cars to passengers but also open an opportunity to explore new destinations. Now that you have all the information about Oakland Airport Car services, you are ready to get going with your independent travels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a shuttle from Oakland Airport to the Rental Car Center?

Yes, shuttle buses run round the clock at 10-minute intervals at OAK airport’s North field, connecting you from Oakland Airport to the Rental Car Center.

How late can you pick up a rental car at Oakland Airport?

Car rental services wait 30 minutes to 2 hours at the Airport’s pick-up location before confirming the passenger’s non-arrival to pick up the rented vehicle.

How does a car rental work?

To rent a car at OAK airport, you need to make reservations at their official site or the Car Rental OAK centers. After booking, you can use the rented car for the duration you set and then return it after the rental period is over.

Does car rental include petrol?

Car rental service requires the passengers to pay the fuel charges and return the vehicle with a filled tank.

How to get to the rental car center at Oakland Airport?

You must go to the third curb outside the airport through the baggage claim area to pick up your rented car.

Where are Oakland Airport rental car returns done?

You must return the rental car at Oakland Airport Rental Car Center or at the location you mentioned while making rental car reservations.

What companies provide car rental Oakland Airport California?

Some companies at Car Rentals OAK Center are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Fox, Hertz, National, Payless, and Thrifty.

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