Oakland Airport Arrival

Oakland Airport Arrival

Oak Airport is a center for both national and international flights, greeting travelers from numerous destinations. The authorities present at Oakland Airport Arrivals assist in providing detailed information on flights arriving at the airport, involving a brief knowledge of the procedures at the terminals. With its convenient facilities and transportation options, OAK gives passengers a smooth arrival experience. Here’s what you should know about your flight arrivals at OAK Terminals. 

Arrivals at OAK Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 

Oakland Airport arrivals are handled at the two passenger terminals named Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Both terminals operate the arrivals of the following airlines. 

        Terminal 1          Terminal 2
Alaska AirlinesHawaiian Airlines
Allegiant AirJetBlue Airways
American AirlinesSouthwest Airlines
Delta AirlinesSpirit Airlines

For more information you can visit Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 page.

Procedure at Oakland International Airport

After you land at OAK, you are ready to start your journey easily. The professional staff will help you complete the following procedure:

Moving Through Customs and Immigration

Clearing your customs and immigration is the first step for your arrival:

  • Stick to the signs and directions to customs and immigration counters.
  • Make sure that you have all the essential documents and files ready for the inspection.
  • Get ready for any health and safety screenings.

Claim Your Baggage/Luggage 

Oakland Airport Baggage/Luggage 

Grab your bags after customs clearance to complete your arrival:

  • Follow the directions to the baggage claim area corresponding to your flight.
  • You will need your baggage claim ticket for reference.
  • In case of any issue regarding your luggage, report it to the airline.

Leaving the OAK Airport

The final step of your Oakland International Airport flight arrivals involves exiting the airport, for which you can:

  • Go after the signs to the exit and ground transportation options.
  • Use airport shuttles, rideshare services, and rental cars, depending upon your choice.
  • Know your transport preferences for a smooth exit from the airport without any trouble.

Reuniting with your Pets

Oakland Airport Reuniting with Pets
  • Travelers flying with their little companions will pick them up on arrival. 
  • All the pets will be present at a particular location at Oakland Airport Arrivals Terminal, where owners can reunite with them. 
  • Also, you can find your pet by using the airport signage system at OAK. 

Services Offered at OAK Airport Arrivals

OAK ensures trouble-free arrivals to its customers by providing services and facilities:

  • It helps to reunite unaccompanied minors with their guardians.
  • It solves issues in case of delayed and missing bags.
  • Fills the passengers with the required information and verifies queries.
  • OAK provides directions to the customs and immigration checks.

With all the beneficial services, OAK Airport Arrivals offers a range of amenities, such as

  • Nursing suites, restrooms, smoking areas, and charging stations
  • Currency exchange centers and ATMs
  • Delicious restaurants and food courts
  • Shopping Malls and duty-free shops

Track Arrivals Flight Status at OAK 

To stay informed about your delays, cancellations, and Oakland airport flight arrival times, you can check the updates on the official sites. Also, you can check your flight status by entering the information on https://www.oaklandairport.com/airlines/flight-status/. If you pick up your loved ones, you can stay updated on flight status and ensure a comfy and memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive at Oakland Airport (OAK)?

Travelers must arrive at the airport at least two hours before their flight departures.

How can I check Oakland Airport online?

You can check your airlines’ arrival timings at OAK by visiting the airlines’ official website or the airport’s website. 

How can I check the flight status if I want to stay updated?

Customers can easily track flight status by visiting the official site of the airlines they are flying with or by visiting https://www.oaklandairport.com/airlines/flight-status/

Which airlines operate at Oakland Airport Arrivals Terminal?

Terminals 1 and 2 at OAK serve the arrivals and Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, etc.

How many arrivals does the Oakland International Airport have for arrivals?

Oakland International Airport has two main arrival terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

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