Oakland Airport Terminal 1

Oakland Airport Terminal 1

Oakland Airport is a major international airport that belongs to the Port of Oakland. This airport is situated in California, USA. If you are traveling on domestic or international flights via the Oakland Airport Terminal 1, you must head to the airport’s western side. Follow along to learn more about the terminal, the facilities and services it provides, the transport options, and other details to plan your journey. 

Details Of Oakland Airport Terminal 1

OAK Terminal 1 comprises two levels: 

  1. The Ground Level is where you can find the Arrivals and Baggage claim area.
  2. At the Second Level, you will go through the Security checkpoint and ticket counters and choose one of the 17 gates that will connect you to your respective flights. Gates 1 and 3 serve only international flights.

You can transition to Terminal 2 via Gate 4 or through post-security areas. The terminals are adjacent to each other, hence you won’t need any inter-terminal transport.

You can better understand the terminal through Oakland Airport Map Terminal 1, uploaded for the passengers’ convenience.

Oakland Airport Terminal 1 Airlines

Traveling with OAK Terminal 1 benefits you from enjoying the services of 9 airlines that serve both domestic and international flights. They are as follows:

  1. Hawaiian Airlines
  2. Delta Airlines
  3. Alaska Airlines
  4. Spirit Airlines
  5. Volaris Airlines
  6. Allegiant Airlines
  7. Azores Airlines
  8. Contour Airlines
  9. Frontier Airlines
Airport NameOakland International Airport
Airport Address1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621, USA
Airport CodeOAK
CityOakland, California
CountryUnited States Of America
Phone Number+1 510-563-3300

Making Reservations at OAK Airport

Your first step for traveling to a different destination requires making reservations. To book your seats with Oakland Airlines, you can choose online portals or head to the Ground level to make your Oakland Airport Departures from Terminal 1. Keep an eye on the “Global Entry” OAK offers departures for eligible passengers daily. For smooth travels, arrive at least 90 minutes before your scheduled departure.

Canceling Your Flights at Oakland Airport

Need to cancel your flight? You can do it at the Airline’s official web portal or the cancellation department of OAK Terminal 1. You will get your complete refund only if you cancel 10 minutes prior to departure time. In specific scenarios, you may be entitled to pay a compensation fee to the airlines you are flying with. 

Checking In at Oakland Airport

Checking In At Oakland Airport Terminal 1

Your next stop is the ticket counters. Currently, Oak Terminal 1 has limited check-ins at the Curbside. Hence, you have to make your check-in at the ticket counters only. This is where your baggage is also checked. The baggage allowance policy of your airlines at Oakland Airport permits one carry-on bag and one personal item. The process of checking in is followed by security screening for safe travel.

Facilities at The Oakland Airport Terminal 1

Oakland Terminal 1 has basic facilities and amenities to meet every passenger’s needs while traveling at the Oakland International Airport. They are as follows.

Oakland’s Lost And Found Service

Do you seem to have lost something within the airport’s Terminal 1 at the curbside, such as security checks or parking lots? You don’t need to panic. Look for any of your items at the Lost and Found center on the terminal’s second floor. The office of the lost and found department remains open between 8 am and 3 pm, Monday to Thursday. You can contact oaklost@portoakland.com to ask about your lost possessions.

Baggage Claim

Oakland Airport Terminal 1 Baggage Claim

Your baggage waits near the check-in counters as you prepare to depart from the OAK Terminal 1. You can collect your luggage here at Oakland Airport Arrivals Terminal 1.  With this, you have arrived in California, USA. From here, you will be taking transportation services to travel to your destinations in the city.

Free Wi-Fi Service

Your wait at Oakland Terminal 1 will not be tedious as you can access free Wi-Fi sessions from the largest service provider, Boingo. You can enjoy up to 45 minutes of uninterrupted, free internet service followed by a 30-second commercial ad. You can even choose ad-free internet at the airport at a minimal fee.


Hungry already? Post security, you can access a number of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants at Oak Airport. Here, you will find various food options: Peet’s Coffee, Vino Volo, Subway, Oak Clubhouse, Oaklandish Coffee Collective, and more. Oakland Airport Terminal 1 food points have different timings, but most are usually open from 4:30 am to 11 pm.

The Escape Lounge Of OAK

The only lounge of Oakland Airport Terminal 1 is a luxurious escape to relax while you wait for the flight. You can find the escape lounge between Gates 8 and 8A at the terminal, which stays open from 4:30 am to 9 pm. At the escape lounge – the Centurion Studio Partner, you can enjoy fine dining, premium drinks, ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, and snacks in a soothing environment. The lounge is open to all passengers. Make your pre-bookings for the escape lounge at www.escapelounges.com, or you can just head to the lounge after check-in, and the staff will make you comfortable there.

Lactation Suites For Mothers

Oakland airport terminal Lactation Suites For Mothers

Oakland Airport has baby facilities for people traveling with their little ones, providing mothers with a private space to feed their babies. Mothers can access the lactation suites between Gates 1 and 3.

Pet Travel Facilities

Travels can get messy and unorganized when accompanied by pets. Hence, Oakland Airport maintains clean and hygienic pet relief areas to make travel convenient for passengers. They are both inside and outside the terminal, one of which you can find at the far end of the curbside.

Some Other Facilities At Oakland Airport Terminal 1

Apart from the basic amenities, passengers traveling to and from Oakland Airport can benefit from the additional facilities mentioned above. 

ATMsWater Refill StationsRestrooms
ElevatorsMobile Charging AreasAED
Banks Children Play Areas Pet Relief Areas 

Transportation Options To And From OAK Terminal 1

provides various public and private options for transport at the arrivals level, so you can choose one that suits your requirements.

  • Trains
  • Public Bus
  • Taxi
  • Airport Transfers

Oakland Airport Terminal 1 Parking

Oakland Airport Terminal 1 Parking

Oakland Airport offers its passengers various types of parking options to meet their requirements during the travel. They are as follows.

  • Premier Parking
  • Hourly Parking
  • Daily Parking
  • Economy Parking
  • Park And Call


Terminal 1 at Oakland International Airport underwent a huge transformation as part of the Moving Modern program. The project, which started in May 2015 and ended in Spring 2017, cost $100 million. It focused on improving the safety and efficiency of the central buildings by making seismic and infrastructure upgrades and passenger enhancements. 

This comprehensive guide to Oakland International Terminal 1 allows you to plan your travels efficiently. If you have queries, you can contact the Airport directly from their official site or head to the information desk at the Airport. Their skilled and supportive staff will help you with all the necessary information. With this, you may get going with your air journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Oakland Airport Restaurants Terminal 1?

After the security check, you can find various restaurants scattered throughout Terminal 1, such as Oaklandish Coffee Collective, OAK Clubhouse, Escape Lounge, Subway, Vino Volo, and more. 

What kind of Oakland Airport Food Terminal 1 is served?

Oakland Airport has several cafes, restaurants, and bars serving high-quality meals, wine, beer, alcohol, coffee, fast foods, and confections.

What are the directions to OAK Terminal 1 from downtown Oakland by Train?

You can get to your terminal at Oakland Airport by taking Bart from 12th Street/Oakland City Center to Coliseum and then to Oak shuttle train.

How many lounges Terminal 1 Oakland Airport has?

There is only one lounge in Terminal 1, i.e., the Escape lounge between Gate 8 and 8A. It is open to all passengers and offers its premium services equally.

What is unique about Oak Terminal 1 Security?

Oakland Airport has TSA screening technology, which facilitates quick security checks without the need to go through every item.

Is there EV parking at the OAK Terminal 1?

You can access EV parking at Premier, Daily, and Economic parking lots at Terminal 1 of Oak Airport. 

Does Oakland Airport provide free Wi-Fi?

Yes, Oakland Airport is partnered with the Boingo service, which allows its passengers to access free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal.

How can I find my lost item at the Oakland Airport Terminal 1?

You can find your lost items at the second floor’s Lost and Found office or the TSA security check.

What airlines are in Terminal 1 at Oakland Airport?

OAK Terminal 1 serves 9 Airlines: Hawaiian Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Volaris Airlines, Allegiant Airlines, Azores Airlines, Contour Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

How many terminals does Oakland have?

Oakland Airport has two terminals connected closely to each other within a few minutes walk. They have 29 gates in total.

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