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It sounds good to know the terminal that handles all the flight operations of the airline you have booked your flight ticket with. You get the idea of where to head to get a flight on time, complete check-in procedures, ask for baggage allowance, customs, and many more. If you have finalized your air journey with Alaska Airlines from Orlando International Airport, Terminal B is your place to be. 
Here, you will find everything regarding Terminal B  such as location and amenities to provide ease while heading toward catching your flight. Read all the given information ahead to have a better understanding of the Alaska Airlines MCO Terminal.

Know More About The Airport

Terminal B is the main head behind operating all the Alaska Airlines flights from Orlando International Airport. But before commencing to peel out every layer of information regarding Terminal B, it will be quite good to figure out the basic information of the MCO airport. Here is some information regarding the airport that has been given ahead which you can go through to know the basics of it. 

Airport NameOrlando International Airport 
Address 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States. 
Number of Terminals3
Code MCO 
Official Email id
Contact Number 14078252352
Facebook page

Alaska Airlines At A Glimpse 

Here is some of the important information regarding Alaska Airlines which you can go through to check out the credentials of it. 

Airline name Alaska Airlines 
Arrival B
Departure B
Official Website
Contact Number 18002527522

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at MCO?

All the flight rituals of Alaska Airlines are conducted from Terminal B at MCO. It is situated on the south side of MCO. All the passengers arriving at Terminal B can avail of various kinds of services present there, such as food and beverages, pet relief area, information desk, etc and can complete essential air travel formalities, which are check-in, security check, baggage allowance, and others. 

Bring Attention To The  Levels At Terminal B

There are three levels of MCO Alaska Airlines Terminal B of the Orlando International Airport handling different kinds of services and queries. 

1. Level One – At this level, you can easily get services related to ground transportation services along with baggage claim area (8A), USO welcome center, and car rentals. 

2. Level Two – There is baggage claim in this area, which features carousels 1-16 and a pick-up point for rideshare services. 
3. Level Three – It is the official ticketing level that is subdivided into ticket counters and boarding gates. Below this, there is a food court that provides different food, beverages, and retail choices to the passengers.

Lounges To Spend Prior Hours Of Departure

Lounges To Spend Prior Hours Of Departure

If you are going to depart with Alaska Airlines from Terminal B of Orlando International Airport, you can visit the lounges present here. There are four lounges present at Terminal B which you can access before the departure. The address, location, operating hours, and day pass fees of the lounges are mentioned below which you can go through to access the lounges. 

Lounge’s Name Location Operating Hours One-day Pass Fees 
United Club Terminal B, Concourse 3, near gate 435:00 am to 8:00 pm 59 dollars 
American Admirals Club Terminal B, Concourse 3, near gate 554:30 am to 8:15 pm 59 dollars 
Delta sky club Terminal B, Concourse 4, near gate 71 4:30 am to 8:30 pm           –
The Club at MCO Terminal B, Concourse 4, near gate 915:00 am to 10:00 pm 50 dollars 

Conveniences Present At Terminal B

Various kinds of services are present at Terminal B of Orlando International Airport. All the services cover every age group ranging from child to adult. You can look for services below and pick any of the services of your choice. 

Restaurants and food Lounges Wi-fi 
Atms Currency exchange Chapel 
Information desk Lost and found Luggage storage 
Art Program Rideshare (uber, lyft, Wingz)Service animal relief area 
Nursing pod Starbucks Buses 
Resort transportation On airport car rental agencies Children’s area 
Duty-free store Mobile charging stations Pet relief area 
Rest zones Spa Showers 
Quiet room Baggage storage Baggage allowance 

Information Desk: Spot To Collect Relevant Information

If you have any queries related to air travel or are confused about the flight timing, you can seek answers to all your queries at the information desk. A lot of passengers who are new to Alaska Airlines or traveling after a long tenure seek assistance at the information desk present at Alaska Airlines Terminal MCO. If you are one such passenger who needs assistance regarding your queries, then you can simply connect with the staff present at the information desk at Terminal B. 

Lost And Found

Lost And Found Office

A lot of passengers miss or lose their luggage at the airport due to hurry or by mistake and connect with lost and found desk staff. If you have also lost your luggage or want to know about the guidelines regarding lost items, you can connect with the staff present there. On losing the luggage, you can register a complaint at the desk, and the staff will do their best to provide your lost luggage as soon as possible. They put their efforts into providing stuff without any loss or damage. 

Baggage Allowance

It is very important to understand where and how you should carry the stuff and be aware of the guidelines, too. In order to understand everything regarding the baggage policies, you can have a word with the staff present at terminal b. You can converse with them regarding the stuff that you should carry along with you without overriding the baggage policies. You should also ask what the extra charges are for carrying extra weight and bags of extra dimensions. It is important to know in order to travel hassle-free. 


If you arrive early at the terminal for departure, you can spend your prior departure hours in Terminal B’s lounges. You can enjoy the services of the lounges and spend quality time there. Before accessing the lounge, check the guidelines of the lounge in order to visit inside with any issues. You can enjoy everything from delicious and flavorful food dishes to amazing entertainment options at the lounge. There are a total of 4 lounges at the terminal, which you can access depending on the guidelines. 

Parking Areas At MCO Terminal B

There are some spots present near Terminal B of the MOC airport that you can use to stand your vehicles appropriately. For drops, short stays, and pick-ups, you can easily use these spots near Terminal B. 

Parking spot Per-hour parking rate Parking rate on a daily basis 
Valet parking 4 dollars 25 dollars 
west, north, and south park place economy lot 5 dollars 10 dollars 
Terminal top parking 4 dollars 19 dollars 
Parking garage (A and B)4 dollars 19 dollars 

Sum up!

Here, we have come to the end of the discussion on Alaska Airlines Orlando terminal B. If your next departure is scheduled with Alaska Airlines from MCO airport, you can review the details provided above regarding terminal B. All the important details of Terminal B, such as address, services, and others, are briefly explained. You can use the information given to prepare for your air travel with Alaska Airlines fully. 

People May Also Ask!

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at MCO?

Alaska Airlines operates all its flights from Terminal B at MCO. 

How many terminals are present at Orlando International Airport?

Orlando International Airport has three terminals: A, B, and C.  

Can I park my vehicles at terminal B?

Yes, there are some spots near Terminal B where you can park your vehicles on a per-hour or daily basis. 

Is there any lounge at terminal B where I can spend my prior hours of departure? 

Yes, there are four lounges in total at Terminal B, which you can access before departure. There, you can enjoy meals or entertain yourself.

What is the address of Orlando International Airport?

The address of Orlando International Airport is 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States. 

What is the contact number of Orlando International Airport?

The contact number of Orlando International Airport is 14078252352. 

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