Oakland Airport Lost and Found

OAK Airport’s Lost and Found department plays a vital role in managing passengers with their lost and delayed belongings. From returning your misplaced item to compensating your damaged item, the lost and found at OAK Airport is always ready to help. The authorities assist in locating lost items for travelers. Here is how you can complete the procedure for recovering your lost luggage. 

Contact Details of Oakland International Airport Lost and Found

To contact the Lost & Found department of Oakland Airport, use the following information: 

Oakland Airport Lost and Found Phone Number    510-563-3629
Lost and found Email OAK.LOST@tsa.dhs.gov

Operating Hour of the airport to report your lost items

At the Oak Airport terminal 1, Second Floor, in the Badges and Permit office, the lost and found department will remain open 24 hours a day all week. However, the airport will be closed on all port of Oakland Holidays. 

  • You can contact the lost and found office online at any time of the day or week.
  • For your lost passports, you can contact the department between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Lost and Found Process

Lost and Found Process

This procedure is crucial to understand as you never know when and how you may need this service. By following the steps, you can complete the procedure effectively.

Inform and Report About Your Lost Item

The initial step you need to do is to report your lost item:

  • Reach the Lost and Found Office, which is located in the airport’s terminal.
  • Report your lost item by entering detailed information, including luggage description, date and time it was lost, and the location where you had it last. 

Stay in Touch via a Number

Keep yourself updated with frequent follow-ups to get your belongings quickly.

  • Track your item by keeping the Oakland Airport lost and found number.
  • Have a regular update on the status of your request by checking in with the office regularly.

Confirm Details through Verification and Retrieve Your Item

A short verification process will take place as soon as the office locates your item:

  • Passengers should provide the necessary identification details about the ownership.
  • Retrieve the lost belongings from the Lost and Found office during operating hours.

Contact Oakland Airport TSA Lost and Found

TSA only holds your item for 30 days when you leave your belongings at terminals at one or two security checkpoints. So, you must claim your lost item by contacting the TSA Lost and Found before the specified time. 

The air carrier will be responsible if you lose your item on an aircraft. The airport lost and found or the TSA will not be accountable for your lost luggage. Travelers can contact their airline to recover their items if lost in the airline’s possession. 

Receive Your Lost Item from the OAK Lost and Found Office

OAK Lost and Found Office

When the authorities find your missing luggage, they will retain it within 30 days. Owners should reach the airport within the given period.

  • The airport authorities will call travelers to match the description of the lost item.
  • Through proof of ownership, the passenger can check the item.
  • If the airport approves your ownership, you can go to the airport.
  • Before collecting your item, fill out the necessary forms. 
  • Now, you can take your lost baggage from the lost and found office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oakland Airport Lost and Found Number?

The OAK Airport Lost and Found contact number is  510-563-3629, or you can also obtain the email address by visiting its official website.

What are the necessary details that I should provide to get my item back?

The passenger should give the description, the date, and the last location of the lost item.

Can I report my luggage-related issue by directly visiting the airport?

Yes, you can go to the lost and found counter of the airport and report your problem.

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