Oakland Airport Terminal 2

Oakland Terminal 2

Oakland Airport Terminal 2 is well-known for its outstanding features. T2 at OAK has two levels: baggage claim, check-in counters, and a security checkpoint on the lower level. You can also access Terminal 1 through a connector near gate 20. Travelers who enter the Oakland International Airport must know every detail about the terminal to ensure a safe and easy journey.

Oak Terminal 2 Directions 

The passengers arriving from downtown Oakland by car should take 1-880 S and exit 35 for 98th Avenue toward the airport. Turn right and head to Bessie Coleman Drive for Terminal access. For more precise directions, follow the signs or inquire with the airport staff for more precise directions.

Oak Terminal 2 Map

The map of OAK Terminal 2: 

Arrivals and Departure

The passengers will find the arrivals and departures section at Terminal 2 of OAK. 

Travelers can quickly get access to baggage claims for arrivals. Afterward, the passengers can access Oakland Airport arrival pick up terminal 2 to head out of the terminal. 

For the departures, travelers can find check-in counters along with security checkpoints to get going with their air travels. 

Service Counters at Oak Terminal 2

After stepping into the service counters, you will receive world-class assistance and guidance for your travel needs. The counters at the airport are ready to help you navigate your way with ease and comfort:

Ticketing Counters

Oakland Ticketing Counters

At Oakland Airport, passengers can find ticketing counters near the entrance for easy access. From buying tickets to checking baggage and getting boarding passes, you can easily handle all your pre-flight needs at the counter. You must have your identification documents to complete a booking.

Check-in Counters

Travelers can head to the check-in counters to finish their check-in procedure before the flights. Passengers at OAK T2 should reach the airport 90 minutes prior to their domestic departure and two hours before their international departure. For a smooth and effortless check-in, you should carry all your travel documents, such as your identity card, passport, and other related documents. Kindly talk to the airlines’ professional team for more information.

Self-service Kiosks

Oakland Airport offers its travelers self-service kiosks to make their check-in easier and more convenient. You can complete your check-in, print boarding passes, and tag your baggage at the counter. Self-service kiosks are present near the check-in counters at Oakland Airport. The self-service enables passengers to skip standing in long lines and smoothly handle their pre-flight process.

Lost and Found Desks

Don’t stress about your delayed, damaged, or lost items; the Oakland International Airport Terminal 2 offers a top-notch service for lost belongings. The lost & found counters at the airport retrieve your lost items during your travels. The airport’s excellent staff is dedicated to reuniting its passengers with their belongings. Do not hesitate to reach out to the team if you have lost your valuable items; the airport staff will help you reclaim your belongings.

Information Counters 

The information counters serve as an essential resource for passengers. You can visit the counter for directions, flight information, general inquiries, and other airport facilities. The executives at the counter are knowledgeable and well-mannered, ready to provide you with the information you need to navigate the airport smoothly. From the recommendation of Oakland airport restaurants Terminal 2, transportation, or any other necessary details, the information counter is a go-to spot before your flight.

Security Checkpoints 

At this counter, the passengers will find TSA agents to scan and check their bags for safe and sound boarding. For a successful inspection, follow their instructions and carry your ID cards and boarding pass to complete the process. Oakland Airport Terminal 2 security wait time is usually 15-30 minutes. So, ensure you do not carry any liquids or sensitive items in your bags for screening.

Amenities Found at the OAK Terminal 2

At Oakland Airport, you will get an array of facilities to make your journey more exciting. Whether you are a departing or an arriving passenger, you can expect the following amenities to make your trip more memorable.

Food and Beverage Outlets

Oakland Food and Beverage Outlets

Oakland Airport Terminal 2 food and beverages satisfy its customers with a variety of delicious options. You can enjoy different fast food and drinks like coffee and tea. Terminal 2 includes Burger King and Jamba Juice as two of its most popular items. 

Wi-Fi and Internet Services

The airport provides free wi-fi services to stay connected to the internet. The passengers can upgrade to faster wi-fi with Boingo for a fee. The wi-fi sessions are available for 45 minutes. Avoid sending or receiving personal information, such as Internet banking, using unsecured public wi-fi. Talk to the airport’s professional staff if you need to be redirected to the wi-fi.

Shopping Malls/Retails 

Passengers who want to kill time at the airport can visit the different shopping areas available in Oakland International Airport Terminal 2. You can enjoy going to Westgate Mall, Marina Square Centre, Nike Clearance Store, Durant Square Mall, Harbor Bay Landing, and many other shopping points. 

Ground Transportation

OAK has the best ground transport service, ensuring hassle-free facility from your gateway to wherever you are heading. From taxis, limousines, and rental cars to buses and Oak’s new Bay area rapid transit station, the staff takes you from the gate to ground transportation as soon as possible. You can catch the airport bus shuttle to buy a one-way train ticket to stops across the Bay Area. 

Inter-Terminal Transfers

At the airport, a free shuttle runs every 10 minutes, through which you can transfer between terminals at OAK. The passengers are picked up from Terminal 1 outside the baggage claim and Terminal 2 outside the ticketing area. Covering the distance between both terminals takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Priority Pass

Priority Pass Oakland Airport Terminal 2 is one of the best services that passengers never forget to enjoy. You can avail of the priority pass by downloading its app. The pass gives access to luxurious airport lounges worldwide. A priority pass member can easily enjoy complimentary food, drinks, and snacks, which are available throughout the day. You can only get this pass with high-end credit cards.


To relax and be stress-free before your flight, try enjoying the fresh Oak Terminal 2 food, which is open to all, irrespective of your airline and ticket class. You will find The Escape Lounge at OAK near Gate 8 at the airport. To get a preferred space in Oakland Airport Lounge Terminal 2, you can book your spot online with Escape before you arrive at the airport. The staff present at the lounge will help you settle.

Traveling With Pet 

Oakland airport Traveling With Pet 

Customers often decide to fly with their furry companion. To make you and your pet comfortable, the airport has four pet relief areas: one at the ends of both terminals, one at the parking garage, and one near gate 25 in the secure area. It’s always best to ask the staff for more authentic information.

Parking Options/Spaces

You will find four parking options at the Oakland International Airport – Premium, Hourly, Economy, and Daily. To avoid the chaos at the parking, you can reserve your parking in advance by entering the necessary details, such as your travel date. Charges for the parking depend upon your parking options.

Facilities For Your Infant

Oakland Airport understands the needs of parents and therefore offers them nursing rooms, changing stations, and other related resources for a smoother travel experience with little ones. Oak gives two nursing rooms, one placed in Terminal 1 between gates 1 and 3 and the other in Terminal 2 between gates 25 and 26.

Smoking Areas

At the airport, passengers who wish to smoke before their flight can use the specific areas called smoking zones. It is a designated area outside the terminals to ensure a smoke-free environment for non-smoking travelers. Also, the smoking area has a healthy ventilation facility to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for smokers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Oakland International Airport have Wi-Fi services?

Passengers who want to save time connecting to the internet can use the Boingo Wi-Fi services at the airport. You can use the Wi-Fi for approximately 45 minutes.

Can I expect any parking deals at the airport?

Yes, Oakland Airport Terminal 2 Parking facilities are outstanding. You can get premium, hourly, economy, and daily parking deals by contacting the airport’s official team.

What services can we enjoy at the OAK?

The passengers can find various beneficial services at the airport, such as parking options, lounges to relax, facilities for infants, and shopping malls.

What are the services offered by the Oakland International Airport for pets?

The airport has four pet relief areas where customers can keep their little companions before their flight.

Where are the Oakland airport terminal 2 restaurants located?

There are various restaurants present at the airport that offer delicious food to the passengers. The professional team will assist you in choosing the best restaurants.

What are the Oakland airport terminal 2 directions?

Take 1-880 S and exit 35 for 98th Avenue toward the airport. Turn right and head to Bessie Coleman Drive for Terminal access.

What time does Terminal 2 at Oakland International Airport open?

Terminal 2 at Oakland Airport typically opens at 4:00 AM in the morning.

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